Top 5 Ways to Extract APK File of Any App on Your Android Phone


There are many ways to extract the APK  file from an Android Device. Some of them are as simple as copy-pasting a URL, while others require you to root your smartphone. But, why take a difficult route when there are simpler ones, right? So here are five simple ways to extract APK files from your Android smartphone and tablet.

But before we start, let us first understand the basics.

What is an APK File? Android application package file (or .apk in short) is a format we use to distribute software to Android. In simple words, APK is the program installer for Android. Just like what .exe is for Windows and .dmg for MacOS.

However, when you install any app from Play Store, you don’t see the actual APK file. Instead, the Play Store will do the installation internally without giving you access to the actual APK file. Much like installing apps from the App Store on macOS or Windows store on PC. But, if you install apps from outside Google Play Store, you’ll need the APK file.

You can use the APK file for several things such as:

1. Transfer apps to other Android devices that have no internet connectivity.

2. Take a backup of your favourite apps and store them on your computer.

3. Saving phone memory by taking a backup of less used apps. Whenever you want to use the app all you have to do is install them on your device. Once you are done using, you can uninstall the app.

4. Installing apps that are not available on Google Play. For instance, most Android tablets can run WhatsApp without any hitch. But you cannot download it from Play Store. Therefore, you have to install such apps directly using an APK file. The same is applicable to geo-restricted apps.

Extract APK File of Any App on Your Android

The logic is simple — take a backup of the apps. Now, by backup, I don’t mean to take a full backup (which also includes the app data) rather a regular backup, which will only include the APK file. Alternatively, you can also download APK from third party sources. We’ll cover both methods here.

APK Extractor

Before we move on to other apps and methods, I’m sure, most of you just need to extract APKs once or twice. Hence it doesn’t make sense to spend time and energy on apps on methods that have more features that you might never use. This app shows you a list of all apps installed on your phone, including system applications. All you have to do is tap and it’s saved.

The app also allows you to extract Split APKs which is great if you are looking to sideload to other platforms due to compatibility error or Play Store unavailability

Get APK Extractor

Using File Explorer

In Android you can easily backup all your apps using a free file manager app called File Explorer, a popular app to manage all your files and folders. If you haven’t already installed it.

Go ahead and download File Manager from Flashlight + Clock on Play Store. Once installed, launch it from the menu.

In the main screen, tap on the option “Apps.” This is where all the apps will be listed by File Explorer.

Now, tap and hold the app you want to backup. You can even select multiple apps if need be. After selecting, tap on the option “Backup” appearing at the bottom navbar.

This action will backup the selected apps, tap on the option “Open” to see the backed up apps.

This action will take you to the backup location on your Android device.

Using AirDroid

This is the best method if you want to store the APK on your computer. Since it’s a browser-based service, it is platform-independent and works on all platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, or anything else as long as you have a browser in it.

AirDroid is a free app that lets you manage your Android device using a computer’s browser. Other than that, you can also use it to take a backup of your installed apps.

Start by installing AirDroid from Google Play Store. After installing, open the app. It will ask you to Sign in, this is optional both your computer and Android are connected to the same WiFi Network. Else you will have to create a free Airdroid account. For this instance, I’ve my phone and computer on the same network, so I’ll tap on Skip option on the top right to bypass the sign-in process. Once done, give it all the necessary permission.

Type the displayed IP address in the computer’s address bar and press Enter to connect and open AirDrod on your computer.

Once connected, click on the “Apps” icon, select all the apps you want to back up to your computer and click on the “Download” button. As soon as you click on the button, AirDroid will extract the APK files of all the selected apps and downloads them to your computer as a single zip file.

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That’s it. It is that simple to extract APK from an app using AirDroid.

Extracting APK directly from Google play

Unlike other methods on this list which extracts the APK files directly from the installed apps on your Android device, this method lets you extract the APK directly from the Google Play Store.

To get the APK  file, go to this web tool, copy and paste the Google Play URL of the app and click on the button “Generate Download Link.”

