Stock AT&T 4.5.91 (2.3.4 Gingerbread) unrooted w

Android System Image — Android ARM v8a System Images

This image is an emulation of Android device with ARM CPU v8a + 64bit Android OS.It provides only basic functionalities and core features of Android OS of that version without Google specific Android APIs like GMaps, Gdrive, Accounts and so forth.It has less restrictions for debugging purpose so you can have root access on it.This system image is useful for debugging/testing common Android apps that don’t use any of Google Android APIs.If you want to debug/test apps that uses Google APIs, use Google API System Images Variant instead.

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All the packages were taken directly from the official Google’s Android host.

How to install offline Android System Image — Android ARM v8a System Images?

The offline installation is done using Bash’s unzip that is widely avaialble on Windows (with WSL), Linux and Mac.However you can use whatever unzipping/decompressing/extracting tools you like that support extracting .zip, but please pay attention carefully so that the package is installed correctly and is recognized.We use Bash’s unzip for this purpose , respectively.

CMD Install Android System Image — Android ARM v8a System Images manually

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-31/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-30/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-29/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-28/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-27/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-26/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-25/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-24/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-23/default

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-22/default

Дополнительно:  Не работает тачпад (сенсорная панель) на ноутбуке Asus при установке Windows

system-images/android-31/default/arm64-v8a path/to/ system-images/android-21/default

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Root Stock AT&T 4.5.91 (2.3.4 Gingerbread) unrooted w/ locked bootloader

Re: Root — Stock AT&T 4.5.91 (2.3.4 Gingerbread) unrooted w/ lock

If I brick my phone, my lawyer will be contacting you.

I used this same way, works like a charm!

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Just wondering since we have to flash the root image does this wipe your phone?

With new update we can now load apps from any site, that to me was primarily my need for rooting. What other benefits will this give me? Atrix owner from day one but never ventured to rooting, please excuse my ignorance but help with advice.

I can’t wait until the Photon is unlocked!

go to settings applications and then check unknown sources

Mine is root on froyo, can I used this :- to update my phone to gingerbread and root with out unlocking the bootloader

If I wanted for some reason to unroot the phone, what do I do ?

This is nicely put together guide props!

When i run the first command in fastboot i get this

Any chance this would work on droid 3?

Any tips if we want to unroot later on.

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