What is Root Bounding and How to grow Root-bound plants by root pruning


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September 26, 2015
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In this Article, you will learn about Root Bounding and How to get rid of Root-bound plants by root pruning or trimming.

What is Root Bounding?
In Home Gardening, you most often use potted plants and end up with the issue of root-bound plants. This is when the pot soil is full of roots all over. This happens when the plant grows and matures and there is no space for root development and eventually, the roots grow to the shape of the pot and the growth of the plant stops and the plant may even die. And.. Root Pruning or trimming comes to the rescue here which prevents root bounding and plant growth continues. This is also the concept for Bonsai tree making in shallow pots.

If you start seeing that the leaves are turning yellow or the whole plant is wilting, check for root-bounding in the pot. Chances are you have one of those rootbound plants and will have to perform some root pruning to help this plant survive.

When you cut roots, you need to be little careful but do not get scared. Do it selectively and if you are repotting in the same pot, you need to cut some or more roots carefully. If you are shifting to a larger pot, root pruning is generally not required.
There are two types of roots – the Tap roots and Fibrous roots (thread roots). Pruning of Fibrous roots is generally done for root bounding. After root pruning make sure to give plenty of water and fertilizer like NPK 20 20 20.

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What is Root Bounding and How to grow Root-bound plants by root pruning


Blog by Ann Kling

What is Root Bounding and How to grow Root-bound plants by root pruning

For Christmas, my neighbor gave me a Poinsettia with beautiful red leaves. By Easter, all the leaves had dried and fallen off. I started to trash it but noticed some small green leaves. So, I kept it, not knowing what to do with it. Even though I fertilized and watered it, the leaves are still small, and some fell off. Just as I was thinking of tossing it, I heard the words, “root bound”.

Ah, it needs a new and bigger pot. Simple solution. My husband reminded me that I couldn’t just transfer it to a bigger pot. There is a process for the plant to be able to thrive in its new home. He explained pruning back the part of the plant that is no longer growing, to take a knife and slice through the roots to loosen them from the compacted soil and to add new soil to the bigger pot for the plant to grow in. When something is root bound, it must go through this painful process or it will do no good to transplant it. I’m sure it will be thriving before long.

In need of transplanting?

This started me thinking about my life and the various times I was root bound and Holy Spirit had to cut my roots to transplant me to a larger area.

Jesus talked about how Father is a gardener and He will prune the dead branches. In Romans 8:28, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.”

What is Root Bounding and How to grow Root-bound plants by root pruning

A few years later, I experienced another root pruning. I was emotionally root bound.  I had been programmed in childhood to be co-dependent and a people pleaser. Holy Spirit began to show me how my roots have been choked out and bound by this behavior. He revealed that living my life this way; I was not growing to the fullest potential and plan He had for me. He taught me what it meant to live a life of pleasing God and not people. Although this was a painful process of feeling emotionally raw from releasing old, unproductive ways that had me bound, it was so liberating how God healed me and replaced the pain with freedom and peace. God removed the emotional bondage, cut away that which wasn’t growing and loosened the roots in preparation for His plan and higher purpose for my life. I got a bigger pot to grow in! His rich, fertile soil once again produces much fruit. He expanded me and expanded my capacity to love people unconditionally.

Are you willing to submit to the process?

Or would you resist the pain involved and try to survive in your current condition? How long will it take for your desire to grow and change be stronger than your desire to stay the same?  There’s the pain of change or the pain of regret. Which category do you fall into?  Oftentimes, God’s promises are on the other side of change.

Lots of things can cause us to be root bound:

  • Generational influences
  • Negative Words
  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Addictions
  • Emotional Scars and the list goes on and on

Allow Holy Spirit to reveal if you are root bound in an area and why. He will gently cut away the roots and set you free.

Psalm 18:19, “When I was fenced in, you freed me and rescued me because you love me.” CEV


“Father, I give you permission to reveal to me any area of my life where I am root bound. I desire to be free to spread my roots in a spacious place and bear good fruit to show Your glorious love to others. I accept your gentle root pruning, so I can be set free. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Roots are crucial to existence.

