Apps for root only

Xprivacy hides all of your personal information from apps installation.

A simple tool to install Busybox on your rooted Android device with a single click.

Wakelock Detector helps you to detect battery draining apps on your Android phone by checking wake-lock usage history

You can root your device within a few moments with this app. Just keep in mind that your Android device is above 4.2.2 before running on your mobile.

So, do you want to control root access to every root app installed on your Android phone? You must download SuperSu on Android your smartphone or tablet then.

Searching for an outstanding Android app for conversation? You should download Drony on your smartphone or tablet then. It’s available on Google Play Store.

So, what should you do? Isn’t there any faster solution?

Yes. There are many tools available on the Play Store which makes the kind of difficult to pick the most appropriate one most likely.

Unlike Android’s recent screen that shows all apps whether actually running or not Recently shows the list of apps that are really running in the background so that you can kill them.

Tasker is an awesome Android app for automating tasks on your phone. It’s an amazing app that you can download for free of cost on Google Play Store.

You must try Tasker on your Android device right now.

Are you unhappy with your current sound quality on your Android device?

You can try an audio optimization APK to improve the quality. The app is known as Viper4Android i.e. compatible with both smartphone and PC.

DPI Changer allows you to tweak DPI on your Android smartphone. You can get some extra free spaces by using this app. Are you interested in downloading this free app? Just go to Play Store and install it on your device at once.

LiveBoot shows a startup movie to display logcat and dmesg outputs on the screen.

You can set the background as transparent to overwrite the previous animation. LiveBoot runs on Android 4.3+, but it would be better to use it with Android 5.0 and above versions.

Finally, you just have finished reading the 3000+ words guide. I hope that you have learned a lot of things. Hopefully, now you can root Android without PC using best-rooting apk.

Still, have any questions or suggestions? Comment down below I am waiting for your feedback.

SetCPU is an extremely necessary app for tweaking CPU settings on a rooted Android phone. It enhanced your Android device performance and battery.

You can use SetCPU with several setting like when your phone sleep or charge or run particular apps and much more.

It enables a voltage control menu to save more battery by proper charging.

Flashify is an excellent tool to retrieve lost data from your Android smartphone or tablet. Did you lose any important file?

You must download Flashify to recover it at once. Then you must download the APK of Flashify Root from this post or anywhere to do the job easily.

It’s the best Android app for recovering lost data among all other APKs in this category undoubtedly.

Using the wrong root app can lead to unfortunate occurrences, like bricks. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best root apps for Android, explain what makes them the best, and talk through some frequently asked questions, so let’s go!

  • Part 1 : 5 Best Root Apps For Android Devices
  • Part 2 : Why is Airdroid the Best Android Device Manager Tool?
  • Part 3 : Conclusion
  • Part 4 : FAQ

Dumpster app is similar to recycle bin in Windows with a twist. It allows you to retrieve deleted files after recycling from your phone.

It lets you recover all files like pictures, music, videos, SMS etc. Just select the files and click recover to get it back. As you can see that it requires only two clicks.

That’s all. You can call Dumpster as Recycle Bin for Android, of course, it needs root access to perform this function smoothly.

DriveDroid is an interesting utility that allows you to turn your Android device into a bootable Linux drive for your desktop PC using ISO or IMG files downloaded to your phone. Your phone can serve as a repository or workshop for Linux distributions that you want to try out or a bootable rescue disk.

That was our ultimate list of 75 best apps for rooted Android phones. Did we miss out any of your favorites? Do let us know in the comments below!

Are you facing quick battery drain on your Android apps? It could happen for several reasons. But the most common reason would be background apps.

You should Servicely after rooting your Android smartphone or tablet. It checks every minute to see if there are any unnecessary apps.

Just keep in mind that it won’t kill foreground apps and it makes sense after all. You wouldn’t want to close the app which you are using right now. It takes care of background apps solely.

You can enable/disable Servicely whenever you need.

Did you know? A rooted Android phone can be ten times powerful than the same unrooted device. Anyway, today I am back with the best rooting apps for Android, plus a bonus tutorial on how to root android without PC or computer.

Root Android without PC

In fact, rooting an Android is not a big task to perform. If you are new to the term rooting, then it might be difficult for you to root Android without PC. Well, Don’t worry my friend. I am here to help you out.

The Android market contains a lot of rooting apps, but I picked the best ones for you.

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In a few moments, you are going to get a of useful information so keep reading.

One of the many reasons why we all love Android is that you can take full control of your Android device and make it truly yours. Launchers, Themes, Ringtones, Skins and what not. There are literally thousands of thousands of apps available on the Google Play Store to change the looks of your Android. In fact, “Personalization” is one of the top categories on the Google Play Store. If you are not happy with the customization options out of the box and need more control of your device, you can simply root it.

  • Rooting Android and installing root apps are pretty advanced stuff. Please know what you are doing. Always take a back up of your device before installing any of the below apps.
  • All the apps listed on this page are ONLY for Android devices with ROOT access. These apps will not work on non-rooted devices.

До недавнего времени большинство людей не вникало в настройки и дополнительные опции телефона, останавливаясь на основных функциях. Однако теперь у нас есть доступ к легкому управлению всей системой, и мы можем легко научиться изменять даже базовые настройки, которые были изначально установлены.

Для доступа к системным настройкам Android-смартфона нам потребуются рут-права. С их помощью можно управлять настройками устройства, недоступными обычным пользователям.

Мы собрали некоторые из лучших корневых инструментов, которые помогут вам добавить новые функции и настройки в свой телефон.

Этот рейтинг основан на ваших симпатиях и антипатиях. Хотите попасть в список лучших? Прочтите статью и проголосуйте с помощью кнопок «Нравится» или «Не нравится» в каждом приложении, которое вы просмотрели!

These Apps provide the full functionalities which are not possible with Unrooted devices. Here we have Listed our Top 50 Must Have Root Apps for Android 2017. These are not in any particular order. All these apps are free and available in the Play store. id not responsible if any damage during using of these Apps, Proceed at your own Risk.