As soon as you click on the button, the web app will fetch the APK  file and gives you the download link. Just click on it to download the APK  file.

Since it is fetching the APK file directly from Play Store, you don’t have to worry about infected files. However, you may face some problems on the website due to annoying pop-up ads. But overall, I am using this online tool for months and it always works flawlessly.

Download from Online Sources

How to Find APK Files on Android Phone

1. /data/app
2. /data/app-private
3. /system/app/

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We all need mobiles which can offer more than what it is made for.  Customization may be necessary by increasing the ROMs or updating apps and having access to unlimited features without any hassle. Thus Rooting helps in doing so by having access to the operating system of the Android Phone. It is kind of like a Jail break.

Top 8 Root APKs

KingoRoot Apk is software which is similar to vRoot and it is one of the highly effective app compare to other Rooting Softwares. KingoRoot Apk is considered to be one of the best software for rooting via Computer but it can also Root without PC.

1. KingoRoot Apk can unlock Hidden features.

2. It can speed up and increase the Android performance.

3. Helps in removing Advertisements which delay the work and cause problems.

4. KingoRoot Apk will increase the Privacy Guard in the phone.

5. Thus it also increases the battery life of the Phone.

a. Booting is much faster in KingoRoot Apk.

a. KingoRoot Apk is more considered for Rooting via PC compared to Android Rooting.

Z4Root Apk

Z4Root Apk is one of the oldest apps to Root Apk Android phones. If you have Android Phones which is Good leading brand then Z4Root Apk is the best app for you to use for Rooting Android Device.

1. Z4Root offers the product and service free of cost.

2. It is preferable on old devices also and doesn’t create any load on the device.

3. This software has highest success rate.

4. Z4Root is free of Advertisement so it is without any popup, etc.

5. The App is very easy to use and it doesn’t have any complex features.

a. It is one of the oldest and trusted Apps used for rooting Android Phones without PC.

b. Z4Root Apk works best on all devices of Samsung Galaxy.

c. It has recently started rooting via Android Phones.

a. Z4Root Apk doesn’t root all the devices. It roots only some devices.

b. There only limited updates available.

c. It has lengthy process that makes it a confusing way to Root mobiles.

IRoot Apk

iRoot Apk is the most popular and the best app to Root Android Phone without PC. It was first available in Chinese language but now it is available in English language also. iRoot Apk is very flexible and offers many updates.

1. To use this application one has to install the iRoot software on the computer then only it will work smoothly.

2. iRoot Apk gives a fast rooting option by giving the option of one click root.

3. iRoot Apk also a recovery root option to root the mobile instead by a normal mode.

4. After installing this application it can automatically start installing system cleaner, Chinese app store on the Android phone which can uninstalled later.

a. iRoot Apk is one of the flexible Root Apk app.

b. It gives more option and provides many updates.

c. By one click the app will be rooted without PC.

a. Rooting an Android phone will have to lose the warranty on their mobile.

b. Some of the updates will be stopped because of some modifications.

c. It can brick your Android Phone.

Root Master Apk

Root master is the first English Apk which can Root Android device without PC. If you find difficulty in rooting you Android device then this is recommended app to root device without any tension and it’s free to use.

1. Root Master apk can root android devices without computer.

2. It can speed up and increase the performance of the phone.

3. You can uninstall the application which is already installed in the phone.

4. The android device will be stable with no security threat.

a. Root Master Apk is a free app which helps in rooting devices without PC.

b. It is one of the effective methods to Root Devices.

a. It can brick and also spoil your Android phone.

b. Root master is not compatible with all the devices.

One click Root Apk

One Click root Apk is the fastest and safest Rooting software. It supports Thousands of Android Devices for Rooting Phone without PC. It is one click facility to root your Android Mobile. It provides free Wi-Fi tethering without paying any penny.

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1. In one click root Apk you can flash a Custom Kernel.

