Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices Техника
  1. 50 Best after-Root apps to add to Rooted Devices in 2019
  2. AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)
  3. Greenify
  4. Titanium Backup
  5. Adblock Plus
  6. SuperSu
  7. ADB Wireless
  8. Chainfire 3D
  9. Link2SD
  10. System App Remover
  11. Full!Screen
  12. Tasker (Paid App)
  13. AdAway
  14. 3C Toolbox
  15. FlashFire
  16. Root Call Blocker Pro
  17. WiFi Tethering
  18. Servicely
  19. Wakelock Detector
  20. Flashify
  21. LMT Launcher
  22. ES File Explorer
  23. Pimp My ROM Beta
  24. Battery Calibration
  25. Terminal Emulator
  26. SDFix
  27. BusyBox
  28. BetterBatteryStats (Paid App)
  29. Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)
  30. Easy DPI Changer
  31. Magisk
  32. DiskDigger Photo Recovery
  33. GLTools
  34. Solid Explorer File Manager
  35. (Backup & File Recovery App)
  36. Root Explorer (Paid App)
  37. SetCPU for Root Users (Paid App)
  38. XUI Mod Top
  39. DataSync
  40. ROM Toolbox
  41. Boot Animations for Superuser
  42. Device Control
  43. Quick Reboot
  44. Nandroid Manager
  45. FontFix
  46. Set DNS
  47. Magisk Manager
  48. The Top Rooting Apps & Software to Root Android Devices
  49. Iroot (formerly Vroot) Rooting Software
  50. Kingoapp Root [Roots with/Without Computer]
  51. How to Root any Android Phone with KingoRoot Tool
  52. SRS Root Software
  53. Framaroot (apk) App (Roots without PC)
  54. How to Root with FramaRoot Android APK Rooting Tool
  55. Tutorial on Rooting Android With or Without a Computer
  56. Unlock Root Program
  57. Root Master (apk that roots without Computer)
  58. How to Root Android Phones with Root Master APK
  59. How to Root Any Android with iSkysoft (Android Rooting) Toolbox
  60. Universal Androot (apk) Root Tool
  61. Easy rooting toolkit (apk) App
  62. Towel Root Apk Rooting Tool
  63. Baidu Root [Roots with/Without a Computer]
  64. Wondershare Mobilego Android Device Rooting Software
  65. TunesGo Rooting Software [not a 100% free Rooting Tool]
  66. Bonus Addiction (for MTK users)
  67. Super-Sume Pro
  68. Entropy
  69. Wrap Up
  70. ROM Manager
  71. GSam Battery Monitor
  72. Needs a Root Without PC App that isn’t Free?
  73. Best Root Apps for Rooted Android 2022
  74. Viper4 Android
  75. JamesDSP Manager
  76. AFWall+(Android Firewall+)
  77. App Ops – Permission Manager
  78. Swift Backup
  79. Contacts Sync
  80. Device Automation
  81. Total Commander
  82. App Manager
  83. CF Lumen
  84. Call Recorder (No Ads)
  85. Xposed Framework
  86. Naptime
  87. Viper4Android
  88. KSWEB
  89. FK Kernel Manager
  90. Присоединяйся к сообществу «Xakep. ru»!
  91. Are Rooting APKs Safe to Use in 2021?
  92. What More?
  93. Is it Advisable to Root Android Phones in 2021?
  94. Substratum and Synergy
  95. Wrap Up on the Best Software-apps to Root Android Devices
  96. A few things to Know About Rooting Android Devices in 2021
  97. Better Battery Stats
  98. DriveDroid
  99. Интернет и реклама

50 Best after-Root apps to add to Rooted Devices in 2019

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

It doesn’t really matter if you’re rocking a flagship device or managing a $10 Android phone, there’s an app to improve the functions in this list.

We carefully selected these apps based on our vast experience on Android rooting and how much time we’ve spent on several rooted devices.

Newer apps are featured in this list. This is in a bid to cater for some of our readers that are knowing about root apps this year (2017).

AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)

Except you’re new to the world of Android rooting, names like DroidWall and AFWall+ should be like a household name already.

While droidWall Android firewall app lets you improve your device’s data and battery life by controlling what app uses your 3G/Wi-fi Network and at what time, AFWall+ combines the features of droidwall along with several awesome functions.

You’ll be mixing a lot on your rooted device without this awesome app. The app is free to download and free to use.


Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Greenify is compatible with (almost) every Android phone out there in tech stores including entry-level ones and can be gotten free from Google play store.

Lucky Patcher is a fantastic root app for rooted Android phones and devices. Obviously an app like this can’t be allowed in Google play store, but that doesn’t stop it from functioning.

With Lucky Patcher root app, you can make online games offline, completely remove annoying ads in games and apps, h*ck In-app purchases, stop license verification, Disable bloatware & intrusive system apps, Convert your best apps to system apps (to avoid deletion) and many other functions.

We have used lucky patcher in many instances, some of which is for: removing ads from Sybla Tv app,  cr*cking subway surfers and temple run 2, among many other instances.

In fact, we created a text tutorial on how to use lucky patcher apk some two years ago. You can read all of it from or watch this cool video from WizTech that shows you how to do several games/app h*ack with Lucky Patcher root app.

As already stated, Lucky patcher app is not available in the Google PlayStore™ but the raw .apk file can be gotten from any of these links:-

Titanium Backup

It helps you backup every single piece of your data, including the system apps on your SD Card. You can even freeze this data with the pro version which can be gotten from the playstore market at $5.99.

Adblock Plus

Xposed framework lets you customize and tweak your Android devices like a geek without installing a custom ROM.

From GUI modification, font customization to custom look and fancy notification bar, you can practically tweak your devices like you’d normally do with a custom ROM install.


Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

SuperSu is not only an excellent management tool, it is best known for being ad-free. Unlike the generic root managers, it doesn’t show you constantly annoying pop-ups.

