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GingerBreak. Root using GingerBreak

Gingerbreak is a “root” tool to make “root” your Android phone or tablet with a one click method. Easy and fast.

Steps of the Android Rooting method: GingerBreak.

  1. 1 – Download GingerBreak APK
  2. 2 – If you have downloaded the apk on your pc, connect the device to your PC and copy it into the SD card. If you have downloaded directly on the device, go to step 3.
  3. 3 – Make sure that this enabled the resources of other platforms apart from Google Play. I can look at the following path: Menu Setting Unknown sources (ON)
  4. 4 – After this is done, use any File Manager (Astro File Manager, ES File Explorer,…) to install the file. You can install any file manager from Google Play.
  5. 5 – Make sure you have an SD card (formatted and) inserted
  6. 6 – From your device, click on the GingerBreak APK file and then follow all the on-screen instructions you see.
  7. 7 – Once the app is installed on your phone, launch GingerBreak app and when it will be opened, click on the “Root” button in the application.
  8. 8 – Wait a few minutes for the process to finish and reboot your device once it is done (note that the reboot itself can take around minutes due to cache wipe).

Android USB Drivers app


VIDEO] Root Gingerbread on your Incredible 2 (2.3.3 ONLY!)

Download sources

Remember, you must root your device at your own risk.

Other important informations to read before rooting

  • You must have USB debugging enabled on your device
  • You need to have an SD card (formatted and) inserted – if it doesn’t work, try formatting the SD card in your computer, or switching it with a different (or old, etc) SD card
  • The APK must be installed on the device, NOT SD card.
  • The exploit may take a while to run, but not more than 10 minutes, if it does, get me a logcat, and reboot the device. So check that out after you manually pull battery after 15 minutes or so of being stuck.
  • Always reboot between root attempts!
  • Sometimes root access can’t be attained, due to blocked bootloaders, efuses, S-ON,… and this rooting method could not work on your device. For temproot access, use the raw binary exploit (linked below), not this APK.