  1. Smart Booster App
  2. Root Firewall Pro
  3. Rom Manager Root App
  4. Root App Deleter
  5. Free Wifi Password Recovery App
  6. DiskDigger photo recovery
  7. Trickster Mod Rooted App
  8. GLTools (GFX Optimizer)
  9. ROM Toolbox Pro
  10. Set DNS Root App
  11. DroidWall – Android Firewall
  12. DriveDroid Rooted App
  13. System App Remover
  14. Speed Up Swap
  15. Xposed GEL Settings
  16. Amplify Battery Extender
  17. Rashr – Flash Tool
  18. Root App Deleter
  19. WiFi Key Recovery
  20. ZDbox ( Root Task Killer )
  21. X Privacy Installer
  22. GL Tools
  23. ROM Manager
  24. WiFi Kill App (Root*)
  25. OG YouTube App
  26. Link2SD
  27. BuildProp Editor
  28. Total Commander
  29. Titanium Backup Pro – Best Backup/Restore App for Rooted Android Phones
  30. Servicely
  31. ROM Toolbox Pro – Best app for rooted Android
  32. SDFix
  33. What Does Rooting Android Means?
  34. Advantages of Rooting an Android Phone.
  35. Disadvantages of Rooting Android phones.
  36. Points To Remember Before Rooting
  37. Nandroid Manager
  38. Button Savior (Root)
  39. Better Battery Status
  40. 5 Best Root Apps For Android Devices
  41. 1. AirDroid Personal
  42. Key Features
  43. 2. OneClickRoot
  44. Pros
  45. Cons
  46. 3. Magisk manager
  47. Pros
  48. Cons
  49. 4. SuperSU
  50. Pros
  51. Cons
  52. 5. Fone
  53. Pros
  54. Cons
  55. Device Control
  56. Network Spoofer
  57. RAM Expander by ROEHSOFT
  58. Root Booster
  59. How To Root Android Without PC or Computer.
  60. SD Fix
  61. Quick Boot – best booting app for Android (Rooted)
  62. The Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices
  63. AnTuTu CPU Master
  64. ROM Manager and Odin
  65. AnTuTu Battery Saver
  66. TWRP Manager
  67. Servers Ultimate
  68. Flashify
  69. Titanium Backup
  70. Benefits Of Using One Click Root Android Apps.
  71. HEBF Optimizer – Root
  72. Repeti Touch
  73. Speed Up Swap (root)
  74. Substratum Theme Engine
  75. Disk Digger Photo Recovery
  76. DiskDigger
  77. Game Killer
  78. Fontster (Root)
  79. CatLog – Logcat Reader
  80. DNS Changer
  81. Quick Reboot
  82. ChameleMAC App – Change WiFI Mac Address
  83. Boot Animations
  84. FAQs
  85. How To Check Android Phone Is Rooted Or Not?
  86. Kernel Adiutor (Root)
  87. BuildProp Editor
  88. Chainfire 3D
  89. Tasker
  90. Rashr – Flash Tool
  91. 3C Toolbox
  92. SCR Screen Recorder
  93. Why is Airdroid the Best Android Device Manager Tool?
  94. WPS WPA WiFi Tester (Root)
  95. KSWEB
  96. Screen Standby #Root
  97. Pimp My ROM (Beta)
  98. Root Explorer
  99. Android ID Changer
  100. Smart Booster
  101. Xposed Framework – Must Have App for Android
  102. GMD Gesture Control
  103. Lucky Patcher – Powerful App for Rooted Android
  104. Better Battery Stats
  105. Donkey Guard – Best XPrivacy alternative
  106. Greenify
  107. System App Remover
  108. Terminal Emulator
  109. System App Remover
  110. Greenify – Optimize Apps on Rooted Android
  111. ADB over Network
  112. WiFi Password (ROOT)
  113. Best Root Apps for Android
  114. 11 Best Rooting Apps For Android to Root Android without PC in one click.
  115. How to Root Android using Kingroot apk.
  116. How to Root Android Using Framaroot apk.
  117. How to Root Android using KingoRoot apk.
  118. 4- One Click Root
  119. How to Root Android phones using one click root apk.
  120. How to Root Android Without PC using Towelroot app.
  121. 6- iROOT app
  122. 7- Root Master
  123. 8- Z4Root App
  124. 9- Universal Android Root
  125. How to Root Android without PC using Universal Android Root?
  126. 10- Baidu Root
  127. 11- CF Auto Root
  128. Root Explorer
  129. Terminal Emulator
  130. Disable Service
  131. Server + PHP + MySQL
  132. DriveDroid
  133. SetCPU
  134. Conclusion


Greenify app helps you out in finding the apps which are consuming more battery and not functioning apps. It keeps the misbehaving apps and not working apps to hibernate state. You can make your device function as a new with this app, just give a try.

Smart Booster App

This is an advanced to boost your device. Smart Booster app helps you out in boosting Ram, clearing cache, cleaning SD card and optimize the device by hibernating, disable autostart apps.

Root Firewall Pro

Rom Manager Root App

Root App Deleter

Root App Deleter is the best tool for managing your Android system apps easily and quickly.

Device App control can control your Device screen color temperature, LCD power reduces, CPU and GPU frequencies and it allows to you access your file wirelessly via any Web Browser.

With the help of FolderMount, you can easily move internal SD card Folders to External SD Card. So it will help low internal Memory devices to maintain their free Space.

Free Wifi Password Recovery App

The Name itself says everything, If you forget your password, but you should connect your new device to wifi then this app will help you. You can see the all the list of wifi passwords you are connected to.

DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger can recover your lost Photos or Images in your device. This app also works without root, but it can only perform limited Scan If your device is Rooted you can perform a full scan.

Solid Explorer is a simple file manager to protect your files and folders with a password. This app is perfectly useful for devices with a fingerprint sensor, which can be used to open encrypted files.

Trickster Mod Rooted App

Trickster Mod App is an app which can be used to change various settings for your kernel mod and other mods of your Device.

GLTools (GFX Optimizer)

This app can change the resolution of any app (Even it doesn’t support by default). This app has many Inbuilt Tools, Just give it a try.

This app allows you to freeze or move any app to external storage. You can also Take backup of any app and there are many tools available.

BuildProp Editor is a Code Editor with Syntax highlighting for multiple languages. It can improve your device performance and Customize your device.

This app is used to change your device configuration file. This app is useful for those who are on Stock ROM and have External SD Card.

ROM Toolbox Pro

This is must-have App on every rooted Phone. This app is packed with all great tools. This combines Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, SetCPU, ROM Manager, MetaMorph, Terminal Emulator, Autorun Manager, Script Manager, BuildProp Editor, SD Booster, Font Installer, Boot Animation Installer & many more apps into an all-in-one app!

Set DNS Root App

This app can force rooted phones to use Custom Nameservers on WIFI on any rooted device.

DroidWall – Android Firewall

This app a frontend Application for iptables. This the best app if you don’t have unlimited data Plan or if you want to see your battery performance.

  • Normal Reboot: Restart your device normally.
  • Turn Off: Shut down your device.
  • Reboot the Android System: Restart the Android operating system.
  • Bootloader Mode: Reboot your device into bootloader mode. This is useful for flashing firmware or other system modifications.
  • Download Mode: Reboot into download mode. This mode is commonly used on Samsung devices for firmware flashing.
  • System UI: Restart the system user interface.
  • Safe Mode: Reboot into safe mode. In this mode, third-party apps are disabled, allowing you to troubleshoot issues.
  • EDL Mode: This is a special mode for Qualcomm devices, often used for unbricking or flashing firmware.
  • Screen Off: Turn off your device’s screen.

You can Control your device with Gestures like in iPad.

With the help of this app, you can automatically Mount and dismount USB drives.

DriveDroid Rooted App

If you want to boot your PC but you don’t have a CD or Pendrive to do that Don’t Worry this app can allow to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files which are stored on your Phone.

This app with analyse behavior of your device, It will find applications which causing high battery drain.

Now you can use your device as gaming Joystick with help of this app. This can be paired with PlayStation 3, PC, Playstation 4.