There is the free and premium version of SuperSU app, all available on Google play store.

ADB Wireless

ADB Wireless root app lets you connect wirelessly with desktop apps such as Android PC suits and device managers that requires ADB connection to work.

It is free on Google play store and works by connecting to the network’s IP address. ADB Wireless root app can come in handy for devices sharing the same network with their PCs.

Chainfire 3D

Chainfire 3D is an open graphics library. It adds, or say boosts existing functionalities in your device. Technically speaking, it filters out and decides what is to be shown on the screen.

So consequently it helps you play games or run apps that may require slightly higher configuration than that of your phone.


Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Link2SD is not a strange name to most of our readers. This is because we’ve used it for some of our tutorials on how to increase the internal memory of Android devices.

Quite a few times, you don’t have the access to move an app to the SD Card. This makes the situation even worse when you are running low on internal memory.

Link2SD gives you the access to make changes on the internal data. They even offer you the auto clear cache service when you buy Link2SD Plus from the PlayStore™. It’s one of the best after-root app to install on Android devices.

System App Remover

Bloatware, promo apps and online apps directory install is the bane of most cheap Android OEMs. Even top Android OEMs aren’t left out in this Bloatware madness.

This is where System App remover comes in to deal with those apps you’d never need or haven’t ever used since the day you bought your phone.

System App Remover is much like Link2SD, but primarily used for uninstalling system apps. It is free and can be download from Google play store link here.


Are you using an old Android Tablet with v4.4 in it? Good, this app is for you. With the help of Full!Screen you can hide the system sidebar of your tablet. Basically, it is an alternative to the default system sidebar which can be customized, or say; ‘can be hidden’.

However, the app is limited to kernels older than v4.0, but still has been downloaded over  half a million times.

Tasker (Paid App)

Tasker is an automation app. You can use it to automate every app in your device, (both  system apps as well as the market apps).

It basically allows you to create a list of tasks and then the app executes those tasks. It has been downloaded over a million times on the Android Playstore and comes with a price as low as $1.99.


AdAway is an open source after-root app that filters out ads in your device. Somehow, the app was removed from Google PlayStore™.

3C Toolbox

What if an app replaces multiple managers like task manager, CPU manager, etc. with a simple manager that does it all?

3C Toolbox provides you an interface to manage possible kinds of settings in your phone. Developed by 3c, it has received somewhere between half a million to one million downloads on the PlayStore™.


Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

FlashFire is a flasher for a rooted Android device. It can flash full firmware packages from most of the manufacturers.

It is a free app and can be gotten from the play store link here.

Root Call Blocker Pro

Even though purify app can be installed on non-rooted devices, the full functions can only be enjoyed largely on rooted phones and/or tablet devices.

It comes with the auto-purify feature that lets you automate the task of killing buggy background apps, thereby, improving your phone’s performance and battery life.

WiFi Tethering

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

It is a significant app for the older devices that don’t have in-built hotspot functionality. This app can be downloaded from the playstore link here.


Servicely provides you an interface where you can manage or select apps which you want to sleep/hibernate after your screen times out.

This way, it prevents those nasty news/messenger apps that keep pushing notifications even after your phone sleeps, hence, sucking down the phone’s battery.

Servicely (download here) doesn’t require any significant permission other than root access.

Wakelock Detector

A lot of apps, known as wake lock apps are those apps that don’t let your phone sleep and keep the display on. This way they make a serious damage to the battery.

Wakelock Detector detects those many apps and notifies you about them. This can be a great tool to stop battery drainage. However, the app works not only on rooted devices, as it can be used on normal devices as well.


Flashify is also a flasher tool. It is just an alternative to FlashFire. It flashes boot and recovery, zip files, and other types of device data.

The app is free for up-to three flashes a day. However, you can buy its premium version to avoid this limitation.

LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher is a gesture-based tool that launches a command (maybe an app or a page) when performed the assigned single/multi-touch gesture on the screen.

ES File Explorer

Other than these features, it is built-in with many other great features such as cache cleaner, auto-start manager, etc.

While the free version of ES File Explorer can be very annoying with ads, the premium version removes such limitation. They can all be gotten from this playstore link.

Pimp My ROM Beta

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Pimp My ROM is a personalization app that comes with built-in mods that uses your device’s root access to toggle android features, do multitasking, etc.

It helps you to fully personalize every system app in your device. It bypasses your task manager, modifies display density, and makes the device better than ever before.

Battery Calibration

Battery Calibration is an app that prepares a data and use it to tell you about your device’s battery.

To calibrate, you’d need to charge it to 100%, then press the ‘Calibrate’ button and after this, you have to unplug the charger.

This way the app learns and prepares data about the battery usage and then gives you more in-depth information about it.

Terminal Emulator

If you use or have used Linux, macOS, or similar operating systems (OS), you would have seen a built-in app called ‘Terminal’.

That’s the app most programmers uses to compile the codes or to make changes on the disk drives. Terminal Emulator is a great app that serves you as a pocket-terminal.

You just have to install it in a rooted Android device and then get access to the built-in Linux command shell.

Below is a detailed tutorial on how to use Android terminal emulator to do various tweaks on rooted devices.


The devices launched with Android v4.4 or newer versions have sealed the ability to write files on the microSD card. SDFix, developed by NetApp, Inc. solves this problems by restoring this access.

However, this is a powerful app that is to be handled with care since it makes changes on the configuration file.


Additionally, it can be used to create flashable ZIP files as well as create shell scripts. This is the link to download BusyBox for rooted Android devices.

In every Android device, there exists a file called build.prop that stores all the system information about the device.

With BuildProp Editor, you can make certain changes in the file to suit your configuration preferences. BuildProp Editor has in-app purchases of about $1-2.

BetterBatteryStats (Paid App)

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

BetterBattertStats is an open-source battery analyzer that spots and prepares a database of overall battery usage.

