Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices



The App runs at the background silently allowing you some serenity and enables you to set up multiple calls and SMS reject methods and SMS auto-replies.

While rooting is not the key here for running this app, however doing it this way will boost its performance. This app is basically the recycle bin, where the accidentally deleted files can be brought back to the device using the app. Also, it can restore all types of files and there is no bar to the number of files that can be restored.

Dumpster: Photo/Video Recovery

Dumpster: Photo/Video Recovery

This chainfire’sApp is a boot animation that uses root permissions to display the logcat and dmesg on the screens when booting the android device. It enables you to configure the logcat levels to display or not the dmesg, and the number of coding lines and also gives the option of color coding and overlaying it on the top of the boot animation.

[root] LiveBoot

[root] LiveBoot

App2SD Pro allows moving apps to the SD card with root. Also, the app includes moving the APK, odex, lib, dex, internal data, external data and more. It includes support for adoptable storage, app remover, Busybox installer, a terminal emulator, and other useful tools.It is free with advertising and really works well for devices with less internal storage.

App2SD Pro: All in One Tool [R

App2SD Pro: All in One Tool [R

  1. The Top Rooting Apps & Software to Root Android Devices
  2. 1. Iroot (formerly Vroot) Rooting Software
  3. 2. kingoapp Root [Roots with/Without Computer]
  4. How to Root any Android Phone with KingoRoot Tool
  5. 3. SRS Root Software
  6. 4. Framaroot (apk) App (Roots without PC)
  7. How to Root with FramaRoot Android APK Rooting Tool
  8. 5. KingRoot [Roots With or Without a PC]
  9. Tutorial on Rooting Android With or Without a Computer
  10. 6. Unlock Root Program
  11. 7. Root Master (apk that roots without Computer)
  12. How to Root Android Phones with Root Master APK
  13. 8. iSkysoft Rooting Toolbox
  14. How to Root Any Android with iSkysoft (Android Rooting) Toolbox
  15. 9. Universal Androot (apk) Root Tool
  16. 10. Easy rooting toolkit (apk) App
  17. 11. Towel Root Apk Rooting Tool
  18. 12. Baidu Root [Roots with/Without a Computer]
  19. 13. Wondershare Mobilego Android Device Rooting Software
  20. How to Root Android Phones with Wondershare Mobilego
  21. 14. Root Genius
  22. 15. TunesGo Rooting Software [not a 100% free Rooting Tool]
  23. SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool
  24. Servers Ultimate Pro
  25. System App Remover
  26. List of the discontinued apps
  27. 1.1. GMD Gesture Control
  28. 1.2. Wakelock Detector
  29. 1.3. Quick Reboot
  30. 1.4. GMD GestureControl Lite
  31. 1.5. Device Control
  32. 1.6. ES File Explorer
  33. ROM Toolbox Lite
  34. AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)
  35. DPI Changer
  36. Top apps to install after rooting your Android with KingoRoot
  37. Titanium Backup — The Most Powerful Backup Tool for Android Device
  38. Greenify — Keep your device as smooth and lasting as in the first day
  39. Root Explorer — The Most Powerful File Manager for Rooted Android Device
  40. Root Browser — Another Ultimate File Manager on Rooted Android
  41. System App Remover — A Useful Tool to Uninstall the Bloatwares for Android Device
  42. ROM Manager — The Tool Allows the Users to Flash Custom ROMS
  43. Device Control — An all-in-one application to control your device parameters.
  44. Smart Booster — Fast One Click Cache Cleaner for Android
  45. Smart Booster
  46. Lucky Patcher
  47. Are Rooting APKs Safe to Use in 2021?
  48. What More?
  49. Server + PHP + MySQL
  50. SmartPack-Kernel Manager (ROOT)
  51. Best Top 5 Root Tools to Safely Gain Root Access for Your Android Devices
  52. 1. KingoRoot
  53. 2. Xposed Installer
  54. 3. Magisk
  55. 4. KingRoot
  56. 5. OneClickRoot
  57. KingoRoot on Windows
  58. KingoRoot for Android
  59. Top Posts
  60. Titanium Backup
  61. Boot Animations
  62. The 12 Rooting APK to Root Android Without a Computer
  63. 1. vRoot APK [now iRoot APK]
  64. 2. Kingoapp APK
  65. 3. Framaroot APK
  66. a Video Tutorial on How to Root Android Without a PC [Framaroot Method]
  67. 4. Universal Androot APK
  68. 5. Easy rooting toolkit (APK) or WeakSauce
  69. 6. Towel root apk
  70. 7. Baidu Root Apk
  71. 8. KingRoot APK
  72. 9. Ping pong root APK
  73. 10. CF-Auto-Root
  74. 11/12: One Click Root and iskysoft Rooting tool
  75. Wrap Up on the Best Software-apps to Root Android Devices
  76. A few things to Know About Rooting Android Devices in 2021
  77. Substratum theme engine
  78. HEBF Optimiser
  79. Kernel Adiutor
  80. Bonus Addiction (for MTK users)
  81. 1. Mobileuncle MTK tools
  82. 2. Super-Sume Pro
  83. 3. Entropy
  84. Wrap Up
  85. Root Checker
  86. Needs a Root Without PC App that isn’t Free?
  87. 3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro
  88. Permission Ruler
  89. YouTube Vanced
  90. Migrate – Custom ROM data backup
  91. Preparing to Root your Android Devices
  92. Is it Advisable to Root Android Phones in 2021?
  93. Terminal Emulator
  94. 50 Best after-Root apps to add to Rooted Devices in 2019
  95. 1. AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)
  96. 2. Greenify
  97. 3.
  98. 4. Titanium Backup
  99. 5. Adblock Plus
  100. 6. Xposed Framework
  101. 7. SuperSu
  102. 8. ADB Wireless
  103. 9. Chainfire 3D
  104. 10. Link2SD
  105. 11. System App Remover
  106. 12. Full!Screen
  107. 13. Tasker (Paid App)
  108. 14. AdAway
  109. 15. 3C Toolbox
  110. 15. FlashFire
  111. 16. Root Call Blocker Pro
  112. 17. Purify (Speed and Battery Saver)
  113. 18. WiFi Tethering
  114. 19. Servicely
  115. 20. Wakelock Detector
  116. 21. Flashify
  117. 22. LMT Launcher
  118. 23. ES File Explorer
  119. 24. Pimp My ROM Beta
  120. 25. Battery Calibration
  121. 26. Terminal Emulator
  122. 27. SDFix
  123. 28. BusyBox
  124. 29. BuildProp Editor
  125. 30. BetterBatteryStats (Paid App)
  126. 31. Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)
  127. 32. Easy DPI Changer
  128. 33. Magisk
  129. 34. DiskDigger Photo Recovery
  130. 35. GLTools
  131. 36. Solid Explorer File Manager
  132. 37. Dumpster: (Backup & File Recovery App)
  133. 38. Root Explorer (Paid App)
  134. 39. SetCPU for Root Users (Paid App)
  135. 40. XUI Mod Top
  136. 42. DataSync
  137. 43. ROM Toolbox
  138. 44. Boot Animations for Superuser
  139. 45. Hosts Editor
  140. 46. Device Control
  141. 47. Quick Reboot
  142. 48. Nandroid Manager
  143. 49. FontFix
  144. 50. Set DNS
  145. Bouncer Android app
  146. Root Explorer
  147. 3C Toolbox
  148. BuildProp Editor
  149. Franco Kernel Manager
  150. Solid Explorer
  151. Disk Digger
  152. Naptime – the original battery saver
  153. Amplify- Battery Extender

The Top Rooting Apps & Software to Root Android Devices

These top free rooting software and APKs (apps) below will root your Android phones and tablet devices within a few minutes. They’re the best in the business of rooting Android devices.

