PRIDE — Root of Sin

 PRIDE — Root of Sin

The most comprehensive list of sins, which are utterly divergent to
the holiness of God, is found in the sixth chapter of
, verses sixteen to nineteen

These six things the LORD hates
, Yes, seven are an abomination to
: (17) A proud look, a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood
, (18) a heart that
devises wicked plans
, feet that are swift in running to evil,
(19) a false witness who speaks lies, and one who
sows discord among brethren
. (Proverbs 6:16-19)

How you are fallen from heaven
, O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the
! (13) For you have said in your heart: “I
will ascend into heaven
, I will exalt my throne above the
stars of God
; I will also sit on the mount of the
congregation on the farthest sides of the north
; (14)
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds
, I will be like
the Most High
.” (Isaiah 14:12-14)

not a novice
lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same
condemnation as the devil
. (1 Timothy 3:6)

is the root of all sin.  It percolates every conceivable evil within
and throughout society today.  No matter the level or the nature of
man’s existence or involvement, it is pride that spawns that which
corrupts all of man’s originally well-intended efforts.  And one
needs not be a keen observer to see the truth of this.  Even a
cursory examination of society today reveals that in all facets of
its structure, e.g., politics, business, sports, religion, etc., the
ample evidence of pride is apparent on every hand.

Indeed, it was pride that prompted Eve to disobey God’s
instruction in the Garden of Eden as she, desiring to “be like
” (Genesis 3:5), took and ate of “the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil
” in violation of God’s order
regarding the matter. She then subsequently involved her husband in
the action, which caused their spiritual death.  From that time on
man has stooped to the sin of pride, an attitude so abysmal and
egregious to the Creator, that it occupies the supreme position on
His list of most hated sins.

A Sampling of Passages of Scripture on Pride

When they cast you down
and you say, “Exaltation will come!” Then He will
save the humble person

The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor
; let them be caught in the plots which
they have devised

For You will save the humble people
but will bring down haughty looks

You shall hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the
pride of man

. . . .

Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor
him I will destroy
; the one who has a haughty look and a
proud heart
, him I will not endure.

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The fear of the LORD is to hate evil
pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I

When pride comes
then comes shame; but with the humble is wisdom.

By pride comes nothing but strife
but with the well-advised is wisdom.

The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom
, and before honor is humility.

Pride goes before destruction
and a haughty spirit before a fall.

He who loves transgression loves strife
, and he who exalts his gate seeks

Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty
, and before honor is humility.

pride will bring him low, but the humble in spirit will
retain honor

And He will spread out His hands in their midst as a swimmer reaches
out to swim
and He will bring down their pride together with the trickery of
their hands

The king spoke
saying, “Is not this great Babylon, that I have
built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of
my majesty
?” (31) While the word was still in the kings
mouth, a voice fell from heaven: “King
, to you it is spoken: the kingdom has
departed from you
! (32) And they shall drive you from
, and your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field.
They shall make you eat grass like oxen; and seven times
shall pass over you
, until you know that the Most High rules
in the kingdom of men
, and gives it to whomever He chooses.”

The pride of your heart has deceived you
, you who dwell in the clefts of the rock,
whose habitation is high; you who say in your heart, “Who
will bring me down to the ground

And whoever exalts himself will be humbled
, and he who humbles himself will be

And He said
What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. (21)
For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed
evil thoughts
, adulteries, fornications,
, (22) thefts, covetousness,
wickedness, deceit
, lewdness, an evil eye,
, pride, foolishness.”

. . . for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and
he who humbles himself will be exalted

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1 Timothy 3:6

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But He gives more grace
Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, but
gives grace to the humble

1 Peter 5:5

Likewise you younger people
submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you
be submissive to one another
, and be clothed with humility,
for God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
(6) Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of
, that He may exalt you in due time.

1 John 2:16

For all that is in the world

the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and
the pride of life
is not of the Father but is of the world.

1. Root of Sin (Essence of Sin)

The original root of sin is the same as is revealed in the Divine Principle. The origin (essence) of sin I want to talk about today is what all humans have contracted. This is an extremely painful thing. What a feeling of mistreatment we have based on the fact that we were born with sin although we were created by God. God has been waiting until His beloved children return to their true position, coming not from a parental position, but from the situation of having had to live in a corner room because of being seized by a servant against His desire. We must remember that, with countless vicissitudes, God is our parent.