It is much like Servicely or similar apps, but definitely worth a try. Here’s the link to buy BetterBatteryStats.

Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)

Also an open-source. Kernel Adiutor is a monitoring app. It monitors things like BuildProp, Flashes and Backups, minfree settings, CPU, virtual memory, init.d, etc.

Easy DPI Changer

DPI stands for ‘Dots Per Inches’ which is basically the screen density of your device. It works on all the Android devices that have v4.3 or up and are rooted.

With Easy DPI changer, you can change and reset DPI, padding, resolution, etc. The app requires correct values of DPI; else it may soft-brick.


It can completely keep the root out of any app’s sight, and this turns out to be a great feature. For example, you can’t play Pokémon Go on a rooted device but a device rooted with Magisk manager can hide the root from Pokémon Go and make it workable.

Дополнительно:  Как исправить клавишу Shift, не работающую на вашем компьютере - Кард-ОИЛ

For Magisk download Link and Resources, check out their thread at XDA forum or download directly from

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

DiskDigger can recover deleted or lost photos or videos from the device’s internal memory or an SD Card. After recovery, the files can be directly uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud storage services.

However, it is a safe app that can also be installed over an unrooted Android, but the features would be limited only to photos and that too not as deeper as it works in a rooted device.


GLTools is a GFX optimiser, or say an alternative to Chainfire 3D. It gives you full control over your device’s GPU features.

It works well on various Android devices, including high-end and low-end Android phones and/or tablet devices.

Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer is a file/data encryption platform that works on both rooted (with full features, including the root manager) as well as unrooted devices.

It uses the fingerprint sensor access in order to improve the encryption level. However, it works fine even on devices without any fingerprint sensor (with the help of password/PIN protection).

The app offers a free trial of 2 weeks, and then you can buy the premium version for a small fee.

(Backup & File Recovery App)

Dumpster, although works with unrooted devices, is best for rooted phones. It lets you create a trashcan for your Android devices.

This way, accidental deletion of files becomes a thing never to be worried about. Apart from acting as a trashcan, Dumpster just like DiskDigger can be used for file backup and data recovery purposes.

It has been download somewhere between ten to fifty million times on the Google PlayStore™ and can be gotten from this link.

Root Explorer (Paid App)

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Root Explorer is a premium file management application for rooted devices. It is priced at $3.99 and comes with the most coveted Android file management features. Some of these includes and not limited to:

SetCPU for Root Users (Paid App)

Developed by SetCPU, Inc., SetCPU is a tool that gives you access to change CPU settings of your rooted Android device.

The app can be used to improve the CPU performance, its multitasking ability and a lot more. It goes for just $2 on Google playstore and works with most rooted devices including older kernels.

XUI Mod Top

XUI Mod Top is a collection of advanced widgets that can be used to customize your Android phone’s UI to a better, highly personalized version. Some of the features to customize with XUI Mod top root app includes:

Direct download Link:

41. GMD GestureControl

This app uses the multi-touch and multi-tasking features of your Android devices. For example, you can swipe four fingers right to re-open the previous application. You can even create your own set of commands in the form of gestures.

The app is developed by Good Mood Droid and is categorized under Tools in Google PlayStore™. There is the free (lite) and premium ($5.55) version of the app. We advice you test the free version first before trying out the pro.


Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

DataSync is also integrated with various cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Google drive, and box app. It has the free (beta) and a premium version that goes for $2.7.

ROM Toolbox

As the name suggests, the app helps you unleash almost all the features of your rooted Android phone. It is best known and used for installing more than one ROM to the device. You can even change the boot logo of the device.

It requires permission to make contact and SMS backups in your phone, apart from the root access.

Boot Animations for Superuser

From the developers of BuildProp Editor, BusyBox, and ROM Toolbox — JRummy Apps, Boot Animations is another popular after-root app that helps you customize or change the existing brand animation to a new one.

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Hosts Editor is an open-source host manager that lets you edit the /system/etc/hosts. The app comes without promotional ads and is useful for testing an app on a specific sever using its IP.

Device Control

With Device control root app, You can change screen color temperature, reduce CPU and power uses, GPU frequencies, and etc. It can also be used as an app manager, CPU and battery monitoring app.

Quick Reboot

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Quick Reboot has the compilation of all the advanced reboot options. With this app, you don’t need to give terminal commands in order to enter advanced reboot modes.

Quick Reboot has a built-in widget and recently, they have made their premium version a freeware. So Quick Reboot PRO be installed to any rooted device free of any charges.

Nandroid Manager

Nandroid Manager creates packets of data called ‘nandroids’. Then with the help of this app, you can backup, delete, compress, rename, or flash these data packets.

Apart from the root access, it requires an app called BusyBox (PlayStore™ link and app discussed above) to work correctly.


FontFix lets you get access to change the system font of your Android phone or tablet device from over 4,300 fonts types available from the app’s menu.

Even though rooting is compulsory for using FontFix on most of Android devices, it can be used without root access on devices that support FlipFont (e.g., most Samsung, HTC devices). The app works on Android versions 4.0 or later and can be downloaded from this PlayStore™ link here.


Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Set DNS helps you use the custom Nameservers on 3G/4G/WiFi, or other networks which can eventually speed up your browsing speed.

It is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. With this app, you can choose to use Google DNS servers, openDNS and/or any other DNS service you choose.

There is the free and premium version of Set DNS app and both can be gotten from Google play store.

Magisk Manager

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Magisk is one of the most popular and powerful root apps. It’s also relatively new. Its big function is allowing you to hide root very effectively. That lets you do things like watch Netflix or play Pokemon Go while rooted. It has a variety of other functions, including modules that add even more functionality. It’s a real must-have root app. It’s not longer available on Google Play. Thus, you’ll have to pick up the APK from XDA-Developers. The app is also in active development. That means it gets new features, designs, and fixes fairly frequently.