1. Iroot (formerly Vroot) Rooting Software

how to root android with a software

This is the best software for rooting any android phone, judging from the wide range of coverage and deep support for older operating systems, I will lightly advise you to try it first before the other ones in this list.

Vroot for PC software is a top tool for rooting/unrooting Android phones or devices. It can root almost all android devices running on 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich),  4.2 (Jelly Bean), 4.4.2, and newer Operating Systems (OS).

The vRoot software was recently re-branded and code-named iRoot, the latest version of the app can be downloaded from here, while the older version that was used for this rooting guide can be gotten from the mirror site where we uploaded it.

We already have a detailed page that shows you how to use the vRoot software root method and the basic tips to use computer programs for rooting android. You can read up the vRoot guide here or continue with the other rooting methods below.

2. kingoapp Root [Roots with/Without Computer]

kingoapp root software solution is just as effective as Vroot, although I have recorded more success with the former, I still rate it as highly as any other one-click root android software.

kingoroot android PC version is a big player among the best computer software to root and unroot any android phone. It works seamlessly with all major brands of Android phones, tablets, and other devices.

Kingo root app works best for computers that are connected to the internet. It is required that your computer remains connected to the internet before launching the kingo root software. Click the to root the connected device once the kingo root software has detected it.

How to Root any Android Phone with KingoRoot Tool

  • Download the latest version of Kingoapp from here or from the mirror website at
  • Ensure that your phone or computer is connected to the internet.
  • Install the Kingoapp or rooting software (depending on if you are rooting with or without the PC).
  • Launch from the home screen icon and click on the root button command to get root access.
  • Use the root checker app (linked above) to confirm that your phone is now rooted fully.

The super alternative is the kingoroot apk that works seamlessly on most Android tabs. You can download kingoroot apk to your SD card, and launch it to complete the root process.

3. SRS Root Software

SRSRoot software solution was one of my favorite for rooting android devices before Vroot came to the scene. Although I haven’t used it for a while now, I can still recommend it for persons that didn’t have success with the previous two.


4. Framaroot (apk) App (Roots without PC)

Framaroot instant root apk is the best app so far for rooting and unrooting android without a computer.  It has support for even the latest android operating system (OS).

Rooting and unrooting with Framaroot is as easy as installing the app ==>launching the same ==> and choosing from the list of available rooting exploits.

A wide range of successes have been recorded already with this little miracle-app; even newer devices such as Samsung Galaxy, nexus devices, Tecno R7, Nokia XL android, Huawei Ascend, and several others have been rooted with the Framaroot apk app.

For all tested devices and the exploits used, refer to Note also that Tecno, Gionee, iTel, infinix, Micromax, and most MTK based phones will normally use the Barahir exploit.

How to Root with FramaRoot Android APK Rooting Tool

  • Download the latest version of framaroot apk from here.
  • Send it to your phone or device (if downloaded with a PC) and make sure that the apk is in your phone’s memory.
  • Install the framaroot app (after enabling unknown sources for your device).
  • Launch the app from your home screen icon and select the install superuser option present on the app’s screen.
  • Select an Exploit (List of exploit methods for device and processor types would be listed at the end of this guide to serve as a pointer in helping you select the best exploit for your phone) and complete the actions.
  • Wait for the Success, SU binary, and superuser installed message that confirms that your phone is now rooted.
  • Restart the device and launch the rooter checker to re-confirm your phone is rooted completely.

5. KingRoot [Roots With or Without a PC]

KingRoot is a potent rooting tool just as iRoot and KingoRoot apps. The software is light-weighted and worked flawlessly on some selected models of MTK devices we used for testing out their performance and reliability.

Their latest version supports a wide range of devices (as opined by some of our other editors) including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Sony Xperia droid devices. We hope to keep testing this app for a possible stand-alone review as soon as we can.

Tutorial on Rooting Android With or Without a Computer

To root with KingRoot software or app, all you’d need to do is ==>

Download the English version of the root software from here or search Google for KingRoot Apk to download the root without the PC version.

==> Hit the corresponding download button from the download options and ==> complete the rooting process from the GUI of the app. Install the root checker app to confirm that your device is now completely rooted.

New Update!, the latest version of the KingRoot tool (for the new Android version) has gained support for almost all popular Android devices running on the 5.1 Operating System (and newer). It is now a top one-click root for PC software.

6. Unlock Root Program

I had success with this awesome rooting program in the past but can’t vouch for it now since it isn’t fully available for free any longer.

You should be thinking of it as an alternative only when the Vroot and/or kingoapp root software solutions fail to root your device.

We’ll test the app on newer devices in our care to see what max Android OS version it can root comfortably and how well it works for MTK powered smartphones.

Download Link: Unlock root program can be downloaded from

7. Root Master (apk that roots without Computer)

Root Master will root your phone or devices without the need for a computer, you should think of it as an alternative only where Framaroot fails.

root master apk rooting guide

It is a good rooting tool for a lot of android phones and devices. The latest English version of this rooting app has been tested to work with Tecno, Samsung, Gionee, iTel, and other popular Android OEM brands.

Reading the how-to root guide for the app below will guide you towards rooting your android devices effortlessly with the root master application.

How to Root Android Phones with Root Master APK

  • Download Rootmaster APK android application from here.
  • Install the application and launch it from the home icon.
  • Click on the Tap to Root option and wait for the rooting tool to perform its magic.
  • Wait for the success message after your device might have restarted severally.
  • Install the root checker app (linked above) to confirm if your android device is now completely rooted.
  • Delete the raw APK file after rooting confirmation to save space.

8. iSkysoft Rooting Toolbox

iSkysoft rooting guide

iSkysoft Android device rooting software is a solid PC android management tool that can be deployed for rooting android 6.0.1, Android 7.0 Nougat, and other tougher Android phone versions (with unlockable bootloader). 

The iSkysoft rooting toolbox is a risk-free and 100% secured rooting software from iSkysoft. It claims to be able to root over 7,000 different Android devices, but we’ve tested it on three devices only.

How to Root Any Android with iSkysoft (Android Rooting) Toolbox

iSkysoft Rooting Tutorial 2019

  • Install the official version of iSkysoft Toolbox for Android by downloading it from here.
  • Launch iSkysoft Toolbox by clicking on the desktop icon or via the taskbar shortcut.
  • From the options displayed; locate ==> Root and click on it.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone or tablet device and connect it to your PC.
  • Allow iSkysoft Toolbox to detect your device and find a proper package to root it correctly.
  • Wait for the phone to reboot as many times as possible until the rooting task is completed.

9. Universal Androot (apk) Root Tool

Universal Androot is a popular systemless root for Android devices. It lets you root several android devices without the need for a computer. There are several versions of the Universal Androot app, but we do recommend that you use the latest version of Androot APK, depending on the Android device you’d like to try out the app on.

To download the latest version of Universal Androot, Google search with the “Universal Androot latest version download” keyword.

Note: The section below would come in handy for those willing to experiment with their device’s rooting with a few more harmless apps. These tools were tested on few Android devices before being listed here (as we hardly mention or recommend apps on 3rd Planet Techies without trying them out on our gadgets first).

10. Easy rooting toolkit (apk) App

Easy rooting toolkit; an app developed by DooMLoRD can root most Android phones without a PC. It lets you get root access to older devices in seconds and works flawlessly on rooting most tablet devices.

Download Link:

11. Towel Root Apk Rooting Tool

Towel root is a mobile app that lets one gain root access on Android devices without connecting to the PC. It works for most devices and can be downloaded with the phone’s default browser.

