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“Root Double: Before Crime * After Days” is a unique game that relies heavily on it’s well developed plot and the other ways it gets the player involved.

Root Double: Before Crime * After Days is a unique game that relies heavily on it’s well developed plot and the other ways it gets the player involved. This game was developed by Regista and Yeti and was initially released in 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We were given the opportunity to play it on the Nintendo Switch and this is how it went.

The story is the key piece to this game and you are given two different paths to choose from right from the start. You’re given the option to play as either Watase Kasasagi or Natsuhiko Tenkawa. If you choose to play as Kasasagi, you main goal of the game is to try change the future based on the events that take place, I’ll explain that later on. If you chose to Tenkawa, you’re main goal is to try and rewrite the past in a way. What sets the events of the game into place is an explosion at a certain laboratory that researches nuclear energy. The cool part about this game is that there are numerous ways the story can go. Kasasagi’s story has over fifteen different endings and Tenkawa’s story has only 5 endings.

The choices you make through each story will directly effect events later on in the game and it’s impressive how detailed it can be. There isn’t much “gameplay” at all because most of the time you’re reading what’s going on and making decisions from those events. The game does tell you when have the chance to make a pivotal choice. There is a graphic in the upper right hand corner that will glow either blue, yellow or red when it’s time to make a choice. This extravagant system is called the Senses Sympathy System. You can ignore some of the blue ones, and maybe some of the yellow ones, but when it lights up red, that means the choice has an impact on a possible ending. The choices are based off how you think the character should react or how you would react; but overall it’s about your trust in the character. This system is a little confusing at first, but after you die a couple times like I did, you’ll figure it out.

The visuals in this game were really good. The anime art style was nice and helped give the characters they’re personalities. The subtitles at the bottom of the screen weren’t as bad as I was thinking they would. They fit nice and snug on the screen and don’t take away anything from the game’s art. I would’ve liked more options for the subtitles, but there really isn’t anything to complain about with how they are. You do have the option to control how fast they move across the screen; you can even set it to where it automatically moves on to the next subtitle box. If you do it that way and accidently miss something, the game does let you go back and read the chat log. Overall, there wasn’t much to the visuals other than how good the art was.

The controls were very limited in this game. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. The only controls you have to worry about it accidently skipping the dialogue. Other than that, you have to make sure you press the + button when prompted to make a decision. Since this is a novel video game, controls aren’t very important.

In my opinion, the soundtrack plays a vital part in the game. Since this is a novel video game, you rely on the story and art to make it what it is, but you also need a good soundtrack for the player to listen to while they progress through the game. The music is good in this one. It manages to get intense when needed and provides an almost upbeat tone through most of the game. It’s kind of what you’d expect in something anime related. The tone of the music does change depending where you are at in the story; like I said before, it intensifies during certain moments. It keeps you pulled in. The music fits with the anime style of art, as I mentioned above. This isn’t a soundtrack that you’re going to get lost in, but it’s nice to listen to while you play the game. The intro song is really good too.

Other than the soundtrack, there really isn’t much else to discuss when it comes to the sounds in the game. The characters do speak Japanese, but since you have subtitles, there isn’t anything to worry about.

This pretty much has limitless replay value because of how it’s designed. With each choice that is presented, there are multiple routes to take with in turn can change the outcome of whatever path you’re own. Since there are two character arcs to choose from, there are a lot of you can make each story change. Playing as Kasasagi was fun because of all the potential endings there are. Plus, if you’re like me and really into a good story, you’ll want to revisit the story anyways to see if you could’ve done anything differently. It can also get confusing at times, so you might not understand everything on your first playthrough.

Overall, this game was a fun experience. It’s not often you find a game like this that doesn’t leave you wanting more. Root Double: Before Crime * After Days leaves you happy with everything. By that I mean that you’re not left thinking that something was missing that could’ve made it better.

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TCN was provided a review copy of Root Double: Before Crime * After Days on the Nintendo Switch for the intent of review purposes by the publisher/PR.