2. Free wifi wireless tethering available in one click root apk.

3. You can enjoy various hidden features such as attaching a play station controller, etc.

4. One click Apk can give an option of making changes in the skin of the Android phone.

5. Tired and sick of the preinstalled apps which just only consumes the space on the mobile then with the help of one click root apk you can uninstall such apps.

6. One click apk can back up the Android devices.

a. One Click Apk offers fastest way of rooting Android by just one click.

b. It offers Free Wi-Fi Tethering by avoiding costly fees charged by companies.

c. This Root Apk software helps in preserving battery life.

a. There are chances of some bugs and viruses in the software.

b. One Click apk doesn’t support HTC mobile.

King Root Apk

King Root Apk is one of the apps which give an option of one click features. This Root Apk software has simple steps without any confusion so it is very easy to use. It supports almost all the devices and King Root Apk has a high success rate in rooting the mobile.

1. It gives one click features of rooting a device instead of lengthy process.

2. Along with Application you will get one more app which is Purify app. Purify app is really great for the device to get optimized.

3. King Root Apk needs an Internet Connection.

a. It is one of the Popular Android App for rooting Devices.

b. KingRoot has simple steps in rooting devices.

c. It has one click feature so it is one of the fastest software in rooting the devices without PC.

a. By rooting the mobile you may loose the warranty of the mobile.

Towel Root Apk

Towel Root Apk is much more recommended for HTC Android phones because there are many root apps which doesn’t provide rooting for HTC mobile but this software is really preferable for rooting devices without PC.

1. Rooting the mobile is made very easy and removes all the lengthy process of rooting a Device.

2. By just tapping a button you can root your mobile.

3. You can root Android phone with PC and also without PC by downloading the Application on the phone.

a. It has highest success rates in successfully rooting an Android phone without PC.

b. It is also available for HTC mobile.

c. Towel Root Apk ensures security against Phone getting bricked.

a. There is a risk of Android phone getting bricked even though they ensured security against it.

b. It may install software which has potential in corrupting your phone.

Baidu Root Apk

Baidu Root Apk is compatible to more than 6000 Android phones and there is option in rooting the mobile via PC and also without PC. It offers easy and simple steps in rooting your Android phone.

1. The Baidu Root application supports Android 2.2 to 4.4 and also supports a number of devices.

2. This application will increase the speed and performance of the mobile.

3. It can uninstall the pre installed app which is been put in already in the Android device.

4. Baidu Root apk allows managing the Devices Memory usage.

5. This App ensures security and privacy concern on the mobile because it lets you directly manage your mobile.

a. It covers more than 6000 Android Phones.

b. Baidu Root Apk provides easy and simple steps in rooting the mobile.

c. It is also available in English language also if you don’t understand Mandarin.

a. It can also void your security issue with your Android Phone.

Are you looking to root your Android device with your PC or computer? Rooting your Android device can unlock new features, enhance performance, and provide greater customization options. However, to root your device, you’ll need to use specialized software. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best root software options to help you root your Android device with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned tech expert or a beginner, these root software options can help you get the most out of your Android device. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of rooting software for Android devices.

What Is Rooting an Android Device?

Rooting is a process that allows you to obtain complete rights over your Android device. Gaining root-level access or rooting enables you to customize the device as per your needs. By using a reliable root App for PC, you can unlock a varied range of features on your Android mobile.

There are situations when you experience storage space crunch in your mobile, but can’t get rid of unwanted pre-installed Apps. Rooting your Android device allows you to get the authority for removing pre-installed Apps and unlock more features in your device.

You can use rooting tools in two ways, i.e., with or without a PC depending on your convenience and what the device supports. Here we have gathered eight widely used android root software for PC and mobiles, which you can try.

8 Best Android Root Software for PC

iRoot is a free app that allows you to root your Android device without the need for a computer.

You can root your device without internet, once you download it.

Root Master is another popular rooting software that is easy to use and supports a wide range of Android devices. It is free to download and use and has a high success rate. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and it can root your device in just a few clicks. Like any other rooting application for Android mobiles, Root Master can help you get root access to the underlying software in your device. You get permission to customize your Android phone with this android root software for PC.