With the help of this app you can Uninstall boltware and System Apps in just One Click.

This App called AllinOne App; This app is combined with many apps into one single Gaint ToolBox.

This an ultimate File Manager, It has in inbuilt SQLite Explorer, You can also Execute Script files, You can also change the permissions and Ownership.

This app will boost your device performance; It will change your minfree values according to your device hardware. App’s Widget will kill all the background running apps.

With the help of this app, you can flash the recovery.img, boot.img and zip files right away. If you don’t have those file, you can also downloaded in this app itself.

This app will work only on Custom Kernel. This app features Full GPU Control, You can change buttons Backlight,  You can Enable or Disable Backlight, Double Tap to wake and many more.

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System App Remover

It will randomize your MAC address, and same address will be not used again with you connect to WIFI network.

Speed Up Swap

Speed Up Swap is a much useful tool to change settings of the device to use memory more efficiently. This is a very much useful app to adjust memory usage and improve responsiveness and performance..

LiveBoot is an animation with logcat and dmesg outputs on-screen as they happen in background while boot. It has some super cool stuff like set to transparent overlay existing boot animation, which looks simply great during boot.

Xposed GEL Settings

This app can hide your Google Search Bar, or it can automatically show search bar on Google Now. It can also hide Page Indicator, Icon labels and many more. It also supports Icon Pack; you can also set Gestures to control your Device.

Amplify Battery Extender

Amplify is the best app which gives complete statics of battery usage on your device. A very much useful app in controlling how often your device can wake up and how long it can stay awake. Give it a try and extend your battery life.

Rashr – Flash Tool

This can flash and Backup your device recovery and Kernel without rebooting. this app is very fast, and Now you have no requirement of PC. If you don’t have any Image file, you can also download from its 3500+ built-in recovery collection.

Root App Deleter

This is the Quick App Manager, With this app you can freeze or remove the System Apps. This App takes very less space in your mobile. This App even works on low memory phones.

WiFi Key Recovery

ZDbox ( Root Task Killer )

This app is packed with the collection of Tools, Which you can optimize or Customize according to your needs.

This a simple tool to recover the lost password of a wifi network that ever connected before.

This is one of the best and easy to use the app to intercept and analyse encripted communications over wifi network. This app is removed from Play Store but we have download link for you.

X Privacy Installer

GL Tools

GLTools is a custom OpenGL driver i.e. compatible with OpenGL 2.0. It doesn’t support x86 processor (Galaxy Tab 3).

It comes with a custom recovery mode; you can flash for recovery always.

ROM Manager

Это приложение — помощник для тех пользователей, которые заинтересованы в оптимизации прошивки своего устройства. Менеджер отслеживает обновления и уведомит вас о появлении новых пользовательских версий вашего программного обеспечения. Вы также можете использовать этот инструмент для установки уже установленных обновлений, а также для создания резервной копии на случай, если что-то пойдет не так с вашими экспериментами и вам потребуется восстановить предыдущие настройки.

Apps for root only

WiFi Kill App (Root*)

Wifikill.apk is an excellent Android app to disable the internet connection of others on the same network.

Hence, you will get full bandwidth from the connection.

OG YouTube App

Looking for the best way to download YouTube videos on your Android device?

You should try OGYouTube app then. However, there are some other apps for this purpose as well. It looks similar to Youtube regarding interface and features. You can download in all available resolutions and MP3 too.

What are you still thinking? Download the best YouTube downloading app for Android, OGYouTube now.


Вы определенно должны подумать, что этот инструмент будет хорошим вариантом для тех, кому нужно управлять большим количеством тяжелых файлов и папок. Например, для геймеров, которым необходимо перенести большие игры на внешний накопитель — SD-карту.

Дело в том, что операционная система Android имеет некоторые ограничения. Например, он не позволит переносить на съемный носитель программы, которые уже установлены на устройстве — по умолчанию их сохранение возможно только во внутренней памяти.

И чтобы обойти это ограничение, приложение Link2SD может помочь. Он работает, создавая ссылки (которые совместно используют переданные файлы) и какие-то системные уловки, чтобы заставить вас поверить, что они все еще на вашем устройстве.

Apps for root only

BuildProp Editor

Helps you to easily edit your build.prop or any other properties file on your Android device. Comes with an intelligent code editor with syntax highlighting for multiple languages.

Total Commander

Total Commander is an astounding file manager for Android. It has a desktop version as well.

The best thing is that it doesn’t show any ads. You can download it from Play Store for free.

Titanium Backup Pro – Best Backup/Restore App for Rooted Android Phones

Titanium Backup app is an excellent backup tool or backup-restore app for Android that lets you backup, restore, freeze apps and data. It can safeguard all system apps and external apps on your SD card.

Titanium Backup app lets you do a 0-click batch and scheduled backups. It won’t close any app during this process.

By using this root app, you can move the app date from/to SD card. If you’re looking for any best Backup-Restore Apps for your rooted Android smartphone then Titanium Backup Pro is perfect for you?


Есть причины, по которым смартфоны и планшеты Android имеют меньшее время автономной работы, чем устройства Apple. Основная причина в том, что на устройствах Android целый набор приложений постоянно работает в фоновом режиме. А производительность системы можно улучшить, усыпив все лишнее. Утилита Servicely (альтернатива Greenify, описанная выше) может помочь в этом. Таким образом вы сможете поддерживать наиболее эффективный режим работы телефона или планшета и продлить срок службы батареи.

Apps for root only

ROM Toolbox Pro – Best app for rooted Android

Looking for an app to manage root, ROMs, etc. on your Android device?

You should take a look at Rom Toolbox Pro APK. It makes rooting hassle-free with proper controls. Also, it takes care of ROM and works as an app manager.


На некоторых версиях Android (чаще всего это KitKat и Lollypop — да, нам тоже нравятся конфетные названия ОС) возникает проблема с неожиданной блокировкой SD-карты. И если происходит такой сбой, пользователь не всегда успевает узнать, что же произошло на самом деле. Однако, если внешнее устройство заблокировано, мы теряем доступ ко всем файлам, хранящимся на нем.

Чтобы справиться с этой ошибкой, мы рекомендуем вам установить приложение SDFix. Его основная функция — исправить сбои SD-карты, как вы можете понять по названию инструмента. Он очень прост в использовании и не требует специальных навыков. Просто установите SDFix на свой телефон, измените необходимые настройки, подождите от трех до пяти секунд и перезагрузите устройство. Ошибка должна быть удалена.

Apps for root only

What Does Rooting Android Means?

Root Android without PC

Rooting an Android phone or tablet means removing the restrictions and limitations from the device to perform unperformable tasks. Let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose that you are a school student (Android phone) and school staff (Phone company) restricts you from what to do and what not to do, but you have removed (rooted the phone) the school limitations with your powers ().

While the term hacking means breaking the security of a computer or a device to get remote access.

Advantages of Rooting an Android Phone.

If you want to root your Android 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, or 13 device, you should know about the benefits of rooting. There is an uncountable number of advantages of getting root privileges on Android phones.

best rooting apps

Below are some of the advantages which compel people to root Android without PC.