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Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition – события происходят в 30 году 21 века, Ватасэ Касасаги находит себя в научно-испытательной станции, рядом с ядерным объектом, но абсолютно ничего не помнит. Это расположено в пригороде Рокумея в Японии. После 2-х страшных взрывов, не удалось избежать аварии. На помощь сотрудникам, попавшим в западню, направляют Сириус — это подразделение особого назначения, выполняющий не стандартные и опасные операции. Но, эвакуация не удалась, под воздействием температуры, начал плавиться реактор, все вокруг раскалено и тоже перестало держать форму. Выход к спасению заблокирован, средств защиты не хватило каждому, кто оказался здесь. Казалось бы, выжить в такой ситуации невозможно, но жажда жизни заставляет двигаться вперед и принимать верные решения и действовать быстро.

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В Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition предполагается 15 вариантов концовки. Не все будут победоносными и радостными. Но, только игрок решит, чем закончится этот ужас для героя. Сможет ли он выбрать сам или поможет нуждающимся, а возможно кто-то придет на помощь герою. Игра предполагает много ограничений. Например, люди, оставшиеся без защитных средств, проживут короткий период, поэтому умереть в любом случае кому-то придется. Или можно придумать выход и спасти каждого потерпевшего. Тем более что от стресса герой вспомнил, что он из спецназа.

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ルートダブル -Before Crime * After Days-

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Mini reviews

Root Double is what would happen if 999 had horrible pacing. This game has intriguing plot, above average characters and very cool suspense, but what it suffers from is atrocious progressing; which at time makes your head literally spin. It just feels like game never ends as it unlocks more and more roots. Yes, it sheds more light on some of the events in the game, but drags it by like 40 hours or even more. Seriously, last «climax» root which is called «double» takes around 20-30 hours to finish completely. By the time you finish it all this climax build up has dissipated and you are left with feelings of «oh god, when will it finally end».

Really solid. Pretty interesting the whole through way through. Has some pacing issues, mostly flashback related. I liked all the main characters by the end. They all ended up being a lot more interesting than first expected, I actually thought they would keep some relatively undeveloped but the way system worked made it so they did. Best girl was probably Mashiro by the end but it’s pretty close with all the girls besides Yuuri.

I liked the choice system in theory but without a walkthrough it can be frustrating to figure out how to do them properly, especially with the bazillion of choices in this VN. If they were to do this style of choices again, I think they should either heavily limit the amount of them, or mix them into regular choices.

By lukeo7 on 2022-02-13

The game has many good points but the overall impact was ruined for me by the horrible pacing in route D. Route A and C was pretty good and I really liked route B. The perspectives of all the characters in route D were very repetetive and most of them could have been skipped or atleast be somehow shortened without impacting the story.

There were some pretty good twists but the twist in Ever17 had more impact — this game is more grounded though and all is fully explained unlike in said Ever17.

The OST seemed bad and forgetable at first but I liked 2-3 tracks in the end (Brave decision and Double bible). The other tracks vere nothing special though.

Overall decent mystery/escape visual novel with moderate amount of violence and bad pacing.

Interesting SciFi Thriller that got me hooked for most of the runtime.While the amnesiac protagonist is a cliché in storytelling, it can create a lot of suspense when done well. And here it’s done well. Also liked the «senses» gameplay mechanic, which influences the answers your protagonist gives and thus the ending you will reach.But while I would wish to give this a 9/10, it’s only an 8 because of one glaring issue: The tonal whiplash of the «Before» route. Here we jump between the usual «mystery thriller» and large chunks of «sci-fi slice of life». While these provides the necessary bg information, they’re also very boring due to lots of infodumping and tons of flashbacks within flashbacks (no, really). Was very glad to leave this part behind and never revisit it.

By kradar on 2022-01-23

An escape science fiction that flings you in the midst of an extremely dangerous situation with absolutely no knowledge of what caused it or how to resolve it. As the story progressed, each puzzle piece fell into place and each character developed as they were exposed not only to danger and confrontation, but also deception and madness. The sprites and CGs are well made, though nothing special, and the soundtrack has some really good pieces. The title is overall pretty good, but with an ending part that’s somewhat lacking

By zansnae on 2023-04-06

A fundamentally interesting story that is seriously held back by overly long expositions and explanations. Perhaps too aggressive a course correction after the mindfuck that was Remember 11, but Root Double’s overexplanations kill a lot of the pacing and mystique of the world, especially in the second half of the game, which just drags on and on.

Good:WataseRoot ASS is an interesting ideaSome good twists throughout

Bad:NatsuhikoMashiroRoot BTiring and boring structureLots and lots and lots of retreaded groundBad soundtrack

Ugly:Weird voice acting sometimesIf you’ve read Ever17 you’ve read at least half of this already

By zomkung on 2021-09-07

This game is definitely too long.