12. Baidu Root [Roots with/Without a Computer]

how to root any android with baidu rooting tool

Baidu Root is a Chinese rooting app developed by Baidu Inc, a leading Chinese internet company that’s headquartered in Beijing, China.

It has support for over 6,000 models of Android devices and lets one root either directly from his phone or by connecting to a computer that has the Baidu root software installed in it.

13. Wondershare Mobilego Android Device Rooting Software

How to Root Android Phones with Wondershare Mobilego

  • Install the proper USB support (ADB) drivers for your phone using the link mentioned in the ‘preparing to root‘ section above.
  • Download and install Wondershare MobileGo from the mobilego review post here.
  • Launch the app and connect your android phone to the PC (after the USB debugging option must have been enabled)
  • Allow wondershare mobilego to detect your device (while still running on the 16 days trial version, ie. assuming you don’t intend to buy a licensed version of the software)
  • Locate the button and click on it to root your device

14. Root Genius

RootGenius is a top rooting tool

Root Genius is a top rooting tool/software that is similar to KingRoot and works the same way as the other root android with PC software listed above. You can download the latest version of it from and give us feedback if you were able to root your phone with it.

It is indeed a top root app to root android without a computer and works exactly as mobileGo rooting tool. Root genius works well by not installing too many unwanted apps like the iRoot app referenced in #1 above does.

15. TunesGo Rooting Software [not a 100% free Rooting Tool]

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

Designed to free up space on the internal storage or SD Card by searching the widowed files and folders left by the uninstalled applications, the SD Maid is a perfect storage maintenance app for those who run out of space. Upon all, it also doubles as a file manager.

SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool

Servers Ultimate Pro

The App is serviceable without rooting and comes with various networking tools to maintain the custom servers.

Servers Ultimate Pro

Servers Ultimate Pro

System App Remover

Are you familiar with the part where you don’t have any more space in your low RAM phone, and you wish if you could uninstall the system apps which you don’t even use, at least some of them? There are some apps which are not really required and end up taking more RAM then the other apps. You have a solution now! This app let’s you remove all the bloatware and all the system app you want to remove so that you get free space and your mobile becomes a bit faster than before.

Дополнительно:  Как исправить ошибку 0x000000C4 после обновления в Windows 7

System app remover (root neede

System app remover (root neede

List of the discontinued apps

These discontinued apps are no longer available in the Google Play Store or any other development platform. These are of no use now, but you may still want to know them? Check below!

1.1. GMD Gesture Control

GMD Gesture Control is your basic rooted app that can turn your Android into very smart gesture recognizing agent. Yes, you can have access to numerous apps and folders just with simple gestures fitted into your Android Smartphone. Sounds amazing right? Well, we can certainly say cheers to such an amazing Android rooted app that makes accessing certain applications an easy feat. Create some patterns and gestures according to your liking with the GMD Gesture Control. Not only is it time-saving but it also makes sure that you have an easy access to the important files and applications on your phone.

1.2. Wakelock Detector

Ever thought why your phone keeps waking up even when you turn it off? This is because some of the apps which run in the background don’t let it go to sleep. Well, now you’ve some options. With this app, you can run tests on your phone to check those particular apps that are running in the background and not letting your phone to turn off! It might save you a lot of battery life as the unwanted background apps take battery life, the most of it. You can run the app and know everything about the how long the app has been running and how much battery life has been gone etc.

1.3. Quick Reboot

1.4. GMD GestureControl Lite

Those with the multi-touch gestures capable devices can add more functionality and custom gestures using GMD Gesture Control.

1.5. Device Control

This is another one of those amazing root apps for Android that will have your phone functioning in the best way possible. One look at the app and you know that the services are absolutely reliable and efficient. With the help of the features of Device Control, you will be able to control the way your device works. Handle the hardware issues of your phone in the best way with this app with the amazing Device Control. The amazing features of the app allow you to configure the GPU and the CPU frequencies in the best way possible.

1.6. ES File Explorer

It is another tool for the people who want to flash most of the things such as the ROM and the stock ROM of various mobile phones. This app is really a nice app as you can flash most of the things such as ROM which is custom and other file formats like ZIP and CWM. You can also back up the whole device. It automatically makes it flash for you and lets you restore back to kernel and you can then recover using an SD card. This app comes free. But limited to three free flashes per day. You can also buy the paid version for better experience always.

ROM Toolbox Lite

Certainly, you are aware of the amazing customization options that are provided by the ROM of an OS. But it certainly takes a techno genius to figure out the whole finishing procedure of the ROM Installation. Well, no longer as we have a solution for that. And that is the time when you need a savior app that would do all the dirty work for you. Do we need to explain the significance of the ROM Toolbox any further? With the help of the amazing app, you will be able to easily make sure that your ROM installation is properly finished.

AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)

AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)

AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)

DPI Changer

Ever heard of the term DPI? More commonly known as the Pixels per inch, this particular measure tells you about the actual quality of your phone’s display. And to change or improve it, you can take the assistance of the DPI changer. Never has been the changing of the visual quality this easier. XDA format induced DPI Changer is one of the best apps that you will find on your Android phone. No wonder people are so crazy about it. The amazing features that it provides are simply the best at what they do. Change your visual experience with the amazing DPI Changer.

Easy DPI Changer [Root]

Easy DPI Changer [Root]

Top apps to install after rooting your Android with KingoRoot

Titanium BackupThe Most Powerful Backup Tool for Android Device

Get Titanium Backup on Google Play

GreenifyKeep your device as smooth and lasting as in the first day

Greenify (by Oasis Feng) has been featured as LifeHacker’s Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best Android Apps and Android Authority’s Top 3 Best Root Apps. Available on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, Greenify is able to hibernate background apps so that to boost your battery life by hours.

Get Greenify on Google Play

Root ExplorerThe Most Powerful File Manager for Rooted Android Device

Root Explorer (by Speed Software ) is a powerful file manager, which has both lite and paid versions on Google Play. By using Root Explorer, you will have full control over all folders and files on your Android and you are able to open, copy, delete, move, rename, create shortcut, archive and perform many other actions. It also supports Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services.

Get Root Explorer on Google Play

Root BrowserAnother Ultimate File Manager on Rooted Android

Similarly to Root Explorer, Root Browser (by JRummy Apps Inc.) is also a very powerful file manager for rooted Android devices. Despithe similarities, Root Browser is free for the advanced features. You can support the developer by purchasing its donate-version by $0.99.

Get Root Browser on Google Play

System App RemoverA Useful Tool to Uninstall the Bloatwares for Android Device

Get System App Remover on Google Play

ROM Manager — The Tool Allows the Users to Flash Custom ROMS

ROM Manager is used to flash custom ROMS wihout losing the phone’s functionality. This app makes it easy to change the ROMS and experience the new version of android through the simple interface provided. It helps you manage recoveries, ROMs and kernels. It’s the one that help you to rule them all. ROM Manager can keep track of recoveries, ROMs and kernels when you get into them.

Get ROM Manager on Google Play

Device Control — An all-in-one application to control your device parameters.

Device Control is a system tweaking and device monitoring app. It makes use of the elevated permissions of a rooted device to control the processor’s frequency, screen colors, input voltages and some other extra features like Tasker, App Manager, Editors, Entropy Generator, Wireless Filemanager and more.

Get Device Control on Google Play

Smart Booster — Fast One Click Cache Cleaner for Android

Smart Booster is an application that helps you deal with the phone’s sluggish issue. It works by clear out unwanted usage occupied by background apps and can provide more RAM space to increase the performance of your device.