  • Custom Roms: The number 1 reason why most people root Android devices is the installation of custom ROMs. Yes, are an excellent way of testing the latest Android version even if your device not received any latest update.
  • Incompatible apps installation: Most of the super apps require root access to run on any Android device. These are the apps which can help us to customize and tweak system hardware and software. Even you can install Doby Atmos sound mod to boost your phone’s sound.
  • CPU clocking: We can clock the CPU according to our usages. Decreasing the CPU frequency can lead to expanded battery backup. Kernel Auditor is the app to perform CPU clocking.
  • Jaw dropping battery backup and speed: Battery backup is one of the important factors that push people to root their Android devices. We can use apps like Greenify to kill background apps, which results in the better backup.
  • Full Backups: You cannot backup whole device without rooting it. But on the other side rooted phones have apps like titanium backup, which can fully backup our device including the progress of games.
  • Ad Blocking: I know that irritation while browsing sites or running apps pop-ups kill our feelings. It’s not a problem for rooted Androids because good ad blockers are available to block all types of ads.
  • Removing Bloatware: Smartphone brands are very curious about their marketing strategies. Without thinking about user experience, they fill the devices with a lot of dumb apps. There are many apps for rooted devices to remove these apps.
  • Customization: Well, once you have rooted your Android device you can make it look the way you want. There are many xposed modules available to take the word “” to the next level.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android phones.

Every pill has side effects too similar is the case with rooting. There are some downsides or risk factors also involved. These risks aren’t dangerous if you have some earlier knowledge of rooting Android phones.

Root Android without PC

  • The danger of bricking your phone: Probably a single wrong action can turn your device into an unusable piece of brick. Soft bricked devices can be solved but can only be solved by changing motherboard of the phone.
  • Rooting voids : Most of the brands does not allow rooting and voids warranty after getting root access. So you should confirm with your phone’s customer support.
  • Update interruptions: The majority of users who root their Android phones face the problem of automatic updates. In this case, you will not get official updates; you need to update your device manually.
  • Security issues: Rooting Android device means losing higher security. You need to pay attention before using banking apps. The reason behind it is that do not ensure safety instead they open gates for hackers.
  • Virus injections: Many superuser apps come with harmful viruses which can harm your android phone.
  • Ad blocking: Well it’s indirectly a disadvantage because the owner of the app or website is with the ads, which helps him to grow more. It is a good idea to compromise a bit and allow ads to support publishers.

Points To Remember Before Rooting

  • The bootloader of your device must be unlocked.
  • The phone must be at least 70% charged.
  • You should make a full backup of your data (recommended).
  • Go to settings>developer options>USB debugging>enable it.
  • This tutorial is for educational purposes only, if anything bad happened to you and your device we will not be held responsible.

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Nandroid Manager

Nandroid Manager is a complete tool for taking Nandroid backups. It lets you recover data from your Nandroid like apps+data, text messages, call logs, and so on.

Furthermore, you can flash memories with this app too. It is compatible with Nandroid backups from TWRP and Clockworkmod (v5.xx and v6.xx) recoveries.

Button Savior (Root)

If your phone does not have on-screen keys for navigation and your hardware keys are not working anymore (or if you just don’t want to overuse the hardware keys), this is the app you want. Provides all the hardware key functionalities through software.

Better Battery Status

But you can minimize your concern by using Better Battery Status app. It detects all app which is inactive and consumes battery unnecessarily.

It allows you to analyze the performance of your Android device to find out the reason behind quick battery draining. You can try Better Battery Status to enhance your smartphone battery backup.

5 Best Root Apps For Android Devices

1. AirDroid Personal

AirDroid Personal is a highly advanced android app that allows you to remotely access and control android without root. You can also manage your android device from a desktop or laptop over the internet. Airdroid has four different product categories to suit the needs of anyone from any walks of life.

File transfer, screen mirroring, geofencing, and tracking are possible with Airdroid. Any remote operation like accessing the camera, taking screenshots, viewing messages remotely, etc., is easily achievable with Airdroid. Overall, Airdroid is the best android device manager tool anyone can ask for.

Apps for root only

Key Features

  • Support non-root device
  • Allowing people to run non-root set up in a safe way
  • Very easy and straightforward to use
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Airdroid desktop app available
  • Complete android device management system
  • Offers to find lost phone feature

2. OneClickRoot

OneClickRoot is one of the best apps for rooted android, especially for those still stuck with old versions of Android. It supports from Android 2.2x to the latest version. OneClickRoot allows easy and convenient rooting even for the newbies.

If you are unsure what you are doing, you can get live assistance from their tech team. They will remotely root your device over a Teamviewer session.


  • Excellent performance
  • Lots of customization options
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support


  • Stability issues might arise
  • Voids the device warranty

one click root

3. Magisk manager

If you are familiar with the rooting process, you will likely know that two types of root are available for android phones; traditional and systemless. The difference between the two is a discussion for another topic. To sum it up, the systemless root is the latest technology and better than the traditional root.


  • Fully open-source
  • Hides root status
  • Can bypass SafetyNet feature


  • It can be unstable on some devices
  • Losingroot status after a reboot has been reported
  • Fixing minor errors can be annoying


4. SuperSU


  • Very easy to use
  • User-Friendlyinterface
  • Single Clickoperation


  • Requires a certain level of technical knowledge
  • Flashing image file is required


5. Fone

Dr.Fone is currently one of the best application root android you can use. It is entirely safe for android devices. Dr.Fone is also one of those root software that doesn’t void the device warranty. With Dr.Fone, you can root and unroot your device fast and easily.

It respects your privacy and does not store any data during the process. Even if you are new to rooting android devices and stuff, you won’t find any difficulty as Dr.Fone allows rooting with just one click. Dr.Fone offers many features like removing in-app advertisements, getting apps not compatible with the built-in ROM, installing apps on rooted android, increasing the performance of your device, and many more.


  • Foneis compatible with the latest android phones
  • The developers regularly update the app
  • Fonehas always been one of the highest-ranked root apps
  • One-click root
  • Free trial
  • Many features besides root


  • The android version costs higher than the ios version
  • The trialversion does not offer full features

Dr Phone

Device Control

You can manage various features of your smartphone or tablet through a Device Control app. It comes with some additional features such as App manager, Editors, Entropay Generator, Wireless File Manager and much more.

Network Spoofer

Network Spoofer allows you to change the site on another people computer.

Yes. That’s right. But what can you do exactly? You can flip images, alter fonts, redirect sites, swap YouTube videos and so on.

RAM Expander by ROEHSOFT

Not enough RAM? Is it possible to increase memory with an external app?

Yes. You can expand your phone’s memory by using RAM Expander by ROEHSOFT. It needs root permission to run on your device, though.

Root Booster

Root Booster lets you manage free RAM, change CPU settings and clean the system files at root level among the many other things that it offers.

How To Root Android Without PC or Computer.

Root Android phone without PC

Well, it’s straightforward for you to root Android without PC or computer. It is the era of one-click root apps to do our job easier. Things are very complicated for beginners to perform all the, don’t worry this is going to be easy for you to root your phone.