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Migrate is one of the newer root apps on the list. It’s a ROM migration tool. You basically back-up a bunch of data, including apps, app data, call logs, SMS, and other bits of information. The app creates a flashable zip file. You flash a new ROM and then the flashable zip afterward. You boot up and it’s like you never left after a final installation period. This one is still very new. In fact, it’s still in beta. However, this takes a lot of the setup process out of installing a new ROM. It also works with Magisk (in fact, the developer recommends it). The app is currently free with no in-app purchases or ads for now.

Это приложение будет эффективно для тех, кто заботится о состоянии аккумулятора своего устройства. Оно нужно для того, чтобы самостоятельно управлять частотой процессора Андроид. Если вы беспокоитесь о том, что ваш телефон или планшет быстро разряжается, возможно, вам требуется как раз уменьшить эту частоту. Это несколько снизит производительность, но для обычных функций она и не требуется. А если вам потребуется запустить тяжелую программу или игру, то частоту можно будет вновь увеличить.

Используйте утилиту SetCPU осторожно. Неумелое обращение может привести к тому, что у процессора вашего устройства произойдёт перегрузка, и тогда он просто выйдет из строя.

Создание профилей для различных задач

Экономит заряд батареи

Предоставляет информацию об устройстве

Много рекламы в бесплатной версии

Эта утилита станет хорошим помощником для тех, кто постоянно имеет дело с тяжелыми файлами и папками. Например, для геймеров, которым нужно перенести большие игры на внешний носитель – SD карту.

Дело в том, что операционная система Андроид выставляет пользователям некоторые ограничения. Так, например, она не позволит перенести на съемные носители программы, которые уже установлены на устройство – их хранение по умолчанию возможно лишь во внутренней памяти.

И для того, чтобы обойти это ограничение, поможет приложение Link2SD. Она работает через создание ссылок (по ним будет доступны перемещенные файлы) и как бы обманывает систему, заставляя ее поверить, что они все еще находятся на устройстве.

Переносит приложения на карту памяти

Пакетная обработка приложений

Очистка от вирусов

The Top Rooting Apps & Software to Root Android Devices

These top free rooting software and APKs (apps) below will root your Android phones and tablet devices within a few minutes. They’re the best in the business of rooting Android devices.

Iroot (formerly Vroot) Rooting Software

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

This is the best software for rooting any android phone, judging from the wide range of coverage and deep support for older operating systems, I will lightly advise you to try it first before the other ones in this list.

Vroot for PC software is a top tool for rooting/unrooting Android phones or devices. It can root almost all android devices running on 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich),  4.2 (Jelly Bean), 4.4.2, and newer Operating Systems (OS).

The vRoot software was recently re-branded and code-named iRoot, the latest version of the app can be downloaded from here, while the older version that was used for this rooting guide can be gotten from the mirror site where we uploaded it.

We already have a detailed page that shows you how to use the vRoot software root method and the basic tips to use computer programs for rooting android. You can read up the vRoot guide here or continue with the other rooting methods below.

Kingoapp Root [Roots with/Without Computer]

kingoapp root software solution is just as effective as Vroot, although I have recorded more success with the former, I still rate it as highly as any other one-click root android software.

kingoroot android PC version is a big player among the best computer software to root and unroot any android phone. It works seamlessly with all major brands of Android phones, tablets, and other devices.

Kingo root app works best for computers that are connected to the internet. It is required that your computer remains connected to the internet before launching the kingo root software. Click the to root the connected device once the kingo root software has detected it.

How to Root any Android Phone with KingoRoot Tool

The super alternative is the kingoroot apk that works seamlessly on most Android tabs. You can download kingoroot apk to your SD card, and launch it to complete the root process.

SRS Root Software

SRSRoot software solution was one of my favorite for rooting android devices before Vroot came to the scene. Although I haven’t used it for a while now, I can still recommend it for persons that didn’t have success with the previous two.

Download Link:

Framaroot (apk) App (Roots without PC)

Framaroot instant root apk is the best app so far for rooting and unrooting android without a computer.  It has support for even the latest android operating system (OS).

A wide range of successes have been recorded already with this little miracle-app; even newer devices such as Samsung Galaxy, nexus devices, Tecno R7, Nokia XL android, Huawei Ascend, and several others have been rooted with the Framaroot apk app.

For all tested devices and the exploits used, refer to Note also that Tecno, Gionee, iTel, infinix, Micromax, and most MTK based phones will normally use the Barahir exploit.

How to Root with FramaRoot Android APK Rooting Tool

KingRoot is a potent rooting tool just as iRoot and KingoRoot apps. The software is light-weighted and worked flawlessly on some selected models of MTK devices we used for testing out their performance and reliability.

Their latest version supports a wide range of devices (as opined by some of our other editors) including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Sony Xperia droid devices. We hope to keep testing this app for a possible stand-alone review as soon as we can.

Tutorial on Rooting Android With or Without a Computer

Download the English version of the root software from here or search Google for KingRoot Apk to download the root without the PC version.

New Update!, the latest version of the KingRoot tool (for the new Android version) has gained support for almost all popular Android devices running on the 5.1 Operating System (and newer). It is now a top one-click root for PC software.

Unlock Root Program

I had success with this awesome rooting program in the past but can’t vouch for it now since it isn’t fully available for free any longer.

You should be thinking of it as an alternative only when the Vroot and/or kingoapp root software solutions fail to root your device.

We’ll test the app on newer devices in our care to see what max Android OS version it can root comfortably and how well it works for MTK powered smartphones.

Download Link: Unlock root program can be downloaded from

Root Master (apk that roots without Computer)

Root Master will root your phone or devices without the need for a computer, you should think of it as an alternative only where Framaroot fails.

Дополнительно:  Почему на ноутбуке или компьютере не работает мышка?