If you have done ever-17 and 999 before. Definitely not worth playing.

It’s feel like ever17 mixing with 999 with horrible paces. It has a lot of flashbacks through flashbacks, I have to read the same thing all over until I will need to skip everything and see the ending. There is a lot of unnecessary info dumps.

Full reviews

By animecac on 2020-09-14

NO SPOILERS: This game is a mixed bag. It does some things astonishingly well, and other things that are fairly ordinary and border on frustrating. It starts as a survival scenario in a locked facility, but ends up becoming much more complicated than that as the routes progress. Depending on what you look for in a Visual Novel will determine if you like this game. I’ll list the pros and cons completely spoiler free to help you decide if this game is for you.

By ewig on 2021-02-18

All in all it’s turned out to be a big letdown. It’s not because it’s bad (it’s not) – but rather it built up a real potential to be great, which subsequently has been slowly removed to dust by terrible pacing. It’s not unusual for a work to never get hold of your attention at all, but I always find it much more disappointing when it does, but only to lose it – again and again.

Imagine a 2500-part mystery puzzle set you got from Amazon. You don’t know what’s the final, expected result. You struggle a lot until you got the edges done — that’s when the picture starts making sense. Everything picks up the pace now that you know what’s happening. Then, and at the end, when the final puzzle clicks into place, you feel very satisfied. It took some time, but you got there and ultimately are happy with the time you’ve spent. It was worth it.

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Root Double was originally written and directed by Takumi Nakazawa, a well-known scenario writer who also directed famous visual novels such as Never7, Ever17, and Remember11; also known as the Infinity Series. If you are familiar of such works, then Root Double is an instant-recommendation for you. If not, then continue reading below.

2 hours ago, WinterfuryZX said:

I’m reclutant to use my real name on the internet where it could be associated with my nickname, it’s CENSORED JUST IN CASE YOU DECIDE TO DELETE THIS POST if you really wanna know. Since name is quite common, I suppose doing that once in a while doesn’t hurt.

You just exposed your full name to everyone who has access to the credits with that post.

1 hour ago, Decay said:

The game is clichéd in quite a few spots. But really, it’s not just that it’s clichéd, I read and enjoy all manner of clichéd stories. The problem is that the game reaches those cliched moments and then fails to dig any deeper, and fails to deconstruct any of its key tropes. Nor does it cleverly utilize them with good writing. They just play it completely straight. It does present some novel ideas, particularly surrounding memories, but most of what surrounds those concepts is largely unremarkable.

WARNING: Spoilers for the entire game ahead!

The problem is how they take these concepts and the intricate world building, and just devolve it into another set of clichés in the end. Actually, LABO was the center of an evil corporation all along, look at how evil they are! You can tell everything they try to do is bad because they’re so evil! And the city government, they’re evil, too! They’re in the pocket of Big Money! And the terrorist organization hell bent on taking them down? That could be an interesting gray area but NOPE! Turns out they’re the puppet masters and this is all part of their master plan in their grand, evil crusade against communicators!  The evil corporation conducting unethical human research is a very common trope, unfortunately, and I feel like RD was starting to do something good with that trope and then completely torpedoed it by the end, giving us the standard answers we’re always given. And don’t get me started on Q. In the end, the only thing that’s painted as righteous are the teenagers and their overzealous crusade of JUSTICE. Give me a break. How much more of a cliché can you become?

In retrospect, the warning bells started ringing in Root B when Mashiro and Natsuhiko had their fight. I had hopes that since the game has started to take an actually pretty mature and intelligent approach to many topics, that they’d handle this issue differently. But nope. In the end of the day, Root Double is yet another a story about bull-headed teenagers triumphing over the evil tyranny of adults and righting the wrongs of the world through sheer force of will and a childish sense of righteousness. AKA the biggest cliché in all of Japanese fiction.

The stuff about teenagers triumphing over evil is quite an oversimplification. If anything, Natsuhiko’s group failed completely at stopping the attack on LABO and wouldn’t have even escaped from the place alive without help. Plus, even if they had succeeded at preventing the execution of Ukita, Watase, Dojima and Hiyama’s plan, that could have actually benefited LABO’s higher-ups and Rokumei City’s government by preventing the truth from being exposed to the public.