  • Go to settings> security settings> developer options > usb debugging > enable it.
  • Download any one rooting app from below list and install the app. (It will give you warnings don’t worry click install anyway).
  • Every rooting app has a particular button to root the device, just click on that button.
  • Just wait for it to complete the process it will reboot your device automatically (Some cases not automatically restarts)
  • Congratulations your Android phone is now
Дополнительно:  Как настроить работу ноутбука при закрытии крышки (например, чтобы он продолжал работу или уходил в гибернацию)

Recommended App- Lucky Patcher Apk

SD Fix

Are you facing “SD card error” for a while? Is your phone’s battery draining quickly?

No problem. Just leave everything to SD Fix Tool. You should root your smartphone before running this app.

Quick Boot – best booting app for Android (Rooted)

It requires root access to run on your device.

You should install Quick Boot if you want to boot, reboot, turn off or boot into recovery mode in advance way. Also, you can make a shortcut/widget for one-click boot on your home screen.

The Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices

The market has somewhat plateaued for revolutionary apps. For rooted phones its just beginning as the evolution continues to rise at an exponential rate. What separates a normal app from a rooted one is that rooted apps are able to work with the systems firmware allowing them to be more powerful, innovative, and useful. Some are more technical for tweaking Androids while others can allow you to actually hook a controller up to the phone or tablet. More importantly, they allow real creativity and innovation to happen by unlocking the devices real potential. That is why throughout this blog we are going to reveal the top 10 rooted apps for Androids.

Apps for root onlyWith games like N.O.V.A. 3 and Modern Combat 3 having such powerful graphics, it can become increasingly hard to kill the enemy with screen lag and overall choppiness. Fortunately Chainfire 3D is hear to save the day!

Chainfire offers a variety of features that allow it to reduce texture quality and size as well as unroll textures. Be careful of the latter of the three as sometimes it can affect the tags on the names of other players online. Overall this leads to better performance for the game, allowing the player to perform better in the game.

AnTuTu CPU Master

Apps for root onlyWhether it be boosting performance or battery life AnTuTu CPU Master has got it covered. AnTuTu CPU Master is complete overclocking, underclocking, and undervolting management. Putting the owner in the driver seat. Best part about it is it’s free allowing your Android to get that added boost no matter what the circumstances may be.

ROM Manager and Odin

Apps for root onlyIf there were cornerstones of rooted apps then these two would be it. ROM Manager and ODIN allow management of ROMs, kernels, and mods. They do this through flashing whatever tweak via recovery.

Apps for root onlyBack those apps up! That’s right, after flashing a ROM, reinstalling all those apps can be a pain. Fortunately Titanium Backup takes care of this.

First off toggle to batch settings, and then under “backup” touch run on whatever backup fits your needs. This will ensure no matter how many ROMs are flashed; reinstalling apps will no longer be a problem. Furthermore, in the pro version it makes reinstalling apps touch free.

Apps for root onlyEver needed to update a build prop or had to access system files but couldn’t?  That is where Root Explorer comes into play. Some key features are it has a text editor, zip extractor, and permissions toggle. The permissions toggle is key for updating mods.

AnTuTu Battery Saver

Apps for root onlyAnTuTu Battery Saver Pro is an easy to use battery saving program for Androids. What sets it apart from its foes is that with root access it has more power to work with the phones hardware to make energy saving decisions. There are four levels of battery saving, giving it the ability to vastly improve battery life (around 50% on a full charge for some phones on level 4).

Also, the guys over at AnTuTu made a pro version for those who are looking to get everything out of their battery’s life.

What is difficult about it is that each game requires a specific profile.  For games like GTA 3 and Modern Combat 3 the profiles can be found easily online via a Google search. In the event Google can’t find the profile you’re looking for, making one isn’t too difficult. It can be done by taking a screenshot of the game then dragging and dropping the correlating buttons where one sees fit. Happy fragging!

TWRP Manager

This app helps you to Install, Backup, Restore, and Wipe your device all using TWRP recovery.

Servers Ultimate

Servers Ultimate turn your old Android phone into a tiny, multipurpose server.


Как будто название приложения указывает на новые и неоткрытые функции фонарика, для которых требуется root-доступ. Однако на самом деле это не так, и фонарик устройства остается в первозданном виде. Flashify призван упростить вам обновление и установку новых модификаций прошивки на вашем смартфоне. А для безопасности экспериментов приложение сможет делать резервные копии ядер, модификаций и архивов устройства.

Apps for root only

Titanium Backup

Современным пользователям очень важно регулярно копировать свои данные на внешние устройства или в облачные сервисы. Это сделано для того, чтобы не потерять что-то важное в случае внезапного технического сбоя или отсутствия доступа — в конце концов, сейчас мы храним много важной информации на телефонах и компьютерах.

Titanium Backup — подходящее приложение для успешного резервного копирования ваших устройств. Это позволит вам регулярно создавать резервные копии всей информации на вашем устройстве. Он также позволяет управлять программным обеспечением и данными, сортировкой и архивированием, а также безвозвратно удалять ненужные элементы.

У приложения есть базовая версия и премиум-версия. Оплатив подписку, вы получите доступ к расширенным функциям, но для обычных пользователей они не всегда нужны, и не исключено, что вы получите все необходимые функции в бесплатной версии.

Apps for root only

Benefits Of Using One Click Root Android Apps.

rooting apps

Most of the guys take rooting as a complicated thing after hearing about it.

Believe me; it’s easier than you think with the help of some best rooting apps.

Below are some of the significant benefits to use these apps for acquiring root access.

  • No PC or computer required. Yes, you can root android without PC.
  • Most of the times these apps are
  • There are very less or equal to zero chances of bricking your Android phone.
  • One click root apps are always easy to use (Best for newbies).
  • Free of cost, you don’t need to buy them.
  • The fastest way to root android without PC (Just tap on the root button, and that’s it).
  • No risk of any data loss (still you should backup your data).
  • You can Root any Android version (Gingerbread 2.2, Ice-cream Sandwich 4.0- 4.1, Jellybean 4.2-4.3, KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0-5.1, Marshmallow 6.0-6.0.1, Nougat 7.0-7.0.1)
  • Also Root any brand’s Android device (Samsung, Xiaomi, Lava, Micromax, Gionee, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, Sony, Nokia 6, Meizu, and others.
  • Root Android without losing data.

Finally, you have learned about some of the benefits of these rooting apps for Android without PC. In a few moments, you are going to learn about the features and workings of these rooting apps keep reading.

Note: The new devices aren’t gaining root access with these apps. Because companies are launching latest devices with the locked bootloader. To make sure you get the success with rooting, open bootloader of your phone first.

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HEBF Optimizer – Root

HEBF Optimizer aims to increase the performance of Android devices. It optimizes battery so that you can enjoy great battery performance.

Repeti Touch

RepetiTouch allows you to record and reply at ease, unlike any other Android apps. Just click on the record button and begin recording. You should monitor on touch events as it can cause some problems if you don’t pay attention.