What is Root Bounding and How to grow Root-bound plants by root pruning

Roots reach down and out (and sometimes up) in search of the nutrients and liquids they need to keep their fruit alive, whether the fruit is a tree, a bush, a flower, or a vegetable.

What is Root Bounding and How to grow Root-bound plants by root pruning

But sometimes roots find themselves pressed up against a barrier that won’t yield to their strength, and their need to extend is thwarted.

When this happens in a flower pot, we call it “root-bound.”  Unless we do something about the problem, the plant will begin to suffer and will eventually die.

So, to remedy the situation, we get a slightly larger pot, carefully break the bound roots where they have begun to entwine and strangle each other, and re-pot the plant in fresh soil so there is room to grow again.

The Same Thing Can Happen to Our  Personal Growth, Relationships and/or Businesses

When life circumstances, relationships, or your business starts “pinching” you (without ceasing), that’s a clear indication that something unhealthy is happening “underground” — either at its roots or inside your being or premises.

A short-term challenge doesn’t indicate root-boundedness.

It’s when the same challenge becomes chronic and ultimately unsustainable that we need to start looking at the roots of the matter.

I think most of us can recognize when we’re becoming root-bound. We just have different ways of dealing with it.

Some withdraw into stony silence, fearing what can happen if they voice their concern to the person who has gradually segued from being a plus to being a minus.

Others are passive-aggressive, going from “Look, everything is really okay, okay?!” to “This really sucks and you’d better figure out what’s eating me because I’m certainly not going to tell you!”

Still others just disappear one day without explanation. Not wanting to cause a scene or mutual discomfort, they just split, leaving you wondering what happened.

There are other responses to root-boundedness, some of them violent, but you get the picture.  The bottom line is that most of us can pick up on the cues that others are leaving and unless and until we respond to them, they will only get worse. They simply can’t get better until they’re examined and addressed.

Root-bound people start by asking themselves three basic questions:

What Isn’t Working Now?
Why Isn’t It Working?
Is It Salvageable and Worth the Effort That It Will Take to Save It?

They may have tentative theories about what and why, but until they ask, they can’t be verified by the other person or people in the equation.


Being open and honest while feeling root-bound doesn’t have to feel confrontational or even be scary. But sometimes the answers we fear are the answers we’ll get, and that can be mighty scary!

“Are you having an affair?”  (“Oh please, oh please, tell me you aren’t because if you are I have to deal with that one way or another, and either way will tear me apart.”)

“I need some more space.” (“Please don’t shrug this off again. I need more space and if I cant have it, I will need to make other arrangements.”)

The truth can pinch almost as much as bound roots, but never just as much because the truth frees us to so we can make other, more reality-based plans for our lives, unlike root-boundedness, which slowly saps our energies and leaves us wilting and fading.

My point here is that feeling chronically root-bound to something that no longer feeds you or someone else is a recipe for disaster. It’s best to investigate as soon as possible and see what the options are for enlarging your pot to sustain your growth or finding another garden to get into.

Tackled early and as often as necessary, there is rarely a need to relocate or align yourself with someone else.

Just be honest, compassionate and inquisitive. Don’t let your ego try to justify or vilify.  Listen and find out what it will take to make things hunky-dory again, if it can be redeemed.  And if it can’t, don’t forget that you owe the other person a hopeful, compassionate, peaceful parting.  They aren’t your enemy. They were once your ally and benefactor and they can be so again, perhaps just from another angle.

All is not lost.

2) he tries hard but he never gets anywhere он много работает, но у него ничего не выходит, он прилагает много усилий, но ничего не может добиться; you’ll get nowhere if you work so little если вы будете так мало работать, вы ничего не добьетесь: with courage we can get anywhere мужество поможет нам добиться всего; he is getting ahead splendidly у него дела идут прекрасно; at last we seem to be getting somewhere похоже, наконец у нас что-то получается

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get smb. smth.

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8) get through /over/ smth. get through a lot of reading много прочитать и т.д., get through her washing закончить стирку и т. д.; how could he get through all these files? как он успел просмотреть все эти папки?; get through one’s task with great speed быстро выполнить свой задачу; get through a lot of correspondence разделаться с большим количеством писем и т. д.; get through such a lot of food съесть /осилить/ много всякой всячины и т. д.; get through one’s fortune растратить /растранжирить, промотать/ свое состояние и т. д.