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

It is a good rooting tool for a lot of android phones and devices. The latest English version of this rooting app has been tested to work with Tecno, Samsung, Gionee, iTel, and other popular Android OEM brands.

Reading the how-to root guide for the app below will guide you towards rooting your android devices effortlessly with the root master application.

How to Root Android Phones with Root Master APK

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

iSkysoft Android device rooting software is a solid PC android management tool that can be deployed for rooting android 6.0.1, Android 7.0 Nougat, and other tougher Android phone versions (with unlockable bootloader).

The iSkysoft rooting toolbox is a risk-free and 100% secured rooting software from iSkysoft. It claims to be able to root over 7,000 different Android devices, but we’ve tested it on three devices only.

How to Root Any Android with iSkysoft (Android Rooting) Toolbox

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Universal Androot (apk) Root Tool

Universal Androot is a popular systemless root for Android devices. It lets you root several android devices without the need for a computer. There are several versions of the Universal Androot app, but we do recommend that you use the latest version of Androot APK, depending on the Android device you’d like to try out the app on.

To download the latest version of Universal Androot, Google search with the “Universal Androot latest version download” keyword.

Note: The section below would come in handy for those willing to experiment with their device’s rooting with a few more harmless apps. These tools were tested on few Android devices before being listed here (as we hardly mention or recommend apps on 3rd Planet Techies without trying them out on our gadgets first).

Easy rooting toolkit (apk) App

Easy rooting toolkit; an app developed by DooMLoRD can root most Android phones without a PC. It lets you get root access to older devices in seconds and works flawlessly on rooting most tablet devices.

Download Link:

Towel Root Apk Rooting Tool

Towel root is a mobile app that lets one gain root access on Android devices without connecting to the PC. It works for most devices and can be downloaded with the phone’s default browser.

Baidu Root [Roots with/Without a Computer]

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Baidu Root is a Chinese rooting app developed by Baidu Inc, a leading Chinese internet company that’s headquartered in Beijing, China.

It has support for over 6,000 models of Android devices and lets one root either directly from his phone or by connecting to a computer that has the Baidu root software installed in it.

Wondershare Mobilego Android Device Rooting Software

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Root Genius is a top rooting tool/software that is similar to KingRoot and works the same way as the other root android with PC software listed above. You can download the latest version of it from and give us feedback if you were able to root your phone with it.

It is indeed a top root app to root android without a computer and works exactly as mobileGo rooting tool. Root genius works well by not installing too many unwanted apps like the iRoot app referenced in #1 above does.

TunesGo Rooting Software [not a 100% free Rooting Tool]

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Bonus Addiction (for MTK users)

Mobileuncle MTK tools is an advanced root app for MTK devices. It lets you get into Engineering mode, view CDS and radio information, change Android IMEI, Check your Device Info, Sensor, Battery and lots of other functions.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to fix invalid IMEI or change Android IMEI number completely with Mobileuncle MTK tools.

Super-Sume Pro

It was developed by gatesjunior, for the purpose of replacing the traditional managers that pushes constant popups with a clean access manager, called SuperSU.


Basically, entropy is the measurement of randomness. The apps running in the background constantly increases the randomness. You can monitor the entropy with the help of Entropy app.

Wrap Up

Knowing that Android devices in 2009 is quite different from what we have now in 2019, We’re going to update this post from time to time.

ROM Manager

Это приложение является помощником для тех пользователей, которых интересует оптимизация прошивки устройства. Менеджер отслеживает обновления и подскажет, есть ли для вашего ПО новые нестандартные версии. Также с помощью этой утилиты можно установить уже установленные апгрейды, а также создать рекавери на случай, если с вашими экспериментами что-то пойдет не так, и потребуется откат к более ранним настройкам.

Поиск обновленных прошивок

Создание точек восстановления

Инструменты для резервного копирования

Большая часть функций — платная

GSam Battery Monitor

Price: Free / $2.49

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Позволяет удалить встроенные приложения

Пакетное удаление приложений

Удаление приложений «В одно касание»

Удобная сортировка приложений

Needs a Root Without PC App that isn’t Free?

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Using paid apps for something as simple as rooting is something I’d hardly encourage. But then, there is the option for a premium app.

This would come in handy for DIY-phobic readers that prefer a paid option. One-click root apk lets one root Android phones and/or devices with ease.

The learning curves necessary for someone that’s new to Android rooting can be bypassed with this service. They take you by the hand (VIP support) to fix challenges with rooting when their app fails to root your device.

To use their paid rooting solution, simply subscribe to their services by downloading the free rooting apk from

Эта утилита нужна для того, чтобы быстро изменить параметры и свойства любых файлов на вашем устройстве. С ее помощью вы сможете повысить производительность своего Андроид устройства.

Упрощает работу с системными приложениями

Простота в использовании

Этот менеджер нужен для того, чтобы работать с различными файлами на телефоне – теми, которые уже на нем находятся, и теми, которые вы хотите загрузить дополнительно. Он сможет открыть сжатые документы, устанавливать определенную категорию прав доступа (например, только на чтение, или на запись и выполнение) и работать с data-папками.

Поддержка сжатых файлов

Работа с группами пользователей

Доступ к любым файлам

Отправка файлов по Bluetooth и в интернет

Best Root Apps for Rooted Android 2022

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

The Magisk Manager is a 100% open-source and one of the best root apps for Android and is fully supported on all Google platforms. Comparing Magisk with SuperSU, the Magisk is known to have better features and is slowly becoming the primary choice for every custom ROM developer.

In addition to granting permissions, you can also hide your Android root using the Magisk Manager by making specific applications behave as non-rooted device. Using Magisk Manager, you run all banking apps, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and various other applications that usually won’t run on a rooted device.

Features of Magisk Manager:

Download Magisk Manager

Viper4 Android

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

For example, the Viper4 Android allows native call recording for every OnePlus device running OxygenOS. In addition, using the Viper, you can easily fix malfunctioning Magisk modules that have an overlay conflict with the magisk mount.