Speed Up Swap (root)

Speed Up Swap is another nice app for rooted Android devices. With this app, you can make your device more responsive by changing settings to use device memory more efficiently. By cleaning device memory, you can improve its performance and enhance responsiveness.

Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum is a must-have app for those who love theming their Android device in awesome ways with the help of awesome third-party themes.

Disk Digger Photo Recovery

Helps you to recover your deleted photos from any Android device.


Этот инструмент, в отличие от многих других в нашем списке, не требует привилегий root. Все, что вам нужно сделать для работы с ним, — это разрешить доступ ко всем разделам, папкам и каталогам устройства.

Основная функция DiskDigger — обнаруживать файлы, которые ранее были удалены другими программами. Например, если вы удалили нужные фотографии из мессенджера, вы сможете найти их в памяти устройства с помощью этого приложения.

Если нужные файлы не найдены, возможно, потребуется выполнить более глубокое сканирование системы. Тогда вам все равно понадобятся рут права.

Apps for root only

Game Killer

Gamekiller Apk lets you generate coins, gems etc from your favorite Android games. It has received over 10 million downloads from across the world.

But it’s not available on Google Play store at present. Game Killers is very easy to use, and it’s compatible with many games on the latest Android OS like Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Are you a regular gamer? You can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Install Game Killer now.

Fontster (Root)

Fontster helps you to change fonts on your rooted Android device on a system level. Fontster allows you to easily change the system-wide fonts on your Android device within a well-designed Material UI. It is one of the best root apps for Android, especially for those who love to enjoy custom fonts on Android.

CatLog – Logcat Reader

CatLog is a debugging Android app. It helps to find stack traces. You will find everything in the system log i.e. Logcat.

DNS Changer

SetDNS is the easiest way to force your rooted phone to use custom nameservers on WiFi for all devices AND 3G/mobile networks on non-rooted and rooted devices.

Quick Reboot

This app helps you to easily reboot your device into the recovery and bootloader modes. No need to remember shortcuts!

ChameleMAC App – Change WiFI Mac Address

ChameleMAC app developed to overlook eavesdropping and data mining. It allows you to change your MAC address with a single click.

Boot Animations

Boot Animations show up at the startup of your Android phone. You need to root your device to install custom boot animations.


What can rooted Android do?

Rooting an android phone can allow you to do many things that are impossible on unrooted devices. It lets you access the source code of the Android and make various changes like installing custom ROM, customizing your phone’s looks, installing many otherwise impossible apps, etc. You can also overclock or underclock the processor, enhance battery life, etc.

What are Android rooting apps?

Are rooting phones illegal?

The device manufacturers have imposed certain restrictions on what you can do with your purchased phone. So by rooting, you bypass that restriction that can be deemed illegal. Although device manufacturers are not strict about it, rooting is considered unlawful in some regions.

Is unrooting a rooted device possible?

Unrooting is possible and equally easy as rooting your device. You are stuck with the device’s android version in the traditional root. In that case, you may need to unroot your device if you want to upgrade your system software. For unrooting, you can download any root apps from the play store. You won’t have to use the same app you used for rooting.

Can rooting damage the phone?

Although rooting opens a vast array of otherwise impossible customization options, it has some drawbacks. Rooting breaks the security measures set by the manufacturers, which means your device becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Rooting phones can also lead to bricking.

How To Check Android Phone Is Rooted Or Not?

Root Android without PC

  • Download and install Root Checker apk.
  • Open the app and press on verify Root button.
  • Wait for a few moments and let it analyze your device.
  • It will display a message “Congratulation” Root access installed on the phone. It means your phone is rooted.

Kernel Adiutor (Root)

Let’s you tweak your Android device’s kernel settings. Using this great root app, you can tweak the kernel of your Android phone.

BuildProp Editor

Этот инструмент нужен вам для быстрого изменения настроек и свойств любых файлов на вашем устройстве. С его помощью вы можете улучшить производительность вашего Android-устройства.

Apps for root only

Chainfire 3D

Are you unable to play high-graphics Android games due to your low-end specs? But there is a way to play such games with your Android smartphone?

Chainfire 3D makes this task possible.

It’s like a middleman app which comes between the game and Processor/GPU. Games lag on low-end Android phones because it can’t handle the load of high-graphics to display proper output from the game.

But Chainfire 3D catches the graphics of the game and turn it into low quality and revert to processor/GPU next. You will be able to play HD games in this way.


Вам не кажется, что было бы неплохо, если бы ваш смартфон кое-что делал автоматически? Эти процессы можно настроить с помощью надстройки Tasker. Например, когда вы подключаете наушники, музыкальный проигрыватель включается сам по себе.

Разумеется, развлечениями функции Tusker не ограничиваются. С его помощью вы можете автоматизировать и удобно настроить рабочий процесс и решить множество различных задач.

Apps for root only

Rashr – Flash Tool

Rashr flashes and backups your device recovery and kernel without rebooting it very fast and easy without a PC or any outside influence.

This app has over 6500 build-in recovery collection of images (ClockworkMod/TWRP/PhilZ/Stock) also you are able to flash unlisted images from external or internal storage.

Rashr is able to flash over 90% of all Android devices!

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox combines many great apps into one giant toolbox with a modern and easy-to-use interface. Instead of downloading multiple apps, you can download this which has all the functionality under one roof!

SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Screen Recorder is a perfect solution to capture screen from your smartphone or tablet directly.

It runs on a hardware accelerator for recording. It’s one and only app to support Tegra device alongside Nexus 7.

Why is Airdroid the Best Android Device Manager Tool?

The Airdroid business is meant for business. Their business solution ensures simple management of your devices, complete visibility, and business continuity while minimizing the cost. Airdroid business is the only android device management solution you will need for your business.

The personal package starts from just $2.5 per month if you pay for the whole year at once. Considering the price alone makes Airdroid a lucrative deal for anyone looking for a complete android device management solution.

WPS WPA WiFi Tester (Root)

WPS Wpa Tester App helps you to find out whether WPS protocol has an issue or not.

By using this app, you can check whether any wifi network is vulnerable or not. You should have a rooted Android device to use WPS Wpa Tester or else it won’t work properly.

It shows every password with all connected Wi-Fi networks apart from checking the security of point of access.


Благодаря этому инструменту вы сможете создать собственный веб-сервер на базе вашего Android-устройства. Все функции его запуска, определения параметров и поддержки будут доступны прямо в вашем телефоне. Это отличный инструмент для начинающих и профессиональных программистов, который поможет вам управлять своим сервером из любой точки мира и без доступа к компьютеру.

Screen Standby #Root

Screen Standby takes care of outgoing calls by calling *77# through authentic activation. It doesn’t store your personal information, unlike any other apps.

Pimp My ROM (Beta)

Are you looking for a decent app to customize your Android’s ROM without any hassle? You can go with Pimp My Rom (Beta) app then.

It takes a backup before installing a new ROM. Hence, you can go back if something goes wrong along the way.