Get  Smart Booster on Google Play

Smart Booster

Cleaning the phone cache or memory can be a task sometimes, especially when you’re pone is going all slow in the meantime. Enter, the amazing Smart Booster, your solution to boosting your phone in an effective and efficient way. Well, this is something that only a top-level rooted app can do. Smart Booster is known as one of the most popular and the best rooted Android apps in all time. Making your phone incredibly faster with its features, the amazing Smart Booster will comprise of some of the best and the most amazing features, just for you.

Smart Booster - Free Cleaner

Smart Booster - Free Cleaner

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is basically a really famous app for, as this app uses this term, “Patching” the applications what this means it you can remove all the unnecessary ads from the games you play and the apps that you use and also you can access most of the apps which have the in-app purchases.

Basically it does everything for free within a few minutes. You can see the effect of this app shortly after you’re done installing it. If there’s any game or any app from which you want to remove the apps it can be done really easily and it works well in rooted devices.

Are Rooting APKs Safe to Use in 2021?

Well, the answer to this question is simple; rooting APKs from a trusted source is safe while the ones from questionable sources are unsafe.

One good thing about Android is the active community of developers and private/independent contributors. Unsafe rooting APKs hardly outlive one month before they are discovered and shamed by the hard-working Android developers.

All in all, it is advisable to use only Android rooting APKs from trusted sources. Read online reviews about new rooting APKs or opt for their PC software version to root your new phones or tablet devices.

What More?

You have seen our list of best root without PC apk for rooting android phones and tablets. I’d like to remind you that you can look up Google by entering “root apk name + device model + download” in the search bar to download APK files right for rooting your device model.

Update on Best 12 Root W/O PC Apps.

This list was updated now to include the KingRoot android rooting apk, the latest in our list of useful root without PC Android applications.

We also included some other rooting tools that help one get root access on Android phones without using a desktop. At the moment, we are testing iSkysoft Toolbox – Android Root function, and how well it works for rooting android 6.0.1, Android 7.0 Nougat, and other tougher Android phone models. Once we confirm it as a top rooting toolbox to get root access on Android without a computer, we’ll create a detailed guide for it.

Server + PHP + MySQL

KSWEB: web developer kit

KSWEB: web developer kit

SmartPack-Kernel Manager (ROOT)

SmartPack-Kernel Manager is the modified version of Kernel Adiutor developed by Willi Ye. It has all the functionalities of Kernel Audiutor, with additional tweaks, which requires BusyBox to be installed (especially, ‘unzip’ & ‘mke2fs’ binaries for auto-flashing & ‘curl’ or ‘wget’ binary for kernel OTA updates). Most of the features in SmartPack-kernel Manager need kernel-level support. It’s a free app, but you can upgrade to Pro version to unlock hidden features.

SmartPack-Kernel Manager

SmartPack-Kernel Manager

Best Top 5 Root Tools to Safely Gain Root Access for Your Android Devices

1. KingoRoot

KingoRoot is one of the best free root apps for your Android. KingoRoot provides both PC version and and APK version for your device. It enables you to get root access for your phone and table in one-click. It supports Android devices including HTC, Vivo, Sony, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG and so on running Android 2.3 up to Android 10.

Free Download KingoRoot

2. Xposed Installer

Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. That’s great because it means that modules can work for different versions and even ROMs without any changes (as long as the original code was not changed too much). It’s also easy to undo.

Feature of Xposed Installer: Xposed Installer only works with root access on Android 4.0.3 up to Android 4.4.

Free Download Xposed Installer

3. Magisk

Magisk like the root tools above is one of the free root tools can Root Android 2.2-4.4 mainstream models. Magisk is a systemless rooting system. This basically means that you can modify your phone’s system without making any changes to the core code.

Strengths: It can support many models running android 4.2+. It can also hide root with Magisk Manager.

Free Download Magisk

4. KingRoot

KingRoot is another free root app for Android. Like KingoRoot, it offers both PC version and APK version to one-click root your smartphone. It is easy and efficient to root your Android device.

Strengths: It can support various of models running android 2.3+ to Android 10. Weekness: You are required to pay a small amount of $39.95 to root one device. If you have two devices to root you just need to pay $49.95 and three devices can be rooted by $59.95.

Free Download KingoRoot

5. OneClickRoot

Strengths: Whether you’re rooting, unrooting, or repairing Android, OneClockRoot will not damage your device or your data in any way. Weekness: It is not free for rooting. You may need to pay for your rooting and it can support Android 5.0 and above.

Free Download OneClickRoot

KingoRoot on Windows

KingoRoot Android on Windows has the highest success rate. It supports almost any Android device and version.

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

KingoRoot for Android

KingoRoot for Android is the most convenient and powerful apk root tool. Root any Android device and version without connecting to PC.

Top 50 Best After-root Apps for Rooted Android Devices

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Titanium Backup

Backing up data is really important nowadays because you never know when you can lose valuable data. If you’ve a rooted android device than this is the app you should really try. You don’t know what could happen to your device the next day, right? That’s why it is important for us to keep a backup of the important files we have. With the help of this amazing app you can back up your application data, freeze apps and you can separate the bloatware. Of course the premium version has a lot of other advanced features and doesn’t need specifications but you can try this version too.

Titanium Backup (root needed)

Titanium Backup (root needed)

Boot Animations

Are you just sick and tired of watching the same old animation on the phone once you reboot it? Well, this is something that most people complain about. And there is no better solution to this than the amazing Boot Animations that will provide your phone with a new animation every single time you reboot the phone. The app is easily available for download at the Play Store, so that’s something. Hassle-free options for new and refreshed animations for your Android phone at the Boot Animations, can it get better than this? We hope not as this is the best you will have.

Boot Animations for Superuser

Boot Animations for Superuser

The 12 Rooting APK to Root Android Without a Computer

Here are the best root without PC apps (apk) for rooting all kinds of android phones, tablets, and PDA(s). They were listed in such a way that – it answers the question of best root android apk, root tablet apps, how to root android phone manually and/or how to root android 4.4.2, 6.0.1, etc. without a PC.

Remember to use the navigation buttons at the end of this post to get future updates on the best root apps, and other necessary tips on effective root apk files or best rooting methods.

1. vRoot APK [now iRoot APK]

iroot apk app for android rooting

iRoot apk (formerly vroot apk) is usually my first choice when it comes to rooting with or without a computer. I have had tremendous success with it on different brands of phones including Tecno, Samsung, Gionee, Itel, Infinix, Sony, Mercury, Xiaomi, and several others.

There aren’t many options or configurations needed for this root app to work. It simply lets you root android without computer, and in just a few clicks. All you need do is:-

  • Get the latest version of it from here.
  • Send to your phone or mobile device (if downloaded with a PC).
  • Install the root apk (after enabling unknown sources for your device).
  • Launch the root app from the icon on your phone’s home screen.
  • Hit the root button and watch the app perform its magic (Your device may restart at this step).
  • Launch the root checker app to confirm rooting as the final step.

2. Kingoapp APK

root android without pc tutorial

kingoapp works as flawlessly as the iRoot apk and is usually my second choice for rooting without the computer. It is popular and works well with many brands of Android phones and tablet devices.

One good thing about the Kingoapp is the highly improved exploits it uses to root even newer devices. Personally, I did root marshmallow android devices with it and It works best for devices with internet access.

  • Download the latest version of Kingoapp from here or from the mirror website at
  • Ensure that your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Install the Kingoapp.
  • Launch from the home screen icon and click on root to get root access.
  • Use the root checker app (linked above) to confirm that your phone is now rooted.

3. Framaroot APK

root without pc apk files and root apps tutorials

Framaroot is another useful app to root android phone and devices without a PC, it supports a wide range of devices and has proven to be able to root MTK devices.