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Formerly known as Rescue, One Click Root has simple and crisp instructions. They have round the clock support to ensure the safe routing of Android devices.

King Root is one such root app for PC that can help you root your Android device. This is an easy-to-use tool for rooting your Android mobile.


Towel Root is one of the popular android root software for PC, available in the APK version. It is a one click solution for rooting Android devices. With Towel Root version v3 or above, you can unroot a device as well.

Baidu Root is a root software for PC, meant for Android devices. It supports Android devices with v2.2 and above. It is also a program that nicely manages memory usage of the device.

SRS Root

It is yet another android root software for PC, which has a good success rate in rooting your Android devices. Moreover, this rooting software for PC comes with a range of exploits for your needs. Let’s check out its pros and cons.

360 Root

360 Root app is the last on today’s list of best root software for PC but certainly not the least. 360 Root can root your Android device with just a simple click and claims to root 9000 Android devices. However, when testing carried out, it failed to root Xiaomi Mi 4, which was running on Android version 4.4, but yes, it worked well on other manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, etc.


In conclusion, rooting your Android device with the help of a PC or computer can be a great way to unleash the full potential of your device. The process may seem daunting at first, but with the right root software, it can be a quick and easy process. The 8 best root software listed in this article offer a range of features and benefits to help you root your device safely and easily. Whether you’re looking to customize your device or gain access to new features, these root software options are sure to meet your needs. So, why not give them a try and see what your Android device is truly capable of?

Fone — Data Recovery (Android)

Recover Deleted Files from Android Without Root

3981454 people have downloaded it

To get root access, finally, you make up your mind to root your phone or tablet, but get stuck on selecting the right one from lots of Android root tools? You don’t have to.

How do you root your phone?

Android rooting might cause data loss on your phone. Check out this Android backup software to take a full backup beforehand.

Best 4 Android Rooting Tool to Root Android with Computer

In this part, I recommend the best 5 root tools for Android, which enable us to root your phone or tablet from the computer easily and conveniently. If you failed to find the tool you need, you could also check the top 30 Android Root Apps in 2017. You can also get Security Apps for Mobile Phones after you root your Android phone.


Download URL:


SRSRoot is a little rooting software for Android. With it, you can root your Android phone or tablet, as well as remove root access of rooted Android devices with a single click. It’s free of charge and provides you with two ways to root. One is Root Device (All Methods) the other is Root Device (SmartRoot).

Download URL:

Root Genius

As its name suggests, Root Genius is a smart Android root software created in China. It makes Android rooting simple, easy, and fast.

Download URL:

Just like Root Genius, iRoot is another powerful root software created by Chinese people. Just one click, and you can be the master of your rooted Android phone or tablet.

Download URL:

Best 3 Root Apps for Android to Root Android without Computer

In this part, I recommend the best 3 Android root apps, which enable you to root your phone or tablet directly on your Android devices. So that you can root without PC easily.

SuperSU Pro Root App

Download SuperSU Pro from Google Play Store:

Superuser Root App

This rooted app for Android does almost the same as the SuperSU Android Root tool. With this app, you are going to get PIN protection for the fee, which is available after paying for it in the SuperSU.

This Android root app is a little heavy compared to SuperSU when it comes to CPU use. The interface was not that good when the beta version was launched, but the official version is fine and runs smoothly and root without PC. The developer of this app has announced that this app will always be free and no paid version will ever be launched.

Superuser X [L] Root App

It is an Android root app designed for experienced people, developers, newbies, or amateurs who are advised to stay away from this app. This app permits all the apps to access roots once the binary file gets installed. You can also remove this app after that. Hence, you won’t get any pop-ups asking for permission to access the root, those pop-ups might be irritating for you if you use plenty of rooted apps for Android. Using this app you can stay away from that irritation to root without PC freely.

Why Root Android?

Why you should root the Android phone?

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