Ena, Kuroda and Higa’s own attempt at bringing the truth to light would’ve had a greater chance of succeeding, though who knows if three people with a single gun really would have stood a chance at forcefully gaining access to Area Zero. They sure as hell were a lot more prepared than Natsuhiko’s group though.

Judging by your review, I get the impression you thought Watase’s behavior at the end of Root B was genuine and were disappointed when it turned out Nagisa had manipulated his memories and emotions. While I can see why some people would react like that and I myself was a little disappointed that the two primary villainous factions of the VN didn’t have any core representatives play a major role in the story, I certainly wouldn’t say that the whole memory manipulation twist causes RD to suffer from binary morality. Watase’s past self was still not exactly what I’d call perfectly sane. He felt such immense guilt over the fact that Wataru had sacrificed herself to save him that he felt obligated to avenge her, even if doing so required him to throw his current life away and stain his hands with sin. That’s a pretty messed up mindset. His encounter with Nagisa and subsequent descent into complete insanity upon coming across Natsuhiko and Mashiro shows how that desire to avenge Wataru could’ve easily caused him to head down a much worse route had Ukita had no sympathy for LABO’s test subjects and told him a different story about why Alice caused the Great Rokumei City Arson.

In general, RD spends a lot of time fleshing out the mentalities of a very diverse cast and showing how none of them are inherently better than others, but that all of them could have both positive and negative effects. Nagisa’s memory manipulation shows the worst possible examples of what these mentalities could lead to, but there’s more than that. Let’s not forget that Salyu was so blindly determined to save Natsuhiko and Mashiro that she ended up repeatedly trying to kill people due to being too narrow-minded and distrustful of others. A few of Root A’s bad endings even show that she would’ve been perfectly willing to go through with it.

Or how Ukita, despite his purely altruistic motivations, decided that working with terrorists whose ideology he completely disagrees with is a necessary evil. I remember him saying something to Watase along the lines of «Hey, I don’t like these guys’ methods either. But how else are we supposed to put an end to Rokumei City’s wrongdoings?» I wouldn’t be surprised if some actual terrorists had similar motives.

Finally, while it’s true that the core members of the villainous factions don’t get much development, even they aren’t firmly on the black end of the moral spectrum. Q started off as a fairly harmless group of people who simply felt uncomfortable about the idea of people being able to read their minds. It wasn’t until Rokumei City’s government scapegoated them for the Arson and therefore exposed itself to them as an oppressive regime that regulated information and censored criticism that Q’s members decided that they needed to resort to extreme methods to make their voice heard.

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And even Rokumei City’s government and LABO’s higher-ups weren’t purely evil. Their censorship of various research results related to BC, especially Senses Sympathy, was somewhat understandable. After all, a lot of people were already feeling uncomfortable about communicators being able to read their minds. The antagonism towards BC would have skyrocketed if they had learned that some communicators can do much worse things than that, to the point where a single Level 6 communicator could easily cause the death of hundreds of people either deliberately or simply by overusing their powers. And while there was nothing sympathetic about researching BC through unethical means in order to make money, it’s definitely true that gaining a better understanding of how it works and how to counter it is of extreme importance. If Miyoko’s theory about exposure to M particles causing the IGF2R gene of egg cells and fetuses to mutate is true, then the logical conclusion is that eventually, everyone will have Rank S aptitude. That would be an insanely dangerous scenario in which a single N-ified communicator could cause a chain reaction leading to the collapse of human society. So it’s definitely true that researching BC is absolutely vital for humanity’s future. It’s just that some researchers thought accelerating their research through unethical means is a necessary evil in order to accomplish this. Like Eriguchi. As despicable as he may have been, the reason he resorted to human experimentation is because after Alice had used Senses Sympathy on him and discovered his darkest secrets, he had developed an intense fear of BC, having witnessed the danger it poses himself, and become determined to save humanity from it through excessive research.


September 16, 2030 — 6:19 AM.

An amnesiac rescue squad captain in LABO- Watase Kasasagi.A nine hour escape drama unfolds from his viewpoint.

A high school student trapped in LABO- Natsuhiko Tenkawa.A journey into his memories of the six days leading up to the incident starts from his viewpoint.