Features of Viper4Android:

Download Viper4 Android

JamesDSP Manager

Features of JamesDSP Manager:

Download JamesDSP Manager

AFWall+(Android Firewall+)

Designed explicitly for the tables Linux firewall, the Android Firewall+ is one of the best custom root application that lets you restrict applications that have access to your mobile data. In addition, the AFWall+ lets you control and regulate the Internet traffic within the LAN or when connected via a VPN. The AFWall+ is completely free and open-source software application that is easier to install and extremely straightforward to use.

Features of AFWall+:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Features of AdAway:

App Ops – Permission Manager

As the name suggests, the App Ops is a custom root application that lets you control, restrict, and regulate apps that have direct access to your phone’s data. Using App Ops, you can tweak every individual application’s permission settings at your convenience.

Features of App Ops:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Swift Backup

This is one of the best root apps to backup all your essential applications and app data. In addition, you can also choose to restore your data using Swift Backup. With Swift Backup, all it takes are a few minutes to backup all your important, and you can fix the same backed up data within minutes. With Swift Backup, you can easily backup your APK files, SMS, Call Logs, Applied Wallpapers, and so on.

Features of Swift Backup:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Contacts Sync

This custom root application uses root to automatically sync your contact’s address book along with high-quality contact photos. You can choose which contacts you want to sync and can also choose to leave the ones you do not wish to.

Note that you need to have a ROOTED device in order to use this root application for Android and access its features altogether. Using Contacts Sync, you can get photos directly from folders and then personally align them with every contact in your address book.

Features of Contacts Sync:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Device Automation

Moreover, you can use this root application for Android to better optimize your workflow. For example, the MacroDroid will help you switch on your WiFi when near your house, turn on your Bluetooth and start playing music.

Features of MacroDroid:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Total Commander

The Total Commander is an Android alternative to the inbuilt File Manager that comes with your phone. It works best on rooted devices. If your device is rooted, your phone automatically grants permission to Total Commander to write files to the system. In addition, the Total Commander comes with dozens of utility features that come in handy for everyone who depends on their phones every day.

Features of Total Commander:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

This custom root for Android features a unique combination of powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux Package Collection. Using termux, you can easily organize, categorize, manage your files and edit them accordingly with nano, vim, or emacs.

Also, the termux comes with dozens of unique features that let you run text-based games using frotz. Here, you can insert Python scripts for enumeration, footprinting purposes and run them from your devices.

Features of Termux:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

App Manager

Similar to its name, the app manager makes it easier to manage and control apps on your android device. At times, it might take us multiple steps just to make an app work or find the right app for the job. With this app, you get all the utility apps under a single bracket which can largely save you from the hassle of finding and installing apps from the Play Store. The app manager is a custom root application for android that sports dozens of features such.

Features of App Manager:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

CF Lumen

The CF Lumen is one of the most intriguing root applications for android solely for its creativity. The CF lumen automatically adjusts and adapts the colors on your Android device based on the position of the sun or custom configuration.

For example, your phone will have a blue background at sunrise, whereas the tone will automatically change to black or red at sundown. This custom root application for Android works best for Android 5 and above. Similarly, you have the option to change the filters for an enhanced experience.

Features of CF Lumen:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Call Recorder (No Ads)

The Call Recorder is a custom root application for Android. Using the call recorder, you can automatically record your phone calls, voice memo, lectures, interviews, and so on.

Similarly, you can save these recordings into any folder of your choosing, either in your phone or SD card. This is a pure lightweight app without any unnecessary bloating and is ultimately ad free.

Features of Call Recorder:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

The FlashFire is a custom and the most advanced firmware for flashing on rooted Android devices. Using this custom root application for Android, you can flash complete firmware packages from multiple sources and various manufacturers. In addition, you can also apply OTA updates while maintaining a full root and without having the need to access a custom recovery.

You can store all the relevant files on your phone’s internal storage, whereas you can opt for the SD Card for storing extra files. However, ensure that you exercise extreme caution when accessing this custom root application for Android, as even the slightest mistake can cause you to lose all your important data altogether.

Features of FlashFire:

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

ROM Toolbox for Android – Best Root Apps for Android

ROM Toolbox has been featured on LifeHacker, XDA-Developers, Droid-Life, Android Central, RootzWiki, Android Police, DroidForums and other popular sites. ROM Toolbox has one of the highest ratings in the top 100 paid apps. ROM Toolbox combines apps like Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, SetCPU, MetaMorph, Autorun Manager, Terminal Emulator, Scripter, SD Boost, BuildProp Editor, Font Installer, Boot Animations & many more apps into an all-in-one app!

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Its a good application to make your Android device more faster & smooth by hibernating the background apps that you don’t use. This increases the battery life of your phone. This application is free.

Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in an unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground, similar to iOS apps!

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Xposed Framework

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Android Xposed Framework and Installer

Xposed Framework has replaced installing ROMs for many as the default root experience. Modules are created inside of the framework by many developers that do various things like theming, UI and performance tweaks, visual modification, button remapping, and much, much more. Xposed Modules can be a tad difficult to find sometimes depending on your device but there are plenty of universal ones that you can use and enjoy.

Дополнительно:  0x000000EA - Ошибки "STOP" или "Синий экран смерти" - СофтФорум - всё о компьютерах и не только

Download Xposed Framework

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Titanium Backup – best root Apps for Android

If you have rooted your device, it is obviously because you are into customization and want your device based according to your needs. Well, Titanium Backup is an app which will lets you do all the customizations and tweaks you want to do to your device without any fear of damaging it or soft-bricking it.

There is also a paid version of the app which allows to backup everything with a SINGLE CLICK. You don’t need to specify anything. It does everything for you.