Now we must fundamentally be aware of each of these deadly pains and must live our lives with the faith that we will go directly in front of God by straightening all these issues out when we go to the spiritual world. This is the same as it is with the married life of a wife and husband. Don’t live a separate life wherein a wife lives in Heaven and her husband lives in hell. You must live a married life in such a way that you would have the feeling that whoever went to Heaven first would wait, with a heart full of jungsung, for the other to join them in a well-prepared tidy house.

Since the root of our sin is what we received from Satan, we must live our lives looking into our true selves by receiving forgiveness and straightening ourselves in front of True Parents if there is any need. We must be freed in every circumstance, not only in the life of a couple, but in every horizontal human relationship as well. There is no one who wins over death. Those who receive the highest treatment in the highest position, those who, in their arrogance and haughtiness, impose or wield power and name over every man by ignoring them are not qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The essence of sin has nothing to do with True Love. The essence of sin is the way of self-centered thought, is hatred rather than love, is rather antagonism rather than hatred; furthermore, it is the mind that can commit murder.

We must know that God has not held any antagonism against all these, not even once, but has awaited patiently.

In front of every organization, company, and others, output my self within every person’s heart and judge first. Put myself in such position and frankly judge. In the position, see what is the score and accept it cruelly. By doing so, you must live your daily life by marking a `circle,’ a `triangle,’ and an `ex.’ Then, score yourself on the last day of 365 days. You must count what is the total number of `circles,’ `triangles,’ and `x’s.’ If your `x’s’ are 70%, you must restart your life. If you come to be in such a situation, you must realize that you have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore must do your best to prepare it. Why are you so frantic for a 30 pyong (1 pyong = 3.954 sq. yds.), 40 pyong, or 50 pyong residential area, a decent size of land, and to have luxurious cars? Why are you so stingy about preparing 100 pyong for a castle in the eternal world? The visible world is a place through which we are simply passing by, so 20 pyong of area will be enough. Therefore, I think it is important for us to pour our entire energy into building a castle where we will live eternally.

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What is sin? It is that humankind is living apart from God. We must separate ourselves externally from that which caused us to stray from God. We cannot help from being born with mistreatment. From now on, however, we must completely restore ourselves to the position as children of God centering on the content of all the teachings of True Parents. We must strongly maintain the position. We must become a strong rock that will not shake in any strong thunderstorm. Standing in the top position, let’s shout out, let’s cry out «I have no relationship with sin. As a child of God, I will live with my pledge of filial piety, loyalty, and virtue in front of True Parents. My life and my glory are all God’s, and True Parents'» until we lose our voice. Then, we must live our daily lives carving this cry on the rock of our hearts everyday until we lose our voice. By doing so, we must live humbly, heading toward the highest place by completely cutting off and rooting out any relationship with Satan.

We must cut out the root and the bud of sin on our own and, in that position, we must build our eternal home of rest where we can sing and dance by attending God and True Parents. Please remember that the path of cleansing the root of sin forever and ever must be prepared on the earth.

March 20, 1999

2. True Parents of Heaven and Earth

We, mankind, were born with the original element of sin. This, we call the original sin. It is God who has patiently waited and waited for such a long period of time in order to cleanse this sin. Although God has patiently waited over the course of a long period, He did not just wait blindly for it to pass. God had prepared the blood lineage of True Parents and sent True Parents to the earth to give rebirth to all mankind through the blood lineage. In the process, God engaged in a gruesome battle of bloodshed against Satan. Throughout countless vicissitudes against Satan, God protected the blood lineage of True Parents.

We don’t realize that we arc so fortunate to have been born in such a wonderful time period. We don’t know the value of it. Think about what the heart (shimjung) of God would be sending our True Parents. Three hours of darkness of Jesus on the Cross and the periods of True Father’s life in prison were ravaging themselves on God’s heart (shimjung). Who in the world would understand such a heart? Think about the parental heart (shimjung) of God of having to simply watch anxiously, without being able to do anything for His son when Satan was attacking True Father like the attack of a swarm of bees.

