Viper4Android FX Apk (No Root) v2.7.1.0 Download For Android

Viper4Android FX Apk (No Root) v2.7.1.0 Download For Android Техника

According to the recent information, Android 8.0 Oreo has been finally released on the Android devices. People who all are looking for the devices which are running on the platform called Android 8.0 Oreo. it mainly works on the devices like OnePlus, Google Pixel, Samsung, and Huawei. It is the version where you can use any type of applications without any hassles. All you just need to root your device. Generally, we are all very much conscious about getting the sound experience on Android device. However, the thing is there will be a default audio functionality on a device which may not satisfy all.

Viper4Android FX Apk (No Root) v2.7.1.0 Download For Android


A refined ViPER4Android installer.

This is an updated and enhanced ViPER4Android FX 2.7 installer.
It contains many useability enhancements and all the major fixes needed to run ViPER4Android on modern ROMs effortlessly.


The installer installs the ViPER4Android app for you.
Don’t install it yourself.

This mod is targeted at LineageOS 20.
It has been tested to work on:

Please don’t submit pull requests adding your device/ROM combination.
I will only add devices which I can test myself.


A reboot is recommended afterwards,
but usually not required.
You can just postpone it
and combine it with the next reboot that you’d do anyways.

Reimport VDC/IRS files

You don’t need to restart afterwards,
the new files will be available immediately.

Bugs and support

I am not a ViPER dev, nor am I capable of fixing your broken install or ROM.
If you have trouble to install ViPER4Android this way, please do hesitate to ask me.
Try to install it the normal way and if that doesn’t work either,
ask in the
ViPER4Android Telegram group
or the
ViPER4Android XDA Thread

Where is the notification?

The notification has been disabled on purpose,
as I don’t see the necessity of it.
I know the App-Info toggle to enable notifications does not work.
If you really need it, run this command:
pm set-distracting-restriction com.pittvandewitt.viperfx

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From Here You can Easily Download the Latest version of Viper4Android FX Offline APK, For Your Android mobiles And Tablets. Simply tap on the link given at the bottom of this page for a free download of this amazing app for free of cost.

Viper4Android No Root APK is a modified, free awesome Equalizer And Audio Enhancer for Android devices, by using which you can easily adjust the sound according to your desire, want to listen to music with a super best bass effect, or want to listen to your favorite song in jazz mode, or whatever mode you love to listen, then I’ll personally recommend this Android Music Equalizer to you.

About Viper4Android

This latest application has been considered to be the number one sound Equalizer and Audio effects booster for music lovers. It allows you to adjust and customize the sound according to your desire and that is suitable for you.

I love to listen to music all the time and have a taste of listening to music in different modes, then use viper4Android FX as the sound Equalizer for your Android and have some fun. One of the disadvantages of the app is that it works only on Rooted Devices.

Viper4Android FX Apk (No Root) v2.7.1.0 Download For Android

So If your Android is not rooted then you may use some of the rooting Apps that I have provided on my site, like Towel Root, Androot, Kingroot, Root Master, Baidu Root, etc.

Best Music Equalizer For Android Phones

This app will allow you to add tons of effects to the music you love to listen to. It is like an Audio Lab for your Android and it has an inbuilt driver that will automatically operate and help you to have tons of options to modify the sound that you listen to.

What are the Key Features of the Viper4Android FX?

With high-quality sound effects and other fruitful options, this app comes with lots of helpful features. Here we have highlighted some key features.

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Installs driver and patches sepolicy

«AnyKernel is a template for an that can apply any kernel to any ROM, regardless of ramdisk.» — Koush

AnyKernel3 pushes the format even further by allowing kernel developers to modify the underlying ramdisk for kernel feature support easily using a number of included command methods along with properties and variables.

A script based on Galaxy Nexus (tuna) is included for reference.

do.devicecheck=1 specified requires at least device.name1 to be present. This should match ro.product.device or for your device. There is support for as many properties as needed. You may remove any empty ones that aren’t being used.

do.modules=1 will push the contents of the module directory to the same location relative to root (/) and apply 644 permissions.

do.cleanup=0 will keep the zip from removing it’s working directory in /tmp/anykernel (by default) — this can be useful if trying to debug in adb shell whether the patches worked correctly.

do.cleanuponabort=0 will keep the zip from removing it’s working directory in /tmp/anykernel (by default) in case of installation abort.

supported.versions= will match against from the current ROM’s build.prop. It can be set to a list or range. As a list of one or more entries, e.g. 7.1.2 or 8.1.0, 9 it will look for exact matches, as a range, e.g. 7.1.2 — 9 it will check to make sure the current version falls within those limits. Whitespace optional, and supplied version values should be in the same number format they are in the build.prop value for that Android version.

supported.patchlevels= will match against from the current ROM’s build.prop. It can be set as a closed or open-ended range of dates in the format YYYY-MM, whitespace optional, e.g. 2019-04 — 2019-06, 2019-04 — or — 2019-06 where the last two examples show setting a minimum and maximum, respectively.

ramdisk_compression=auto allows automatically repacking the ramdisk with the format detected during unpack. Changing auto to gz, lzo, lzma, xz, bz2, lz4, or lz4-l (for lz4 legacy) instead forces the repack as that format, and using cpio or none will (attempt to) force the repack as uncompressed.

Дополнительно:  This tool must be run as root

Note: Currently pushing modules is to the active slot only.

«scope» may be specified as «global» to force all instances of the string targeted by replace_string to be replaced. Omitted or set to anything else and it will perform the default first-match replacement.

The AK3 repo includes current ARM builds of magiskboot, magiskpolicy and busybox by default to keep the basic package small. Builds for other architectures and optional binaries (see below) are available from the latest Magisk zip, or my latest AIK-mobile and FlashIt packages, respectively, here: (Android Image Kitchen thread) (Odds and Ends thread)

Optionally moving ARM builds to tools/arm and putting x86 builds in tools/x86 will enable architecture detection for use with broad, device non-specific zips.

The LICENSE file must remain in the final zip to comply with licenses for binary redistribution and the license of the AK3 scripts.

If supporting a recovery that forces zip signature verification (like Cyanogen Recovery) then you will need to also sign your zip using the method I describe here:

Not required, but any tweaks you can’t hardcode into the source (best practice) should be added with an additional init.tweaks.rc or to minimize the necessary ramdisk changes.

It is also extremely important to note that for the broadest AK3 compatibility it is always better to modify a ramdisk file rather than replace it.

If running into trouble when flashing an AK3 zip, the suffix -debugging may be added to the zip’s filename to enable creation of a debug .tgz of /tmp for later examination while booted or on desktop.

For further support and usage examples please see the AnyKernel3 XDA thread:

Features of ViPER4Android Application

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