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Using Developer Options to Limit Background Apps

  • Enable developer options on your device by repeatedly tapping on the build number in the ‘About Phone’ section of the settings menu.

Using Developer Options to Limit Background Apps

  • In the developer options, scroll down to the Apps section and tap on Background process limit.

Using Developer Options to Limit Background Apps 1

  • Tap on the number of background processes you want to allow and you’re all set.

You can even prevent apps from running in the background by switching on the Don’t keep activities options in the same menu which will destroy every activity as soon as you switch to a different task. However, this might not have a great effect on the overall performance of the phones as it’ll have to load up apps from scratch each time you access them which will take a fair bit of time.

Cover Image of Скачать Убийца приложений  APK

  • Varies with device


Version code: 49, Architecture armeabi-v7a, Android 5+

Гарантия безопасной установки, без дополнительной рекламы или вредоносных программ Убийца приложений apk safe verified

How to install APK

У этого приложения есть доступ к:

  • View wi-fi connections:
    • Allows the app to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and name of connected Wi-Fi devices..
    View network connections:
    • Allows the app to view information about network connections such as which networks exist and are connected..
    Full network access:
    Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. The browser and other applications provide means to send data to the internet, so this permission is not required to send data to the internet..

  • Delete all app cache data:
    Allows the app to free device storage by deleting files in the cache directories of other applications. This may cause other applications to start up more slowly as they need to re-retrieve their data..
    Close other apps:
    • Allows the app to end background processes of other apps. This may cause other apps to stop running..

  • Go Google Play net.DHSoft.AppKiller

  • Android Varies with device+

Cover Image of Скачать Убийца приложений и менеджер - закрыть все запущенные приложения 1.0.8 APK

Гарантия безопасной установки, без дополнительной рекламы или вредоносных программ Убийца приложений и менеджер - закрыть все запущенные приложения apk safe verified

Убийца приложений и менеджер — закрыть все запущенные приложения

Приложение App Killer and Manager поможет вам закрыть все запущенные приложения, освободить память, сэкономить заряд батареи и ускорить работу телефона.

Инструмент «Закрыть все запущенные приложения» предоставляет очень простой способ закрыть многие приложения, работающие в фоновом режиме. это сделает вас более быстрым телефоном с более длительным временем автономной работы!

Закрыть запущенные приложения Особенности:
★★Убийца приложений и очиститель памяти
Инструмент «Закрыть все запущенные приложения» — это супер-убийца приложений, который может закрыть все запущенные приложения и бесполезные процессы. он может ускорить работу вашего телефона, освободив память телефона и освободив больше места для других приложений.

★★Ускорение, экономия заряда аккумулятора и охлаждение процессора
Закрыв все запущенные приложения или диспетчер приложений, приложение может помочь вам ускорить работу телефона, сэкономить заряд батареи и продлить срок ее службы. Уничтожение бесполезно запущенных приложений также может снизить нагрузку на процессор и охладить его.

★★Диспетчер приложений
Диспетчер приложений упрощает управление установленными приложениями. Это поможет вам найти все установленные приложения, включая пользовательские и системные приложения, вы можете использовать приложение mamager, чтобы открывать, удалять или проверять сведения о приложении.

★★Белый список
Если вы не хотите закрывать некоторые работающие приложения, вы можете добавить их в белый список. Приложения в списке while не будут закрыты.

Этот диспетчер приложений не собирает никаких личных данных.
Этому приложению требуется разрешение службы специальных возможностей, чтобы иметь возможность закрывать другие приложения.

Хотите легко закрыть все работающие приложения, ускорить работу телефона и продлить срок службы батареи? Вам просто нужно запустить App Killer and Manager — Закройте все запущенные приложения, это вам поможет!

Advanced Task Manager

Another great option for ageing Android devices is the Advanced Task Manager which supports devices up to Android 7.0 Nougat. The Advanced Task Manager app lists down all the apps running on your device and gives you the option to select which apps to kill to improve battery life and speed up your device. The app even has an ignore list which will allow you to whitelist important apps so that you don’t kill them accidentally.