9) get at smth., smb. get at the truth докапываться до правды и т. д.; get at the meaning of the sentence добраться до сути этого предложения; get at the secret of his success выяснить /понять/, в чем секрет его успеха; that’s what I want to get at вот в чем мне хочется разобраться, вот что мне хочется постичь; what are you getting at? coll. a) чего вы хотите?, к чему вы клоните?; б) что вы имеете в виду?; we could not tell what the speaker was getting at мы не знали /не понимали/, что имел в виду /хотел сказать/ оратор; who are you getting at? кого вы имеете в виду?, на кого вы намекаете?; were you getting at me in that last remark you made? в своем последнем замечании вы намекали на меня? /вы имели в виду меня/?; he is always getting at me coll. он вечно ко мне цепляется /придирается/

10) get at smb. get at a witness подкупать свидетеля и т. д.

2) get out of doing smth. get out of attending smth. отвертеться и не пойти на какое-л. мероприятие и т. д.; get as far as doing smth. we did not get as far as discussing finances мы не дошли до обсуждения финансовых вопросов

1) get smth. from smth., smb. get machinery from Europe получать оборудование из Европы и т. д., закупать /покупать, приобретать/ оборудование в Европе и т.д., get our things at this shop покупать /приобретать/ вещи в этом магазине; get information from the library получать, сведения из библиотеки и т. д., get dinner at the hotel

3) get smth., smb. across smth. get smth. across the river переправить что-л. через реку и т. д.; get smb. across the street перевести кого-л. через улицу и т. д.; get one’s hat from the other room принести шляпу из другой комнаты и т. д., get down a book from the top shelf снимать книгу с верхней полки и т. д.; get a letter to London доставить письмо в Лондон и т. д., get the child to bed уложить ребенка в постель; get the trunk back to the garret отнести сундук обратно на чердак; get the parcel back to London снова доставить пакет в Лондон; get your TV back for this evening принесите снова ваш телевизор на этот вечер и т. д.; the car did not get him very far on the road home он проехал на машине лишь небольшую часть дороги домой; that did not get him very far on the road to fame это весьма незначительно способствовало его продвижению по пути славы; get smth., smb. to smb., smth. how can I get these things to you? как мне переправить вам эти вещи?; get the slaves to the north переправить рабов на север

5) get smb., smth. into smth. get him into Parliament провести /протащить/ его в парламент и т. д.; get smb. into the firm пристроить кого-л. в эту фирму; get a bill through Parliament провести /протащить/ законопроект в парламенте и т. д., he helped me to get my luggage through the customs он помог мне пройти таможенный досмотр; get a pupil through his examination вытащить ученика на экзамене; it was his mathematics that got him through entrance examinations он выдержал приемные экзамены благодаря тому, что хорошо знал математику; get an article into a paper поместить статьи в газете; get the report into print сдать доклад в печать

6) get smb. by smth. get smb. by the hand схватить кого-л. за руку и т. д.: get smth., smb. on smth. I get all programs on my TV-set мой телевизор принимает все программы; how many stations can you get on your radio set? сколько станций берет /принимает/ ваш приемник?; I can’t get him on the phone я не могу связаться с ним по телефону; get smb. by phone связаться с кем-л. по телефону и т. д.

7) get smb. in smth. the bullet got him in the leg пуля попала ему в ногу и т. д.; the blow got him on the head удар пришелся ему по голове и т. д., get smth. in smth. get a splinter in one’s finger get a bullet in the leg получить пулевое ранение в ногу

get smth. by doing smth. that’s what you get by talking too much вот что ты получаешь /вот как ты расплачиваешься/ за болтливость; get a good price by bargaining поторговаться и получить хорошую цену; get smth. for doing smth. you’ll get a beating for doing this тебе за это всыпят; you’ll get it for breaking that vase! тебе крепко достанется за то, что ты разбил вазу!

get smth., smb. as smth. get L 10 as reward получить десять фунтов в качестве вознаграждения и т. д.; I got this book as a present я получил эту книгу в подарок; we get L 20 as the average мы получаем в среднем двадцать фунтов

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