Imagine that your son is standing across the frozen Han River. In order to meet your son, you must walk over the frozen water. The ice is cracking here and there, and even broken in pieces, but as the parent you must walk over it. How would your heart be in such a half-dead situation, in a crucible? God has been protecting True Parents by being patient, and with an even greater pain than that. Countless religious people, countless religious leaders have walked innumerable paths of suffering, striving to pioneer the path of goodness, to lead mankind to the path of deliverance from sin. Absolutely their suffering will not become meaningless. However, God alone is the only parent of mankind, and the creator.

God waits expectantly for all of us to live in one place by attending one parent. If Satan did not exist, the separation of religions would not have happened. All religious leaders and pioneers desire that we all love each other in the same place in front of God.

True Parents of Heaven and Earth! Man man-sei (ten thousand times more of ten thousand years: eternity) for Heaven and Earth! We must be able to say, «We are so grateful that God has protected True Father’s eighty-years of life. We are so grateful that we were able to live our lives by holding onto True Father’s eighty-year life.» Now let’s sing, dance, and run, embracing each other attending our eighty-year old True Parents of Heaven and Earth for eternity. God man-sei! True Parents man-sei! Our Unification Church members man-sei! Entire mankind man-sei! We must pray that our True Parents of Heaven and Earth may have a long, healthy life. We must sing hallelujah when True Parents come to this world. We must attend True Parents well for the eternal reign, until the completion of the castle. We must attend well until all humankind is saved.

I felt a number of times that God did not know how to express His heart in front of True Father. The appearance of God not knowing how to express His gratitude toward the son, True Parents’ suffering, but getting excited was very tearful and pitiable. We all must think about how to attend True Parents. How could you understand my situation in this world wherein I cannot see True Father’s holy face no matter how widely I open my eyes?

However it is the sincere request of Sang Hun Lee who came to this world first, to live a life of observance to God in the appearance of True Parents of Heaven and Earth doing their duty of filial piety in front of God. This is why I truly wish that we all must well believe and attend True Parents and live happily together in this place. I wish we all can meet here where God dwells.

True Parents of Heaven and Earth man man-sei! Our Unification Church members man man-sei! Mankind of the world man man-sei!

March 20, 1999

3. The Life of Sang Hun Lee

Originally my family was Confucianist. I benefited from a good environment in which I inherited an intellectual capacity from my parents. Therefore I graduated from medical school and became a doctor of internal medicine. My original plan was to engage in analysis of and research on the human body. So at medical school I concentrated on the study of detailed parts of the human body, but it was the question of the existence of God which remained always in the bottom of my heart. What is the nature of the world after death to which all mankind is destined to go and what is the purpose and method of creation since we are told that God created man? These kinds of questions were very new and curious for me. I realized that the mentality of a man cannot be controlled. The queries on man’s thought, intellect, ideology, and so forth were serious issues for me. It is possible to study the parts of the physical body since they are visible, but no matter how hard I thought and studied, I could not find the answer as to the nature of my inner person. These questions resulted in my having serious torments. Mentally. I eventually came to the point of not wanting to live because of the emptiness inside. After quite some time after that, I came to know Reverend Sun Myung Moon and studied the Divine Principle of our True Parents. My joy at that time was even greater than what I would have felt had I possessed the entire world.

The more I studied the Divine Principle and analyzed it closely, the more it became the source of enormous life elements and energy. After analyzing its various dimensions in more detail, I realized that it was an incredibly great truth. My life began to completely turn around from this moment. I couldn’t help being surprised at the change of myself from only wanting to be buried to deeply analyzing this Divine Principle, putting all other desires away. As I analyzed the Principle, it seemed that every cell of my body became alive. With the hope that everybody might accept this Principle as soon as possible, and with the hope that this Principle would soon appear to the world as a good theory which could provide direction for the thought of countless numbers of intellectuals, I lived my earthly life analyzing and studying the Principle in its various aspects.