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

DiskDigger Android App – Best Root apps for Android

Ever by mistake deleted an important file or it got corrupted? And there is no way that you can think of to get it back? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. DiskDigger – a popular recovery software that undeletes and recovers your lost/corrupted files – in now available for Android. No need to worry about files getting corrupted now, you have this great app to save you. Although the free version of the app offers recovery of only images and videos, you can upgrade to the pro version to recover other files besides images and videos.

This app does not need a rooted device to work, but there are more chances to recover a file if the device is rooted. Also, you will be able to recover your images in high quality if you have a rooted device. There are limitations which cannot be avoided. The app works more efficiently and flawlessly on rooted devices. The pro version of the app costs only $14.99 full-time. You don’t have to pay a single penny after that.

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

SDFix is a system modifier tool that helps those running Kit Kat and Lollipop overcome the dreaded locked-down SD card problem. I have personally tested this on a Note 3 running both Kit Kat and Lollipop as well as an HTC One M9, NVIDIA Shield Tablet, and Nexus 5 all running Lollipop. This makes your SD card useful and takes away the limitations placed on other apps like file browsers. It’s definitely worth a shot if you are afflicted with this issue. It’s also absurdly easy to use. Open it, hit go, wait a few seconds, and then uninstall the app.

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices


Price: Free / Up to $12.99

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Viper4Android is an audio modification tool that gives you untold amounts of control over how your audio sounds coming out of the speakers, out of Bluetooth devices, and out of your headphones. It comes with its own audio driver, an equalizer, tons of effects that allow you to control how your audio sounds, and a lot more. It’s a complicated install process and you’ll need to go to the official XDA thread for downloads and instructions, but this is as good as it gets when it comes to audio modifications on Android.


С помощью этой утилиты вы сможете создать собственный веб-сервер на основе вашего устройства с операционной системой Андроид. Все функции по его запуску, определению параметров и поддержке будут доступны прямо на телефоне. Это отличный инструмент для начинающих и профессиональных разработчиков, который помогает управлять сервером из любой точки мира и без доступа к компьютеру.

PHP в твоем кармане

Поддержка баз данных

Не требует root

Поддержка распространенных CMS

5-дневный бесплатный период

Проблемы с платными периодами

Price: Free / Up to $13.99

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

FK Kernel Manager

Price: $3.49 with optional in-app purchases

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Присоединяйся к сообществу «Xakep. ru»!

Членство в сообществе в течение указанного срока откроет тебе доступ ко ВСЕМ материалам «Хакера», позволит скачивать выпуски в PDF, отключит рекламу на сайте и увеличит личную накопительную скидку!

На некоторых версиях Андроид (как правило, этот КитКат и Лоллипоп – да, нас тоже забавляют названия операционной системы, вдохновленные сладостями) встречается проблема с неожиданной блокировкой SD-карты. И если такой сбой случается, то пользователь далеко не всегда даже успевает понять, что, собственно, случилось. Но если внешний носитель оказывается заблокированным, то мы теряем доступ ко всем файлам, которые на нем хранятся.

Чтобы справиться с этой ошибкой, мы рекомендуем установить приложение SDFix. Его главная функция – устранение сбоя в работе SD-карты, что, собственно, можно понять из названия утилиты. Пользоваться ей очень просто, и каких-то особенных навыков это не требует. Нужно просто установиться SDFix на телефон, поменять необходимые параметры, подождать три-пять секунд и перезапустить устройства. Ошибка должна быть устранена.

Устранение сбоев при работе с SD-накопителем

Are Rooting APKs Safe to Use in 2021?

Well, the answer to this question is simple; rooting APKs from a trusted source is safe while the ones from questionable sources are unsafe.

One good thing about Android is the active community of developers and private/independent contributors. Unsafe rooting APKs hardly outlive one month before they are discovered and shamed by the hard-working Android developers.

All in all, it is advisable to use only Android rooting APKs from trusted sources. Read online reviews about new rooting APKs or opt for their PC software version to root your new phones or tablet devices.

What More?

You have seen our list of best root without PC apk for rooting android phones and tablets. I’d like to remind you that you can look up Google by entering “root apk name + device model + download” in the search bar to download APK files right for rooting your device model.

Update on Best 12 Root W/O PC Apps.

This list was updated now to include the KingRoot android rooting apk, the latest in our list of useful root without PC Android applications.

We also included some other rooting tools that help one get root access on Android phones without using a desktop. At the moment, we are testing iSkysoft Toolbox – Android Root function, and how well it works for rooting android 6.0.1, Android 7.0 Nougat, and other tougher Android phone models. Once we confirm it as a top rooting toolbox to get root access on Android without a computer, we’ll create a detailed guide for it.

Для современных пользователей очень важно регулярно копировать свои данные на внешние устройства или облачные сервисы. Это нужно для того, чтобы не потерять что-то важное в случае внезапной технической поломки или отсутствия доступа – ведь сейчас мы очень много важной информации храним на телефонах и компьютерах.

Для того, чтобы эффективно создавать бэкап-образы своих устройств, подойдет приложение Titanium Backup. Оно позволит создавать регулярные резервные копии всей нужной вам информации, находящейся на устройстве. С его помощью также можно управлять своим софтом и данными, сортируя их и отправляя в архив, а также окончательно удаляя ненужные.

У приложения есть базовая и премиальная версия. Оплатив подписку, вы получите доступ к продвинутым функциям, но для обычных пользователей они нужны далеко не всегда, и вполне возможно, что вы сможете получить все нужные опции в бесплатном варианте.

Встроенный менеджер приложений

Перемещение любого приложение на SD карту

Самое необходимое в бесплатной версии

Платный расширенный функционал

Есть причины, по которым смартфоны и планшеты Андроид держат заряд куда меньше, чем техника от компании Apple. В первую очередь, это связано с тем, что у Андроид-устройств целый набор приложений постоянно работают в фоновом режиме. И производительность системы можно повысить, если отправлять все ненужное в спящий режим. В этом поможет утилита Servicely (альтернатива Greenify, который мы описывали выше). Так вы сможете поддерживать телефон или планшет в максимально эффективном режиме, а также продлевать работу аккумулятора.