Rooting with framaroot apk is a little bit more technical than the iRoot and kingoapp discussed above. But then, it very easy to use and gets updated more often than other competing root without PC applications.

  1. Download the latest version of framaroot apk from here.
  2. Send it to your phone or device (if downloaded with a PC) and make sure that the apk is in your phone’s memory.
  3. Install the framaroot app (after enabling unknown sources for your device).
  4. Launch the app from your home screen icon and select the option present on the app’s screen.
  5. Select an Exploit (List of exploit methods for device and processor types would be listed at the end of this guide to serve as a pointer in helping you select the best exploit for your phone) and complete the actions.
  6. Wait for the message that confirms that your phone is now rooted.
  7. Restart the device and launch the rooter checker to re-confirm your phone is rooted completely.

a Video Tutorial on How to Root Android Without a PC [Framaroot Method]

Since the topic of rooting could be new to many of our readers, I thought it to include a detailed video tutorial for such persons. Here’s a decent guide on how to root Android without a PC as created by Rohan Mane.

This Android rooting video tutorial is created with Framaroot apk in mind but can be used for the other rooting methods discussed on this page. All you’d need to do is – study the steps used and apply the same for other rooting apps. Note that the root checker app discussed in this Video is the same as the one already linked above.

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4. Universal Androot APK

Universal Androot is a versatile root without PC app that works for a wide range of android phones and devices. It is quite an option when it comes to rooting android phones and devices without a computer.

The list of android devices you can root with the universal androot apk is listed below for your perusal. Do note that more devices (other than the ones listed here) can be rooted with this awesome app.

To root with universal androot apk, you will need to download the latest version of the app from here, install it to your device, launch from the home icon, and root instantly.

5. Easy rooting toolkit (APK) or WeakSauce

While the easy rooting toolkit works on a wide range of devices, WeakSauce works only for HTC devices, and it’s the best option for rooting HTC One M8 and similar HTC devices.

We have used both on many occasions and can authoritatively state that they are a useful root without pc app to try on android smart-phones. You can download the easy rooting toolkit from here and WeakSauce from here.

6. Towel root apk

Towel root apk is another unique root android without a PC app. With an app like towel root apk, you need not border asking – how to root android phone from phone as we have tested it with a few android phones and can recommend it as a good apk to root android devices without a computer.

  • Download Towelroot apk from here or the mirror website at
  • Transfer the towelroot apk to your smartphone or device (if downloaded with a PC).
  • Install the towel root app by clicking on the apk file
  • complete the installation and launch the app from the home icon
  • Use the next button to complete the root process

7. Baidu Root Apk

how to root android without pc: baidu root method

Baidu-Root apk is unique in that it can root a wide range of android smartphones including some of the latest ones running on Google android KitKat Operating System and above.

8. KingRoot APK

KingRoot is the latest on our list of the best rooting apk for android phones and devices. We have already tested this app and can assure you that it supports a wide range of Android phones and tablets.

It also works flawlessly on MTK powered devices. Devices such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, Injoo, iTel, and a wide range of Samsung phones and devices can easily be rooted with KingRoot app.

It is free and can be downloaded from using your PC or phone’s default web browser. Update!, the KingRoot APK version 4.8.0 supports the rooting of Android 5.1 phones and tablets.

9. Ping pong root APK

Ping pong root apk

These are the steps to complete in order to root a Samsung galaxy S6 smart phone with Ping pong root app:-

  • Enable the side-loading of apps from unknown sources (as discussed above).
  • Download and install SuperSU app from PlayStore™ or from the raw apk file uploaded by 3ptechies here.
  • Download Ping pong root apk file from here and copy it to your smart phone’s internal memory.
  • Install and run Ping pong root. Allow it to install the superSU/binaries.
  • Run superSU once to activate it, ignore the error message prompt (after app closure) and immediately return to Ping pong root app screen.
  • Launch it and click on download data (assuming that your phone is already connected to the internet).
  • Click on get root to complete the Ping pong app rooting method processes. Accept every permission message(s) prompt and reboot device once the operation is successfully completed.

10. CF-Auto-Root

CF-Auto-Root is another Samsung-centric rooting apk that lets you root Samsung devices with ease. But the better part of CF Auto root is that: it has support for HTC, Google Nexus, Sony, and most high-end Qualcomm (C.P.U) powered devices.

  • Download CF Auto Root apk from chainfire and install same to the phone you’d like to root.
  • Take note of the new icon and use it to complete the next step below.
  • Launch the app and tap on root my phone button to complete the Android rooting process.
  • Wait for some minutes and restart your phone.
  • Confirm if SuperUser App is added to your phone. If positive, your phone is rooted correctly, else play with some other rooting methods in this list.

11/12: One Click Root and iskysoft Rooting tool

Even though they are good for rooting Android phones and devices, they are paid tools and doesn’t come for free. The trial version of iskysoft rooting tool is too limited for any serious rooting exploit. The second rooting tool is explained in details below.

Wrap Up on the Best Software-apps to Root Android Devices

Well, the simple steps to root with the android app or the PC has been outlined for you: Once again, it starts by preparing your device for rooting.

And after preparing your phone/device for rooting, you’d need to decide whether to go with the method of using a computer (best if you have one) or by installing a root apk app on your device. Either way, these rooting apps and software methods should be able to grant root access to your Android devices and let you use any app that’s meant for a rooted android device. Also, you should be able to unroot them when the need arises.

Note: For most devices, rooting preparation includes custom ROM, unlocking bootloader, fixing grub bootloader, working with android SDK, custom recovery, phone’s bootloader, and lots of technical jargon, while most devices would get root permission by simply adding the root apk or plugging it to the root software interface.

Note: It is important to understand what rooting an android device means, and what it does to your device before attempting to use supersu app or any of these android root tools. Note also that for most manufacturers, a rooted phone will lose its warranty as soon as it’s rooted.

A few things to Know About Rooting Android Devices in 2021

Is there any Sense in Rooting Android Phone these days?

Is Rooting Android a Safe Practice?

Are there Risks Associated with Rooting in 2019/2020?

Is Root Without PC Apps Safe to Use on Newer Devices?

Irrespective of a newer or older device, using a malicious “root without PC” app is one way to expose your phone to multiple security risks. I’ll recommend only trusted root apps that are downloaded from their official websites for such. Always do a full ROM backup before trying any root app you aren’t sure about.

Substratum theme engine

substratum theme engine

substratum theme engine

HEBF Optimiser

Feeling heartbroken? Your heart can be empty don’t let your battery be too! With this app, the battery life of your phone is going to increase, and your battery is going to be efficient. This is an app which aims to do something exactly like that. With a fantastic and simple UI, it manages to win everyone’s heart and to run this app you’re going to need a rooted device. Each option has a clear description of what it does so that the person using it doesn’t feel confused. This app is a ‘must have’ if you want to increase the capacity of your battery.

[ROOT] HEBF Battery Saver

[ROOT] HEBF Battery Saver

Kernel Adiutor

Kernel Adiutor basically takes care of the amazing features of the CPU of an Android Phone. The Kernel parameters are an important part of an Android phone and this particular app makes sure that everything is in place. There are multiple functions that you can perform with the help of the amazing Kernel Adiutor features such as monitoring CPU voltage and frequency, GPU frequency and several other low memory diminishing functions as well. An amazing solution for those who need it, this particular app is a dream come true for all the phone rooters.

Bonus Addiction (for MTK users)

1. Mobileuncle MTK tools

Mobileuncle MTK tools is an advanced root app for MTK devices. It lets you get into Engineering mode, view CDS and radio information, change Android IMEI, Check your Device Info, Sensor, Battery and lots of other functions.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to fix invalid IMEI or change Android IMEI number completely with Mobileuncle MTK tools.