Дополнительно:  Не работает тачпад на ноутбуке в ОС Windows 10

Pimp My Rom is safe, sound and simple. What else do you need to install the Pimp My ROM (Beta) app?

Root Explorer

Этот менеджер предназначен для управления различными файлами на вашем телефоне, как теми, которые уже находятся в нем, так и теми, которые вы хотите загрузить дополнительно. Он сможет открывать сжатые документы, устанавливать определенные категории прав доступа (например, только чтение или запись и выполнение) и работать с папками данных.

Apps for root only

Android ID Changer

Android ID Changer lets you modify/view Android_ID to a custom value.

It acts as a system app, but we can use it as a standard app with the sqlite3 as well. It can make a random no. of valid ANDROID_ID value.

Download Android ID Changer Apk

Smart Booster

Этот инструмент нужен для поддержания порядка в памяти вашего устройства. С его помощью можно быстро открывать различные разделы и очищать их от ненужных файлов, удалять все ненужное из кеша и внешних носителей и многое другое.

Apps for root only

Xposed Framework – Must Have App for Android

It supports the material design, and so it looks fantastic. You can toggle it (on/off) on the go. It means that you can flash (OTA) update, disable Xposed and reboot without any issue.

You can re-enable Xposed modules to get it back whenever you desire. Isn’t it cool?

GMD Gesture Control

Wouldn’t it be cool to control your Android phone just like an iPad?

You can do it by installing GMD GestureControl APK. You will be able to control your Android device with gestures like just swipe fingers to hide status bar and repeat the same to unhide as well.

Plus, it has many more features to make your phone like an iPad.

Lucky Patcher – Powerful App for Rooted Android

Lucky Patcher provides complete control over on every installed app on your Android device.

You can get rid of exercise ads, edit the permissions and take backups for all apps.

However, you need to root your device to avail these features by using Lucky Patcher.

So, if you’ve rooted Android device then Lucky Patcher is one of the best root apps for you.

Better Battery Stats

Этот инструмент полезен для получения всех подробностей о производительности аккумулятора вашего устройства. Он покажет вам всю информацию о том, какие факторы влияют на производительность батареи. Таким образом вы можете проверить, на что вы потребляете больше всего энергии, и оптимизировать работу своего смартфона или планшета.

Например, вы можете удалить приложения, которые потребляют много энергии от батареи, и вы можете перевести в спящий режим приложения, которые часто не закрываются полностью и по-прежнему работают беззвучно, пока вы занимаетесь другими делами.

Apps for root only

Это комплексное приложение, которое поможет вам управлять сложными настройками вашего Android-устройства. 3C Toolbox имеет целый набор функций для сложных настроек. Например, вы можете точно настроить свой процессор, снизить нагрузку на аккумулятор, установить приоритет доступа к беспроводным сетям и даже сделать резервную копию всех важных данных.

Apps for root only

Donkey Guard – Best XPrivacy alternative

Donkey Guard lets you access private info. But you must root your device.

Also, it requires the Xposed Framework to run. You can apply 42 restrictions for every app on your phone via this app.


Одна из наиболее частых проблем, с которыми сталкиваются пользователи современных смартфонов и планшетов, — это быстрый разряд аккумулятора. Если ваше устройство Android разряжается слишком быстро, вы можете продлить срок его службы с помощью Greenify. Приложение может отслеживать все программы, запущенные в операционной системе, и отправлять их в спящий режим, чтобы не расходовать заряд батареи. Это также поможет повысить общую производительность устройства.

Apps for root only

System App Remover

System App Remover lets you uninstall a system app, regular apps, move apps from phone to SD card, SD card to the phone, install APKs and delete as well. Keep in mind that it requires root access to use this app.

Terminal Emulator

Вы ведь знаете, как выглядит командная строка на вашем компьютере в знакомом интерфейсе операционной системы Windows? Здесь расположены все функции управления и администрирования. Если вам нужен тот же инструмент для вашего Android-устройства, вам может помочь эмулятор терминала. Однако он использует команды Linux, но это не влияет на производительность устройства.

System App Remover

Apps for root only

Greenify – Optimize Apps on Rooted Android

It’s one of the most popular apps to optimize your smartphone to get maximum performance on your rooted Android device. Greenify app is a potent app to optimize running applications on your Android device.

ADB over Network

Last but not the least in our list of apps for rooted phones is ADB over Network which, as its name says, lets you run ADB commands wirelessly.

WiFi Password (ROOT)

Helps you to view your saved WiFi passwords.

Best Root Apps for Android

Please note that we have listed the apps on this page in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. All of these apps serve different purposes and are the best in their category.

75 Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Device

11 Best Rooting Apps For Android to Root Android without PC in one click.

Well, there are a lot of apps available all over the internet which convey that they can root any Android Without a computer.

Root Android phones

When it comes to rooting an Android device kingroot is one of the best apps. Kingroot studio created the Kingroot app since then the app has rooted an uncountable number of apps.The app has millions of downloads and good overall ratings.

  • Kingroot is straightforward and easy to use (best for lazy people).
  • Root almost any Android phone (Android 2.2 to 5.0).
  • Inbuilt unroot option.
  • Preinstalled Purify tool (saves battery and optimize the device).
  • Root/unroot device in one click.
  • Free of cost.
  • Requires internet connection for rooting the device.
  • Ads appear on our lock screen.
  • It can Root only 5.0 Lollipop or lower versions.

How to Root Android using Kingroot apk.

  • Download and install Kingroot apk (ignore the warning and install anyway).
  • Click try now to access the primary interface.
  • Now click on get now and wait until it roots your phone.
  • Now it will show your device is rooted successfully.

Root Android Without PC

Framaroot is another best app for one-click rooting of Android devices. Framaroot looks quite simple, but it is a powerful tool for Android devices to gain root access.

  • Simple yet powerful Android app.
  • Framaroot supports a broad range of devices.
  • Gain root access by few taps.
  • Inbuilt unroot feature.
  • Free for all devices.
  • No ads (not much sure but not faced any ad).
  • You can Root Android without PC.
  • Framaroot can Root only Android 4.0 or above devices.
  • Internet connection is must for gaining root access.
  • Some of the latest devices are out of support.

How to Root Android Using Framaroot apk.

  • Download and install latest Framaroot apk
  • Open the app and select install SuperSu.
  • Now select Aragorn or Boromir exploit.
  • Then you will see successfully rooted.
  • Now reboot your device and enjoy.

one click rooting apps

KingoRoot is one of the most popular rooting apps for Android. If I have to vote for the best rooting app for Android, I will blindly choose the KingoRoot. Why KingoRoot? Because KingoRoot is the fastest app to root the device in one click.

Most of the people couldn’t differentiate between Kingroot and KingoRoot, but they are different and belongs to various owners.

  • Fastest app to root any Android in a single tap.
  • We can Root Android without PC/computer.
  • No need to buy (free).
  • Kingoroot Roots almost all Android phones.
  • KingoRoot also supports latest Android Nougat devices.
  • Easy to use (good for beginners).
  • No risk of bricking your device (most of the times).
  • Like other Root gainers, KingoRoot asks for internet connection.
  • Irritative ads.