На дворе 2030 год. В изолированном исследовательском городе Рокумейте дела идут как обычно, пока несколько взрывов внезапно не раздастся в ядерном исследовательском центре, известном как «LABO». Город отправляет «Сириус», элитный спасательный отряд, чтобы разобраться с ситуацией. Но ситуация только ухудшается, когда ядерный реактор LABO тает, а члены Сириуса и выжившие все еще остаются внутри. Из-за утечки радиации повсюду и недостаточного количества противорадиационных препаратов, чтобы продержаться до снятия изоляции, выжившие совершают все больше и больше мрачных открытий. В своей борьбе за выживание они узнают, что сомнение — их величайший враг, и доверяют своему величайшему активу.

Ключ к выживанию находится в руках игрока с системой сочувствия чувств (SSS). Ваши эмоции, проецируемые на персонажей, особенно ваше доверие к ним, определяют развитие истории. Только при эффективном использовании этой системы и завершении историй обоих главных героев игрок сможет раскрыть правду.

Формат образа: .NSZ (сжато ~17%, установленный объём 7.74 ГБ)Версия игры: 1.0.1

Не удается установить или запустить игру? Перейдите на страницу помощи.

2 minutes ago, Decay said:

The honorifics thing doesn’t come up too often. Most characters are on a first-name basis and it all sounds normal. It’s usually just random background characters at the school and stuff like that. Oh, the teacher refers to her students as Mr. and Ms. as well, which feels weird. Still doesn’t happen all that often.

About your second question, well, sometimes? A lot of the stuff kind of gets glossed over until they directly address it. Sometimes this actually works out, like some of the stuff going on in Rokumei City feels a bit creepy and unnerving, at least to me. But often times you’ll see the characters go «I SEE NO PROBLEMS HERE!» until suddenly it’s «OH WOW ACTUALLY IT IS BAD AND NOT GOOD!» with all of the nuance of an 8th grade sociology essay.

Well, that’s pretty disappointing

15 minutes ago, ChaosRaven said:


2030 год. Как обычно, в изолированном исследовательском городе Рокумей дела идут, пока в ядерном исследовательском центре, известном как «ЛАБО», внезапно не разразится несколько взрывов. Город посылает «Сириус», элитный спасательный отряд, чтобы разобраться с ситуацией. Но ситуация только ухудшается, когда ядерный реактор LABO расплавляется, отправляя установку в закрытое помещение — члены Сириуса и выжившие все еще находятся в ловушке внутри. С повсеместной утечкой смертельной радиации и недостаточным количеством противорадиационных лекарств, которые могут продлиться до снятия блокировки, выжившие делают все более мрачные открытия. В своей борьбе за выживание в смертельной ловушке, полной огня и радиации, они узнают, что сомнение является их главным врагом, и доверяют их величайшему достоянию.

В истории Root Double рассказывается о двух главных героях: Ватасе Касасаги, капитане спасательной команды, который потерял свои воспоминания в течение нескольких часов после инцидента, и Нацухико Тенкава, студентка, собирающая ключи за шесть дней до этого. Единственный ключ к выживанию лежит в руках игрока с системой чувств сочувствия (SSS). В отличие от традиционных визуальных романов, Root Double не имеет четких «выборов», а скорее использует игру SSS, чтобы позволить игроку манипулировать историей, основываясь исключительно на эмоциях. Ваши эмоции, проецируемые на персонажей, особенно ваше доверие к ним, формируют ход истории. Только при эффективном использовании этой системы и завершении историй обоих главных героев игрок может собрать воедино правду и надеяться найти выход из объекта.

The Tokyo Hero Project was a plan which was implemented two years ago, placing cosplaying heroes in each of the 23 wards to promote public order. But not many people knew that they actually possessed special powers and fought against the secret evil society Black Outsiders (BO) at night.

Koutarou is a poor student who lives by himself. One night while he was making his way to a part-time job, he saw a fierce battle between a cosplayer and someone wearing a kigurumi. Due to the incident, he ended up missing his part-time opportunity and his friend Nagahiko suggested a new one for him. A young girl with a black manteau welcomed him: “How wonderful it is to have you here at the secret society BO group!”. From that day on, he battles against heroes while wearing a mascot character powered suit. Do your best, Koutarou!


Title : Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Original Title : ルートダブル -Before Crime * After Days-

1. Ensure your system is properly set to Japanese System Locale. 2. Extract 3. Play

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