2. Super-Sume Pro

It was developed by gatesjunior, for the purpose of replacing the traditional managers that pushes constant popups with a clean access manager, called SuperSU.

3. Entropy

Basically, entropy is the measurement of randomness. The apps running in the background constantly increases the randomness. You can monitor the entropy with the help of Entropy app.

Wrap Up

Knowing that Android devices in 2009 is quite different from what we have now in 2019, We’re going to update this post from time to time.

Root Checker

Root Checker

Root Checker

Needs a Root Without PC App that isn’t Free?

a premium rooting app for Android

Using paid apps for something as simple as rooting is something I’d hardly encourage. But then, there is the option for a premium app.

This would come in handy for DIY-phobic readers that prefer a paid option. One-click root apk lets one root Android phones and/or devices with ease.

The learning curves necessary for someone that’s new to Android rooting can be bypassed with this service. They take you by the hand (VIP support) to fix challenges with rooting when their app fails to root your device.

To use their paid rooting solution, simply subscribe to their services by downloading the free rooting apk from

3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro

The 3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro allows you to run a task manager in order to manage or kills apps, backup or restore APKs, tweak your voltage setting and CPU Governor, tweak your system settings such as SD cache size or just view the wealth of diagnostic data.

The App improves the original comprehensive system monitoring and tweaking toolkit by adding more functionality.

3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro key

3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro key

Permission Ruler

Do you wish to avert applications from using dangerous authorizations while your display is off? Permission Rules is quite a rough outline for the Root applications, which need root to perform things apart from manual permission management. Nevertheless, with Root, Permission Ruler can do something unique. Whenever you turn off your device display, this app shall automatically invalidate all grants from all other applications. Thus you no longer have to worry about battery wastage or privacy as Permission Ruler is an automatic and powerful permission manager.

Hence there’ll be no such notorious things happening in the background while your mobile rests in the pockets. This is very simple and is its prime function. However, ensure pausing the app ahead of uninstalling it. Else all other applications shall access their Authorization canceled; thereby, you’ve to reactivate them physically. Overall, Permission Ruler is a liberal application.

Permission Ruler [Root]

Permission Ruler [Root]

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is an advanced version of YouTube which is heavily modded to add more features that you won’t find in the official app. If you are active in the Android community, you should know that this app is among the top most popular app in the developer community.

Along with the special features, YouTube Vanced has a significant improvement over the official YouTube app. Check out the critical features given in the link below and decide whether you want to use the modded one or stick to the official version.

Migrate – Custom ROM data backup

Migrate is a ROM migration gadget and is among the latest root application present in this list. With this, you may backup lots of information comprising several data pieces, SMS, call logs, applications, and app data. Furthermore, Migrate forms a Flashable Zip file to flash a modern ROM, thereby the Flashable Zip later on. You initialize, and it’ll seem you had never withdrawn ahead of the end installation period. Migrate is very much new, which is yet in Beta.

Nevertheless, it might take much setup procedure Away from a modern ROM installation. Furthermore, The developer of Migrate recommends it to function with Magisk. However, Migrate is presently free with zero in-app advertisements and purchases.

Migrate - ROM backup 5.0.1

Migrate - ROM backup 5.0.1

Preparing to Root your Android Devices

  • Charge your phone battery to at least 50%
  • Install proper ADB (Android Debug Bridge) drivers for your phone/devices (links for android ADB drivers download)
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone/device by going to ==>Settings ==> Applications ==> Development ==> USB debugging (for older operating system (OS)) or ==> Settings ==>Developer options ==> “USB debugging”(for newer OS), also check the “stay awake” option.
  • Enable unknown sources (if you want to root without a pc).
  • Download the root checker app from Google play store: It is used for confirming that your phone or device is now fully rooted after using any of the listed best rooting methods below.

Is it Advisable to Root Android Phones in 2021?

Well, the answer to this is no and yes.

And yes because developers need rooting to enjoy their Android phones and devices. Popular root apps like Lucky patcher, Xposed Framework, System App Remover, and the rest of them need root access to work properly.

Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator for Android

Terminal Emulator for Android

50 Best after-Root apps to add to Rooted Devices in 2019

best 50 root apps for rooted devices

It doesn’t really matter if you’re rocking a flagship device or managing a $10 Android phone, there’s an app to improve the functions in this list.

We carefully selected these apps based on our vast experience on Android rooting and how much time we’ve spent on several rooted devices.

Newer apps are featured in this list. This is in a bid to cater for some of our readers that are knowing about root apps this year (2017).

1. AFWall+ (Android Firewall +)

Except you’re new to the world of Android rooting, names like DroidWall and AFWall+ should be like a household name already.

While droidWall Android firewall app lets you improve your device’s data and battery life by controlling what app uses your 3G/Wi-fi Network and at what time, AFWall+ combines the features of droidwall along with several awesome functions.

You’ll be mixing a lot on your rooted device without this awesome app. The app is free to download and free to use.

2. Greenify

greenify featured as a top after-root app

Greenify is compatible with (almost) every Android phone out there in tech stores including entry-level ones and can be gotten free from Google play store.


Lucky Patcher is a fantastic root app for rooted Android phones and devices. Obviously an app like this can’t be allowed in Google play store, but that doesn’t stop it from functioning.

With Lucky Patcher root app, you can make online games offline, completely remove annoying ads in games and apps, h*ck In-app purchases, stop license verification, Disable bloatware & intrusive system apps, Convert your best apps to system apps (to avoid deletion) and many other functions.

We have used lucky patcher in many instances, some of which is for: removing ads from Sybla Tv app,  cr*cking subway surfers and temple run 2, among many other instances.

In fact, we created a text tutorial on how to use lucky patcher apk some two years ago. You can read all of it from or watch this cool video from WizTech that shows you how to do several games/app h*ack with Lucky Patcher root app.

As already stated, Lucky patcher app is not available in the Google PlayStore™ but the raw .apk file can be gotten from any of these links:-

  • Patcher v6.5.8.apk

4. Titanium Backup

It helps you backup every single piece of your data, including the system apps on your SD Card. You can even freeze this data with the pro version which can be gotten from the playstore market at $5.99.

5. Adblock Plus

6. Xposed Framework

Xposed framework lets you customize and tweak your Android devices like a geek without installing a custom ROM.

From GUI modification, font customization to custom look and fancy notification bar, you can practically tweak your devices like you’d normally do with a custom ROM install.

7. SuperSu

supersu is a perfect root app for Android

SuperSu is not only an excellent management tool, it is best known for being ad-free. Unlike the generic root managers, it doesn’t show you constantly annoying pop-ups.

There is the free and premium version of SuperSU app, all available on Google play store.

8. ADB Wireless

ADB Wireless root app lets you connect wirelessly with desktop apps such as Android PC suits and device managers that requires ADB connection to work.

It is free on Google play store and works by connecting to the network’s IP address. ADB Wireless root app can come in handy for devices sharing the same network with their PCs.

9. Chainfire 3D

Chainfire 3D is an open graphics library. It adds, or say boosts existing functionalities in your device. Technically speaking, it filters out and decides what is to be shown on the screen.

So consequently it helps you play games or run apps that may require slightly higher configuration than that of your phone.

10. Link2SD

Link2SD app

Link2SD is not a strange name to most of our readers. This is because we’ve used it for some of our tutorials on how to increase the internal memory of Android devices.

Quite a few times, you don’t have the access to move an app to the SD Card. This makes the situation even worse when you are running low on internal memory.