How to Root Android using KingoRoot apk.

  • Download and install KingoRoot apk.
  • Open the app and tap on the No Root button.
  • Wait until the 100% process completes.
  • Now it will show you a message “Successfully Rooted.”
  • Reboot your Android phone and enjoy.

4- One Click Root

Root Android 13 Without PC

  • Straightforward and clean user interface.
  • Easy to use even if you are a newbie.
  • One click root any android phone.
  • Inbuilt live chat support and message support.
  • Root Android without connecting with PC or computer.
  • It is a free app.
  • One click root needs internet access.
  • It contains ads.
  • Some devices are not rootable with one click root.

How to Root Android phones using one click root apk.

  • Download and install one click root apk.
  • Open it and click on Root Device.
  • Now it will ask you to install one app just skip it.
  • Click on Scan Now and wait for it checks your device is rootable or not.
  • If your phone is rootable, then tap on the Root button.
  • Now your device has Rooted successfully reboot and enjoy.

Root Android Without PC

TowelRoot is another good app for rooting an Android without a computer. George GeoHot made this excellent app. TowelRoot hit the web with its new exploit and ability to Root Android without PC.

  • Towelroot Roots most of the Android phones.
  • Powerful exploit to gain Superuser access.
  • One tap root solution for any Android smartphone.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • No need to invest in TowelRoot.
  • You can root phones using the towelroot website also.
  • TowelRoot can Root Android without PC / computer.
  • Some of the Samsung and HTC phones are not rootable with TowelRoot.
  • TowelRoot wants an internet connection for Su installation.

How to Root Android Without PC using Towelroot app.

  • Download and install TowelRoot apk.
  • Open app and tap on MakeItRain.
  • Wait for the exploit to install SuperSu.
  • Now your Android phone will gain SU access.

Other APKs to Root Android phone.

6- iROOT app

best rooting apps

iRoot is another simple yet effective app for Android. The iroot app comes with a lot of features in it.

Over time iRoot became one of the fastest apps to get root permissions in one click. With some useful features, iRoot also irritates us with a lot of ads and bloatware inside.

The worst thing I have faced with iRoot is that its language is Chinese and we cannot change it. Hopefully, the Get Root Access button is in English.

We just need to tap on the “Get Root Access” button, and it will root our device. The best things about iRoot are that we can root Android without PC, we don’t need to buy any toolkit.

Download–  iRoot app

7- Root Master

best rooting apps phones

The Center of the app contains a big Start button in a circle. We should click on the to root our Android without a computer.

Well, I have tested the app and could not found any major con. I would recommend Root Master to anyone looking for a simple and powerful rooting app.

Download: Root Master app.

8- Z4Root App

Root Android without PC

Once there was a time when Z4Root available on the play store, but Google removed the app from its system. The reason behind it was that all the rooting apps are against the Play store’s policies.

We have three options on the home screen of the app (temporary root, permanent root, unroot). You should click any of these buttons to perform the referred action.

Z4Root has not disappointed me; I got success with most of the Android phones.

Download: Z4Root apk.

9- Universal Android Root

how to root android without computer

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer Universal Android Root over other apps. The main reason behind it is that it can root most of the Android phones.

The Universal Android Root is one of the famous rooting apk. However, still many people don’t know about Universal Android Root and its powers.

How to Root Android without PC using Universal Android Root?

  • Download and install the latest Universal Android Root apk.
  • Download SuperSu apk from  Play Store.
  • Open Universal Android Root and select the right Android version.
  • Now Click on the Root button and wait for it to complete the process.
  • Reboot your phone after the process is completed.

Universal Androot also has the option to unroot the phone. Even you can Root temporarily for testing purposes.

10- Baidu Root

Root Android without PC

Well, Baidu Root has a higher rooting probability which makes it unique. Baidu supports more than 6000 Android phones, and it can Root Android 2.2 to Android 4.4 devices.

Baidu is safe, and it is the product of the famous Chinese company Baidu Inc. You can Root quickly any of your Android phones using Baidu.

First of all download the Baidu Root apk from the below link. Now install and open it, then wait for it to load completely. Just tap on the root android button, it will take few seconds to install SuperSu.

You can use Baidu Root as it is one of the best rooting apk for Android.

Download: Baidu Root apk.

11- CF Auto Root

free rooting apps

So you are rooting your phone for the first time. CF auto root is the best rooting apk for, beginners. CF auto root works with Samsung Galaxy devices, but you can root other phones as well.

First of all download CF auto root latest version from the below link. Now open it and select your phone from the list. Then download the necessary file from the link next to your device name.

After that select the file and click on the big . Now your phone is rooted, reboot and enjoy the perks of Root.

Download: CF Auto Root

Bonus App: 360 Super Root APK

Root Explorer

Root Explorer is a file manager to browse hidden and unavailable files from your mobile. It lets you access hidden, locked and even most secured files quickly.

You can consider it as an ultimate file manager for a rooted Android device. It lets you tweak root directories, system folder (with permission), text file, etc.

Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator allows you to run Linux OS on your Android device that means you can use Linux command lines on your smartphone or tablet.

Kindly remember that it can’t emulate video games. You can access the Linux command line and run from your Android device. It would be helpful to install Linux commands from your SD card.

You can tweak various things such as color, fonts size, keyboard type, etc. on your mobile. Furthermore, you can insert widgets with direct access to your desktop.

Disable Service

There’s nothing much to say about this app. You should’ve understood after looking at the title of this app.

Disable service is an excellent app for stopping background services like “push service” , “upload service” and “pull ad service” and much more.

Server + PHP + MySQL

A complete suite for web developers on the Android platform! It has a web server, a PHP programming language, a database MySQL and msmtp for Sendmail support.


Большинство из нас привыкли использовать компьютеры с операционной системой Windows, поэтому другая операционная система, Linux, часто вызывает наше любопытство. DriveDroid для смартфонов Android превращает ваше устройство в загрузочный диск Linux! Таким образом, вы можете опробовать новую операционную систему и иметь под рукой аварийный «диск» на случай отказа компьютера.

Apps for root only


Это приложение будет эффективно для тех, кто заботится о состоянии батареи своего устройства. Он понадобится вам для самостоятельного управления частотой процессора Android. Если вас беспокоит, что ваш телефон или планшет быстро разряжается, возможно, вам придется отключить его. Это несколько снизит производительность, но не требуется для обычных функций. А если нужно запустить тяжелую программу или игру, можно еще раз увеличить частоту.

Будьте осторожны при использовании SetCPU. Неправильное обращение может привести к перегрузке ЦП устройства, и тогда он просто сломается.

Apps for root only


There are many rooting apps for Android with their pros and cons, but Airdroid is packed with so many features that it just blows everything else out of the water. On top of being an app for rooted Android, it has features that make it a complete android device management solution.

Airdroids product categories make it easy to pick just the things you need. You won’t have to buy a complete product and pay for features you won’t use. Pricing is also reasonable for each of their products. Considering everything combined, from features to pricing, Airdroid is the undisputed winner among the best android root software.

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