Advanced Task Manager

Download Advanced Task Manager (Free, with ads)


Developed by renowned Franco kernel developer Francisco Franco, Naptime makes good use of Android’s built-in doze feature and makes it work right after your turn off your phone’s screen. The aggressive doze option stops working as soon as you turn on the display, which means that none of the processes are hindered whenever you’re using the device.

Naptime - App Killers for Android

The app requires root access to work which gives you another reason to root your Android. But if you are still against rooting, there’s a simple workaround you can use. You can do that by granting Naptime DUMP permissions via ADB by executing a couple of commands that conveniently pop up as soon as you use the app for the first time. It’s quite obvious that the app isn’t meant for absolute beginners and should only be used by someone who has at least a basic understanding of how ADB works.

Download Naptime (Free, in-app purchases)

Use The Best Android App Killers

Well, that rounds up our list for the best app killers for Android. Once again, I’d like to stress on the fact that the aforementioned apps aren’t meant for recent flagship and might not make a significant difference if used on a new phone. The best results can be achieved on older low to mid-range devices which have slowed down over time and don’t deliver the kind of battery life you require. What’s your opinion on task manager for Android? Do you think they’re useful or do they not have a significant enough impact on the battery life and performance? Let us know in the comments section below.

App Killer and Manager

App Killer and Manager is one of the most intuitive Android apps for killing tasks, apps, and services running in the background. With just one tap, you can find out all the apps and hidden services that are hogging your smartphone resources like RAM, CPU, and internet connectivity. After that, it lets you inspect all those apps, and then you can completely restrict them from initiating any service call. As a result, this frees up the RAM too and that leads to better performance while offering you longer battery life. Other than that, App Killer and Manager has a dedicated memory cleaner that looks for all the unnecessary processes and kills them automatically in the background.

5. App Killer and Manager

What I like about App Killer is that it offers a one-stop App Manager where you can find detailed information about third-party apps. You can learn about an app’s battery consumption behavior, RAM usage, and CPU overhead. After going through the details, you can choose to uninstall the app then and there. Not to mention, you also have the option to whitelist apps so that they don’t get killed in the background. All in all, I would say App Killer and Manager is a capable Android app and you should definitely give it a try.

Download App Killer and Manager (Free)

Kaspersky Battery Life

3. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster - App Killers for Android

Download Kaspersky Battery Life (Free)


Greenify - App Killers for Android

Greenify is one of my go to apps whenever my device starts getting old and can’t really deliver the same battery life as before. Hibernating background apps also stops them from lagging your device, which can really be beneficial for low-end devices. The app gives you more control over which apps are allowed to run in the background when your phone is idle and in case you have a rooted device, you’ll have the opportunity to give Greenify even more control and improve battery life even further. Greenify is a great choice just for the fact that it lets you blacklist the background apps that you want to stop without disrupting the functionality of any other apps.

Download Greenify (Free)

Убийца приложений Varies with device APK for Android Varies with device+

История версий:


KillApps is one of the few app killer apps on the Play Store that seems to work well. As the name suggests, it allows you to close all the running apps by a simple tap. You can permanently disable an app from running its services in the background and save battery life. And the best part is that it supports both third-party and system apps. It basically means that you will be able to restrict battery-hogging services like Google Play Service to get longer battery life. Other than that, KillApps offers a Custom list where you can choose a list of apps and set rules to restrict them based on your preference.

2. KillApps - App Killers for Android

Additionally, the app reduces memory consumption and makes your smartphone fast and efficient. What I like more about KillApps is that it’s pretty simple to set up and use. Furthermore, for those people who don’t want to manually kill apps every time, they can enable Accessibility permission to the app. It will allow KillApps to automate the closing process without having to trigger the app manually. In addition to all of that, KillApps also features Speed booster, RAM cleaner, Lag remover, and Game booster. So if you are interested in a feature-packed app killer for Android then KillApps has you covered.

Download KillApps (Free, in-app purchases)

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