Link2SD gives you the access to make changes on the internal data. They even offer you the auto clear cache service when you buy Link2SD Plus from the PlayStore™. It’s one of the best after-root app to install on Android devices.

11. System App Remover

Bloatware, promo apps and online apps directory install is the bane of most cheap Android OEMs. Even top Android OEMs aren’t left out in this Bloatware madness.

This is where System App remover comes in to deal with those apps you’d never need or haven’t ever used since the day you bought your phone.

System App Remover is much like Link2SD, but primarily used for uninstalling system apps. It is free and can be download from Google play store link here.

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12. Full!Screen

Are you using an old Android Tablet with v4.4 in it? Good, this app is for you. With the help of Full!Screen you can hide the system sidebar of your tablet. Basically, it is an alternative to the default system sidebar which can be customized, or say; ‘can be hidden’.

However, the app is limited to kernels older than v4.0, but still has been downloaded over  half a million times.

13. Tasker (Paid App)

Tasker is an automation app. You can use it to automate every app in your device, (both  system apps as well as the market apps).

It basically allows you to create a list of tasks and then the app executes those tasks. It has been downloaded over a million times on the Android Playstore and comes with a price as low as $1.99.

14. AdAway

AdAway is an open source after-root app that filters out ads in your device. Somehow, the app was removed from Google PlayStore™.

15. 3C Toolbox

What if an app replaces multiple managers like task manager, CPU manager, etc. with a simple manager that does it all?

3C Toolbox provides you an interface to manage possible kinds of settings in your phone. Developed by 3c, it has received somewhere between half a million to one million downloads on the PlayStore™.

15. FlashFire

flashfire root app

FlashFire is a flasher for a rooted Android device. It can flash full firmware packages from most of the manufacturers.

It is a free app and can be gotten from the play store link here.

16. Root Call Blocker Pro

17. Purify (Speed and Battery Saver)

Even though purify app can be installed on non-rooted devices, the full functions can only be enjoyed largely on rooted phones and/or tablet devices.

It comes with the auto-purify feature that lets you automate the task of killing buggy background apps, thereby, improving your phone’s performance and battery life.

18. WiFi Tethering

WiFi Tethering app

It is a significant app for the older devices that don’t have in-built hotspot functionality. This app can be downloaded from the playstore link here.

19. Servicely

Servicely provides you an interface where you can manage or select apps which you want to sleep/hibernate after your screen times out.

This way, it prevents those nasty news/messenger apps that keep pushing notifications even after your phone sleeps, hence, sucking down the phone’s battery.

Servicely (download here) doesn’t require any significant permission other than root access.

20. Wakelock Detector

A lot of apps, known as wake lock apps are those apps that don’t let your phone sleep and keep the display on. This way they make a serious damage to the battery.

Wakelock Detector detects those many apps and notifies you about them. This can be a great tool to stop battery drainage. However, the app works not only on rooted devices, as it can be used on normal devices as well.

21. Flashify

Flashify is also a flasher tool. It is just an alternative to FlashFire. It flashes boot and recovery, zip files, and other types of device data.

The app is free for up-to three flashes a day. However, you can buy its premium version to avoid this limitation.

22. LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher is a gesture-based tool that launches a command (maybe an app or a page) when performed the assigned single/multi-touch gesture on the screen.

23. ES File Explorer

  • Remotely access files in your PC [WiFi File Transfer]
  • Remotely access your data in clouds
  • Can connect your smart phone to stream on TV [Go Live]
  • Can look inside the data in .zip, .rar, 7z files.
  • Kill Tasks with a single click.

Other than these features, it is built-in with many other great features such as cache cleaner, auto-start manager, etc.

While the free version of ES File Explorer can be very annoying with ads, the premium version removes such limitation. They can all be gotten from this playstore link.

24. Pimp My ROM Beta

Pimp My ROM app for rooted devices

Pimp My ROM is a personalization app that comes with built-in mods that uses your device’s root access to toggle android features, do multitasking, etc.

It helps you to fully personalize every system app in your device. It bypasses your task manager, modifies display density, and makes the device better than ever before.

25. Battery Calibration

Battery Calibration is an app that prepares a data and use it to tell you about your device’s battery.

To calibrate, you’d need to charge it to 100%, then press the ‘Calibrate’ button and after this, you have to unplug the charger.

This way the app learns and prepares data about the battery usage and then gives you more in-depth information about it.

26. Terminal Emulator

If you use or have used Linux, macOS, or similar operating systems (OS), you would have seen a built-in app called ‘Terminal’.

That’s the app most programmers uses to compile the codes or to make changes on the disk drives. Terminal Emulator is a great app that serves you as a pocket-terminal.

You just have to install it in a rooted Android device and then get access to the built-in Linux command shell.

Below is a detailed tutorial on how to use Android terminal emulator to do various tweaks on rooted devices.

27. SDFix

The devices launched with Android v4.4 or newer versions have sealed the ability to write files on the microSD card. SDFix, developed by NetApp, Inc. solves this problems by restoring this access.

However, this is a powerful app that is to be handled with care since it makes changes on the configuration file.

28. BusyBox

Additionally, it can be used to create flashable ZIP files as well as create shell scripts. This is the link to download BusyBox for rooted Android devices.

29. BuildProp Editor

In every Android device, there exists a file called build.prop that stores all the system information about the device.

With BuildProp Editor, you can make certain changes in the file to suit your configuration preferences. BuildProp Editor has in-app purchases of about $1-2.

30. BetterBatteryStats (Paid App)

BetterBatteryStats app preview

BetterBattertStats is an open-source battery analyzer that spots and prepares a database of overall battery usage.

It is much like Servicely or similar apps, but definitely worth a try. Here’s the link to buy BetterBatteryStats.

31. Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)

Also an open-source. Kernel Adiutor is a monitoring app. It monitors things like BuildProp, Flashes and Backups, minfree settings, CPU, virtual memory, init.d, etc.

32. Easy DPI Changer

DPI stands for ‘Dots Per Inches’ which is basically the screen density of your device. It works on all the Android devices that have v4.3 or up and are rooted.

With Easy DPI changer, you can change and reset DPI, padding, resolution, etc. The app requires correct values of DPI; else it may soft-brick.

33. Magisk

It can completely keep the root out of any app’s sight, and this turns out to be a great feature. For example, you can’t play Pokémon Go on a rooted device but a device rooted with Magisk manager can hide the root from Pokémon Go and make it workable.

For Magisk download Link and Resources, check out their thread at XDA forum or download directly from

34. DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery app preview

DiskDigger can recover deleted or lost photos or videos from the device’s internal memory or an SD Card. After recovery, the files can be directly uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud storage services.

However, it is a safe app that can also be installed over an unrooted Android, but the features would be limited only to photos and that too not as deeper as it works in a rooted device.

35. GLTools

GLTools is a GFX optimiser, or say an alternative to Chainfire 3D. It gives you full control over your device’s GPU features.

It works well on various Android devices, including high-end and low-end Android phones and/or tablet devices.

36. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer is a file/data encryption platform that works on both rooted (with full features, including the root manager) as well as unrooted devices.

It uses the fingerprint sensor access in order to improve the encryption level. However, it works fine even on devices without any fingerprint sensor (with the help of password/PIN protection).

The app offers a free trial of 2 weeks, and then you can buy the premium version for a small fee.

37. Dumpster: (Backup & File Recovery App)

Dumpster, although works with unrooted devices, is best for rooted phones. It lets you create a trashcan for your Android devices.

This way, accidental deletion of files becomes a thing never to be worried about. Apart from acting as a trashcan, Dumpster just like DiskDigger can be used for file backup and data recovery purposes.