There is only one reason that I speak about such a title as The Life of Sang Hun Lee’ at this time. In my life there are only True Parents, both on earth and in the spiritual world. My only purpose is to testify to True Parents by gathering all of my life, my thought, my knowledge and my study. I am not an earthly person. All I want is to tell you this by borrowing one weak woman’s hand and betting my life. What are we so afraid of in our lives? In the history of God’s providence, there is no greater man than True Parents, and there is no more glorious man than True Parents. You are all seeing True Parents only with your physical eyes. When we see Rev. Sun Myung Moon in the spiritual world, all creation flutters and the light shines in every direction along with his every movement. So, we cannot see Rev. Sun Myung Moon surrounded by such light. When the wrinkled skin of his holy face moves, the light of blood rolls down in between the wrinkles. The light of blood is no different from that of Jesus’ on the Cross.

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Because of the radiance emanating while embracing and loving mankind with a parental heart, many times it is difficult to see the face of surrounding people. Moreover, when Rev. Sun Myung Moon sighs, perhaps earthly people cannot hear his breathing sound, but there are many times that it resounds like thunder. This is the sound of his concern, anxiety and grief for mankind. How can this be expressed in words? Every moment when Rev. Sun Myung Moon moves, with the anxiety that he may get hurt, God places cushions of light, and covers him with resplendent light every location where Rev. Sun Myung Moon speaks. It is very difficult for me to watch the scene because I was so moved by such love from God.

The reason that I am calling my Parent, whom I have been attending all my life, by his name, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is because of my desire that not only our Unification Church members, but all religious people and every intellectual person as well, study and analyze Rev. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents. The fact that you are attending the greatest man on earth with a physical body, is an event of enormous significance that simply cannot be adequately expressed to you. However, it makes me, Sang Hun Lee, very painful and impatient as I realize the fact that there are many people who do not even know how to deal with the fact of this grand event. I don’t have any results which I can be proud of during my earthly life, but I want to express once more to everyone the incredible fortune which I had in my life as a man — to encounter and attend the greatest men. Therefore, I truly ask you to study more and more deeply.

In this great time, if you arrive in this world not having known the real value of this greatest man in your life, you will experience embarrassment and pain. All I want is to help you to prevent this. Then, who is Rev. Sun Myung Moon? I want those who still ask from a far distance «Are you the one who is to come?» to quickly come to aconclusion. I wish you would believe that True Parents are the True Parents of both the physical and the spiritual worlds, and the Messiah of humankind, so that you will not have regrets later.

Today, the reason that I am testifying about True Parents to you again is because one who has already completed his earthly life cannot borrow the strength of a person with a physical body all the time, and the chance to do so is such an incredible event. However, such an opportunity does not come often. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I want to make sure that you remember this fact one more time. «Every congregation of all other denominations! Are you still waiting for the Messiah to come on the clouds? Please, I ask you to broaden the range of your faith, and change the direction of your view of faith, so that we can meet together in the place of the children of God with a matured intellect.»

March 20, 1999

4. God and True Parents

We all have been unable to see God. Then, can we see God when we come to the spiritual world? If He is the one that we human beings can see, He may not be God.

God is He whom we cannot see with our human eyes or touch. He is not a being who can be seen within the limit of human vision. God is the parent of all humankind, the creator of all things. If such a God can be determined and analyzed within human thinking, then we can conclude that any other great being could become God.

God is only God. My arrogance that I would be able to analyze God when I came to the Kingdom of Heaven completely collapsed into small pieces. If there is any one who would analyze God, he would be the most foolish one and no different from an idiot. This effort, then, is no more than a waste of time. If any one could analyze God with their human brain, that person would have to be God.

I wish you would think deeply about the fact that God is every where, and that He is omnipotent and almighty, and give up on analyzing God. I think it is the duty of children to attend Him with the attitude of absolute obedience.

Then, who are True Parents? God desired to love and feel joy through the grandchildren and great grandchildren generation after generation after creating humankind. However, because human history began from a criminal, the entire direction of history went wrong. For this reason, in order to straighten this history out, God waited for the moment while sending countless historical beings. At this point, we must re-think about Jesus’ crucifixion and straighten out our thinking.

If Jesus had not been crucified, he would have become the parent of mankind. However, because Jesus was crucified, new parents must come to mankind. Otherwise, mankind has no way to be saved. Therefore, God has sent Rev. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents, to this earth and is having him give rebirth to humankind that has the wrong blood lineage.