Экономит заряд батареи, закрывая фоновые приложения

Позволяет отключить любое приложение

Блокирует запуск фоновых процессов

Для работы приложения необходимы права root

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Xposed Framework has replaced installing ROMs for many as the default root experience. Modules are created inside of the framework by many developers that do various things like theming, UI and performance tweaks, visual modification, button remapping, and much, much more. Modules can be a tad difficult to find sometimes depending on your device but there are plenty of universal ones that you can use and enjoy. Magisk Manager kind of usurped Xposed as the must-have root app for mobile. However, you can install Xposed as a Magisk module so it doesn’t really matter either way. Additionally, Xposed works better for older versions of Android rather than newer ones.

Is it Advisable to Root Android Phones in 2021?

Well, the answer to this is no and yes.

And yes because developers need rooting to enjoy their Android phones and devices. Popular root apps like Lucky patcher, Xposed Framework, System App Remover, and the rest of them need root access to work properly.

Это универсальное приложение, которое поможет вам управлять сложными параметрами Андроид-устройства. У 3C Toolbox есть целый набор функций для комплексной настройки. Например, с его помощью вы сможете и отрегулировать работу процессора, и снизить нагрузку на аккумулятор, и установить приоритетный доступ к беспроводным сетям, и даже сделать резервное копирование всех важных данных.

Мониторинг аппаратной части

Работа с файлами

Мониторинг состояния батареи

Мониторинг и настройка ЦП

Substratum and Synergy

Price: Free / Varies

Next on our list is a very useful root app called Tasker. This powerful application can make your phone do pretty much anything you want. It’s a vague description but an accurate one because the only limit is your imagination. Many of the functions don’t need root permissions. It does add some functionality if you have it, though. It’s a great application, especially for tinkerers and those who have unusual needs for their smartphones. Do beware, though, because the learning curve is rather steep. It’s useful with or without root. You can also use this one for free if you use Google Play Pass.

Wrap Up on the Best Software-apps to Root Android Devices

Well, the simple steps to root with the android app or the PC has been outlined for you: Once again, it starts by preparing your device for rooting.

And after preparing your phone/device for rooting, you’d need to decide whether to go with the method of using a computer (best if you have one) or by installing a root apk app on your device. Either way, these rooting apps and software methods should be able to grant root access to your Android devices and let you use any app that’s meant for a rooted android device. Also, you should be able to unroot them when the need arises.

Note: For most devices, rooting preparation includes custom ROM, unlocking bootloader, fixing grub bootloader, working with android SDK, custom recovery, phone’s bootloader, and lots of technical jargon, while most devices would get root permission by simply adding the root apk or plugging it to the root software interface.

Note: It is important to understand what rooting an android device means, and what it does to your device before attempting to use supersu app or any of these android root tools. Note also that for most manufacturers, a rooted phone will lose its warranty as soon as it’s rooted.

A few things to Know About Rooting Android Devices in 2021

Is there any Sense in Rooting Android Phone these days?

Is Rooting Android a Safe Practice?

Are there Risks Associated with Rooting in 2019/2020?

Is Root Without PC Apps Safe to Use on Newer Devices?

Irrespective of a newer or older device, using a malicious “root without PC” app is one way to expose your phone to multiple security risks. I’ll recommend only trusted root apps that are downloaded from their official websites for such. Always do a full ROM backup before trying any root app you aren’t sure about.

Better Battery Stats

Эта утилита полезна для того, чтобы узнать все подробности о работе аккумулятора вашего устройства. Она отобразит вам всю информацию о том, какие факторы влияют на производительность батареи. Так вы увидите, на что у вас тратится энергии больше всего, и сможете оптимизировать работу смартфона или планшета.

Например, вы можете убрать приложения, которые потребляют большое количество заряда вашей батареи, а также отправить в спящий режим те программы, которые часто не закрываются полностью и продолжать потихоньку себе работать, пока вы заняты другими делами.

Настройка процессов для экономии заряда

Поддержка работы с root

Подробные инструкции о производителя по работе с root

Сложности в использовании для неподготовленного пользователя


Большинство из нас привыкли пользоваться компьютерами с операционной системой Виндоус, поэтому другая ОС – Linux, часто вызывает наше любопытство. Утилита DriveDroid для смартфонов Андроид превратит ваше устройство в загрузочный диск Линукса! Так вы сможете попробовать новую операционную систему и будете иметь аварийный «диск» под рукой, который пригодится при аварийной ситуации на вашем компьютере.

Превращает смартфон в загрузочную флешку Linux

Мультизагрузочное устройство, которое всегда с собой

Более 30 дистрибутивов Linux на выбор

Расширенный функционал в платной версии

Интернет и реклама

Пожалуй, самая наболевшая проблема всех пользователей смартфонов — ограничение использования интернета и борьба с рекламой.

AFWall+ — это брандмауэр. Блокировать разрешается любой софт, включая системные процессы вроде adb, drm и ota update. Таким образом, можно оставить доступ к интернету только одному приложению, например Opera Mini, или отрезать доступ к Сети отдельным приложениям, которым интернет нужен только для показа рекламы и слива пользовательских данных.

AdAway не умеет блокировать рекламу в YouTube. Для этой цели можно использовать модуль Xposed YouTube AdAway.

Ну и последнее приложение в этом разделе — RouterNet. Это Wi-Fi-репитер. Используя Wi-Fi Direct, приложение создает сеть Wi-Fi, которая получает интернет от другой сети Wi-Fi (как режим WISP на роутере), позволяя покрыть интернетом «слепые» зоны. Из-за особенностей работы приложения поддерживается только WPA2.

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