It has been download somewhere between ten to fifty million times on the Google PlayStore™ and can be gotten from this link.

38. Root Explorer (Paid App)

Root Explorer app for Android

Root Explorer is a premium file management application for rooted devices. It is priced at $3.99 and comes with the most coveted Android file management features. Some of these includes and not limited to:

  • Root Manager
  • Multiple Tabs
  • Text Editor
  • APK Binary XML Viewer
  • SMB
  • SQLite Database Viewer
  • Extracts zip or gzip files
  • Executes Scripts

39. SetCPU for Root Users (Paid App)

Developed by SetCPU, Inc., SetCPU is a tool that gives you access to change CPU settings of your rooted Android device.

The app can be used to improve the CPU performance, its multitasking ability and a lot more. It goes for just $2 on Google playstore and works with most rooted devices including older kernels.

40. XUI Mod Top

XUI Mod Top is a collection of advanced widgets that can be used to customize your Android phone’s UI to a better, highly personalized version. Some of the features to customize with XUI Mod top root app includes:

  • The battery color percentage
  • Time count up to seconds in the status bar
  • Volume disable in lockscreen mode
  • Notification customiser
  • Lockscreen touch

Direct download Link:

41. GMD GestureControl

This app uses the multi-touch and multi-tasking features of your Android devices. For example, you can swipe four fingers right to re-open the previous application. You can even create your own set of commands in the form of gestures.

The app is developed by Good Mood Droid and is categorized under Tools in Google PlayStore™. There is the free (lite) and premium ($5.55) version of the app. We advice you test the free version first before trying out the pro.

42. DataSync

DataSync root app preview

DataSync is also integrated with various cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Google drive, and box app. It has the free (beta) and a premium version that goes for $2.7.

43. ROM Toolbox

As the name suggests, the app helps you unleash almost all the features of your rooted Android phone. It is best known and used for installing more than one ROM to the device. You can even change the boot logo of the device.

It requires permission to make contact and SMS backups in your phone, apart from the root access.

44. Boot Animations for Superuser

From the developers of BuildProp Editor, BusyBox, and ROM Toolbox — JRummy Apps, Boot Animations is another popular after-root app that helps you customize or change the existing brand animation to a new one.

45. Hosts Editor

Hosts Editor root app img

Hosts Editor is an open-source host manager that lets you edit the /system/etc/hosts. The app comes without promotional ads and is useful for testing an app on a specific sever using its IP.

46. Device Control

With Device control root app, You can change screen color temperature, reduce CPU and power uses, GPU frequencies, and etc. It can also be used as an app manager, CPU and battery monitoring app.

47. Quick Reboot

Quick Reboot app features

Quick Reboot has the compilation of all the advanced reboot options. With this app, you don’t need to give terminal commands in order to enter advanced reboot modes.

Quick Reboot has a built-in widget and recently, they have made their premium version a freeware. So Quick Reboot PRO be installed to any rooted device free of any charges.

48. Nandroid Manager

Nandroid Manager creates packets of data called ‘nandroids’. Then with the help of this app, you can backup, delete, compress, rename, or flash these data packets.

Apart from the root access, it requires an app called BusyBox (PlayStore™ link and app discussed above) to work correctly.

49. FontFix

FontFix lets you get access to change the system font of your Android phone or tablet device from over 4,300 fonts types available from the app’s menu.

Even though rooting is compulsory for using FontFix on most of Android devices, it can be used without root access on devices that support FlipFont (e.g., most Samsung, HTC devices). The app works on Android versions 4.0 or later and can be downloaded from this PlayStore™ link here.

50. Set DNS

Set DNS root app for Android devices

Set DNS helps you use the custom Nameservers on 3G/4G/WiFi, or other networks which can eventually speed up your browsing speed.

It is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. With this app, you can choose to use Google DNS servers, openDNS and/or any other DNS service you choose.

There is the free and premium version of Set DNS app and both can be gotten from Google play store.

Bouncer Android app

With the Bouncer app, you may grant temporary permissions for your application. So, if you wish to click pictures or tag any location, yet don’t want this app to get access to your area or use your camera when it asks for it? The Bouncer App exactly fulfills your wish. No sooner than you close this application, Bouncer immediately withdraws the Authorization for you automatically such that you move back to perform things you perform best. Also, you no longer need to worry regarding applications that shall cause battery drainage or invade your privacy.

This android app has been created for a single-time authorization, however, not for grants where you may have this application in the forefront. You may use Bouncer for dual purposes, yet as you use your applications all over the day, they shall appear in the highlights for maximum instances.

  • No requirement of intricated setups, i.e., no adb or root
  • Don’thave to worry about applications working in the background
  • Additional privacy, battery life, and security

Few devices function better when you have Bouncer because of various restrictions. A few devices like Nokia might avert Bouncer from operating due to their violent battery control.

Bouncer Temporary Permissions

Bouncer Temporary Permissions

Root Explorer

Root Explorer

Root Explorer

3C Toolbox

3C toolbox is basically one of the best apps and had to be included on our list. Making various changes in the system of the Android Phones, this app is the best thing right now. The versatile options provided with the features of the phone are particularly the reason why people consider it the best of the Android rooted apps. You can easily perform various functions such as battery backup, automated back-ups, CPU Control and many other essential functions that will invariably prove to be beneficial for the performance of your Android.

3C All-in-One Toolbox

3C All-in-One Toolbox

BuildProp Editor

Sometimes, it so happens that building a property file in the Android can be a bit difficult. And most people have the same complaint again and again. With the help of BuildProp Editor, you can easily have any property file on your Android phone built and edited properly. BuildProp Editor is your go-to solution app for handling such issues. Without any single complications, this particular android rooted app helps to increase the performance level of the Android Device by handling such complex issues. This one is certainly an app worth using.

BuildProp Editor

BuildProp Editor

Franco Kernel Manager

Furthermore, it supports many devices, mainly in the OnePlus and Google device line-up. Franco Kernel Manager isn’t the sole application for particular post-sales kernel or ROM. Nevertheless, once it gets adaptable with your device, it is surely the perfect application for your device. It even comes up among some of the current active Play Store development. Lastly, Franco Kernel Manager functions for around $3.49, highly suggestive for people who desire greater control.

Franco Kernel Manager

Franco Kernel Manager

Solid Explorer

Aren’t you tired of searching for the file explorer which has the root compatibility but matches your demand on the other aspects such as advertisement free and short in size etc.?

Worry not as this app at your service is a file explorer which functions mostly on all the phones without root and can perform every other function as the regular file explorers out there but this one is clean, small and free of advertisements. Of course, when the root option, which is inside the explorer itself, is switched on it allows us to do many more exciting functions. It’s a great app altogether, and you should go for it.

Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

Disk Digger

Are you eager to find out all the deleted stuff from your phone? Well, the Disk Digger can be your ultimate solution in that case. One of the most amazing and fantastic app for the rooted as well as the unrooted phones, this app is a masterpiece when it comes to finding and locating the deleted files. Well, in case the phones that are not rooted, the app is unable to undergo an elaborate search through the deleted files. But in the case of the rooted ones, this one is practically a dream come true. Make sure that you try this app once and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery

Naptime – the original battery saver

Naptime - the real battery sav

Naptime - the real battery sav

Amplify- Battery Extender

This app is very similar to every other battery monitoring apps. If you have a rooted phone, you’re ready to go! It is under your control how your phone uses and manages the battery power. You’re given with many settings with which you can control for how much time your mobile screen can stay away or how many times can your mobile phone be awake. The total control is in your hands. Feel like a god? There’s more to it. This app presents you with a super sleek design and as a well-built app.

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