Attending God, True Parents became the officiator of large weddings and married many people. By doing so, True Parents were rooting out the blood of the fall (crime) from humankind. This is the so-called Blessing of Mass Weddings. Since God gave Rev. Sun Myung Moon the qualification and the authority of the Messiah, we must all participate in this blessing and cleanse the root of original sin. The final destiny of history is the salvation of humankind, and the history of humankind is the history of providential restoration. Therefore, the one who can completely banish Satan who has been acting as the owner until now, in someone else’ place, and leads mankind to live attending God as True Owner and True Parents, is this very Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Only when we do so, will the direction of reborn life be determined for us human beings, and we mankind will be able to stay in the eternal home in the Kingdom of Heaven in this spiritual world. I sincerely wish that you would clearly realize this, practice True Love, and never have any regrets.

March 20, 1999

5. The Path that All Humankind Must Go

Humankind was created by God. However, for humankind, the parents who gave birth to us and the parents who raised us are different. The parents who raised humankind is the devil or Satan. Because of the fall, humankind was not able to treat and acknowledge God, as His children, but lost the right to go forward in front of God on their own. Therefore, humankind must restore the relationship of father and son with God. To do so, only when humankind returns to its original position, can it stand in front of God. For humankind to return to the original position, it needs the Messiah. The Savior of humankind, the Messiah is none other than the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents, who came on earth. Without going through the Messiah, humankind has no other way to go in front of God.

In order to go to the place of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven, humankind must be reborn. The Messiah received the authority to save humankind through the blessing from God. Therefore, all humankind must be reborn through the Messiah’s blessing, and must live the life of believing and attending Him. This is the only way to connect this glorious situation to the spiritual world. The blessing of humankind is the blessing of God, the liberation of God, and the cleansing of God’s history of `han.’ This is the age of consummation.

The history of humankind has passed along without anyone revealing the fact that the history of humankind must be restored, but now, people must completely conclude the entire evil history of the sin of Satan, and must restore the history of humankind by attending God in the position of True Owner. When the original world is restored on earth, hell in the spiritual world will automatically disappear. Since there are only citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven alive on earth, why would hell be needed in the eternal world? Only when we have the attitude of life that the final destination of our lives is not the earth, but the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, will we be restored from our old habit of life.

When the life of each individual can be acknowledged by God, the restoration of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world will end. When this happens, Satan will not be able to find any place to stand, and his base will be completely destroyed. We would normally think that the eternal peace of humankind would come when Satan is cut and rooted out eternally from us, but this requires enormous time. The Thought and Principle must be taught to every one. The eternal peace of humankind and the salvation of humankind is the goal of God and True Parents.

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Now, we will experience with our own eyes that the evil history of sin will vanish since the time of Heaven’s fortune is coming. Therefore, we must be wise people!

Don’t fail to keep your place in this grand line, but do fulfill the mission of a pioneer. That is our victory of restoration, the way of filial piety in front of God, and the position of entering the place of the Kingdom of Heaven. I wish you would attend True Parents in one place and stand on the frontline for the realization of the peace of humankind, which is also the desire of all people and of God.

6. Myself of Today

Yesterday and today, we always wear the clothes that are stained with evil and sin during our earthly life, but never think to change the clothes. This is because no one has taught us this fact. However, when we recognize the period and environment, we are standing in a very fortunate position. We were born in the age of restoration, and now we know the entire secret of the cosmos to be able to cleanse our stained selves.

Now we know the task that we must do and the direction we need to go. We even know that the invisible spiritual world exists. That is the place where you have never been; it is the unknown place from which you cannot return once you go. However, how much further can I reveal the fact that the spiritual world exists? Would it be alright if we just go straight? You must make sure that the direction is determined correctly.

I can say that this is a somewhat complicated context to understand since it explains in quite some detail about the spiritual world. However, what else could I do, as one who came here before you? Shouldn’t it be the case that I should reveal the reality of this place to you and then pray and wait until that you would directly seek and come to the bosom of God? Because my heart is burning with such desire, I am asking you once more. The way of filial piety to God and True Parents is to properly discover myself today and maintain myself. Don’t expect that such a report as this will be given again sometime in the future.

Obviously, the spiritual world and physical world are two different worlds. The task of revealing the secrets of the spiritual world can be permitted by a particular person and at a particular time. Therefore, don’t expect any more to come after this time. Spirit people are meant to live in the spiritual world, and earthly people are meant to live on the earth. Let’s become a person of today who lives life as an original self in the eternal happy position, through remembering today’s revealed facts deeply, holding tightly to them, and making them my own. I truly wish your life to be renewed by taking care of, polishing, and cleansing yourself to become an original self.

Of the seven deadly sins, theologians and philosophers reserve a special place for pride. Lust, envy, anger, greed, gluttony and sloth are all bad, the sages say, but pride is the deadliest of all, the root of all evil, and the beginning of sin.

Is unbelief the root of sin?

What is the root cause of all sins?

Every issue that we talked about had a root cause of sin. The ultimate result of sin is that we are then separated from God. If we continue in a life that is consumed in sin, which is any life apart from God, then we will face an eternity being separated from Him.

What does root mean in the Bible?

It has usually been assumed by the commentators that it does, and that the meaning common to both verbs (and also the words. for true and truth), that is to say, the root-meaning, is “to be. firm or sure”.1 Two questions immediately arise: (i) how do we.

What are the three root sins?

About the root sins (2:09) The first root sin: Pride (7:06) The second root sin: Vanity (8:13) The third root sin: Sensuality (9:18)

Can God forgive any sin?

In the Book of Matthew (12: 31-32), we read, “Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. This is not so much a punishment for the sinner as it is a fact about the sinner’s willful rejection of God’s grace.

Is doubt a sin?

The Bible is clear that when we doubt core Christian beliefs it does not please God. Hebrews 11:6 (New Living Translation) says as much, “And it is impossible to please God without faith. Doubt may very well be a sin, but it is NOT the unpardonable sin! In other words, just as my loving earthly father, Samuel J.

What is sin transgression of the law?

What are the three causes of sin?

If sin and crime are considered together there are three reasons for them. The first cause is shortage of physical and psychic pabula. The second one is non-utilization of over-accumulated physical and psychic pabula. The third one is stagnancy in the psychic and physical strata.

Is Jesus the root?

What do the roots symbolize?

Roots are almost always the symbol of stability. In pop culture, having roots in a community means that you are firmly established. Having roots in a place usually implies that you have blood relatives living in that area.

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The Root of Sin.

The Christian doctrine promotes, and St. Augustine cosigns, this pessimistic view that individuals are, «depraved sinners deserving of eternal damnation.» Like St. Augustine, the doctrines in Genesis, for me, are the easiest to believe. Without a doubt, all I need for validity is to observe the factors that currently influence me.

Psychology has its own spin on the origins of an individual’s original sin. Its definition is termed as, nature vs. nurture. According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, Nature vs. Nurture, is the term given to the relationship between the «relative influences of genetics versus the environment in the development of personality» («Nature vs. Nurture»). Augustine would say that neither the nature nor the nurturing of

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«The Root of Sin» 11 2012. 2012. 11 2012 <>.

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Also see, “What are the Seven Deadly Sins?

God created humans perfect and in His image with the capacity of free choice (Genesis 1:26, 27). Sadly, our parents (Adam and Eve) chose to disobey God. Thus, they allowed the sins of pride and selfishness to take root in their hearts as well (Genesis 3:6). God did His best to warn them of the danger (Genesis 2:16), but He could not intervene by stopping them or else He would have gone against the way He created them, with a free will. If God has stopped Adam and Eve, then humans would be mere robots.

God didn’t want to create robots or creatures without free choice (Joshua 24:15). God who is love (1 John 4:8) understood that only creatures with total freedom of choice could have a loving relationship with Him because there is no forcing in love.

Only Love would give free will to His creatures and run the risk of receiving the suffering that sin has brought to the Godhead. Only Love would be interested in gaining the cheerful voluntary service of those who were free to go their own way. And when sin came, only Love could have the patience and the will to devise a plan that would enable the universe to come to a full understanding of the basic facts in the great controversy between good and evil, and thus ensure against any further uprising of pride and selfishness.

Only Love could inspire the plan that would permit Christ to redeem the human race from the guilt and power of sin by His earthly life, death, and resurrection. By His very nature God was impelled to devise and carry out this amazing plan. “ For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). God Himself paid the heavy price of our redemption. “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13).

In His service,
BibleAsk Team

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